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During the Paleocene many modern plant species appeared such as cacti and palm trees and the relatively warm temperatures worldwide gave rise to thick forests around the globe. The earliest hoofed ungulates, including the condylarths, which were closely-related to the ancestors of perissodactyls, appeared during Paleocene.
One of the best places to find Paleocene fossils is the Bighorn Basin in Wyoming, where mammal fossils have been collected in abundance.
A reconstruction of the giant predatory bird Gastornis from the Paleocene and Eocene of Europe and North America.
The Earth's climate was warmer than today, but cooler and drier than the epochs immediately preceding and following it.

Mammals became more diverse during the Paleocene and many evolved larger body size, adopting ecological roles similar to the now-extinct dinosaurs.
Other examples of Paleocene animals include the rodent-like multituberculates, and giant flightless predatory birds such as Gastornis.
The sediments of the Bighorn basin were formed by erosion of uplifting mountains and the sediments are stacked in layers that record many millions of years through the Paleocene and into the next epoch, the Eocene. The well-known transition from the relatively warm Medieval into the "little ice age" turns out to be part of a much longer-term cooling, which ended abruptly with the rapid warming of the 20th Century. But also, what would have happened had the Industrial Revolution and the corresponding anthropogenic climate change been delayed a couple hundred years?

These early mammals are only distantly related to living species and they retained very primitive teeth and skeletons. The Earth might have been in the midst of a new ice age, Europe might have been too cold to support industry, and things may not have gotten going at all.
Africa, South America, Antarctica and Australia, which had once formed a giant supercontinent called Gondwanaland were pulling away from each other.

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