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Hissing may seem like a comical sound for a cat to make but trust me, your cat isn’t viewing it with any type of sense of humor. Many behavior experts believe that the cat produces the hissing sound to mimic that of a hissing snake in order to deter opponents.
We’re sorry but Pam is unable to respond to questions or remarks posted in the comment section. Sound is defined as vibrations transmitted through a solid, liquid or gas capable of being detected by the ear. When we hear a sound, it’s usually the result of air molecules being set in motion around a vibrating object (the sound source). Moontrug likes to make a habit of doing the opposite of what most other people are doing: she goes down up escalators, rushes out into thunderstorms and eats pizza with a lot of ketchup. Even if your cat is the sweetest little kitty on the planet, if she has ever felt threatened or needed to send a warning to someone (feline, canine or human), she has probably hissed at some point.
If your face is close enough to the cat when she hisses, you can actually feel the air being shot out through her mouth (but please don’t ever be close enough to experience that).
Since cats don’t want to engage in physical confrontations, they rely on body postures, marking and vocalizations to deter opponents.

What will follow the hiss, if the cat doesn’t have an avenue of escape, will be a scratch or bite. For example, if you’re introducing two cats to each other, make sure you do a careful, gradual introduction to minimize stress and territorial threats. If you have a question about cat behavior, you can find many answers in the articles Pam writes for the website as well as in her best-selling books.
That may seem pretty fast, but keep in mind that light waves travel 186,282 miles per second or 670,616,629 miles per hour!! The light waves from the lightning often reach our eyes many seconds before the sound waves reach our ears! So perhaps it was unsurprising when, on the hottest day of the year so far, she decided to read the most wintry-named book she could find: Frost Hollow Hall by Emma Carroll. She will pull her lips back as well and the ear position will be flattened against the head. The C on the middle of a piano or keyboard has a frequency of 261.63, meaning the sound wave it produces vibrates 261.63 per second! By now the sun was low and red in the sky, and the air so still not even the trees stirred.

Additional body posture typically accompanying the hiss includes arched back with piloerection of haircoat. Hissing is a defensive vocalization which means the cat is reacting to something in her immediate surrounding that is causing her to feel frightened and in danger. The threat could be anything from another cat approaching or being handled by the veterinarian or even the cat parent.
So cold it knocked the breath clean out of me… Slowly, gently, the lake closed over my head and all went quiet but for the blood pounding in my ears. Near death, a strange spirit appears to her, a boy so beautiful Tilly is sure he’s an angel.

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