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Earring display cards are used to display your earrings, either on an earring rack, or as stand alone displays in standard jewelry trays. Earring Display trays are available as inserts for standard stacking jewelry display trays or stand alone units. Stacking display trays are great for quick set ups and can save you a lot of precious time prepping your craft show booth. They are especially great for post earrings, you should test to make sure that your tray inserts have enough clearance for hook style earrings. While you are shopping for business card printers, you may also consider having jewelry business cards made for the purpose of converting them to earring cards.
Just keep the design simple, put your business name on the top and leave a lot of blank space to feature your earrings. It may be a good idea to take some business cards you already have and experiment with hole placement before you order custom made business cards.That way you will know for sure if your earrings will fit.
You can actually buy the plastic grooves to stick on the back of your handmade cards, easily converting any piece of paper into an earring card.
Just make sure you have something like foam or cardboard underneath when using push pins to make holes. Those of you who are really into customizing your jewelry packaging and presentation should consider investing in a jewelry hole punch. The punch is rather pricey for a hole punch, but considering the amount of money you would eventually save over buying commercially produced cards, and the fact that you can create a look specifically tailored for your brand, it's an investment worth making. One last thing to consider: domino display trays, particularly the heavier wooden ones, may be useful for displaying your DIY earring display cards, though care should be taken in windy locations.

There have always been some perspective related problems that I couldn't find a satisfying answer to so I figured them out in my own way and made a series of three videos on the subject.
Hey momoluvers it's Momo and today I'll be showing you how to make this really cool phone case that I love because it's very hodgepodge and cute.
Main objective of this project is to make engineering drawing easy to learn as Student has difficulty specially for projection of lines that how to draw Front view , Top view this bot give complete demonstration by following stepwise projection. Being healthy begins with eating and drinking healthyI personally love drinking orange juice but a lot of people think it is to much of an hassle to juice the oranges themselves. This recipe is basically a Chinese dumpling made from won ton skins (paper thin sheets of dough made from flour, eggs and salt). This is a short introduction on how to play sounds through the Intel Edison board when using Arduino as a programming environment. Warm pretzels, fresh from the oven, firm and shiny on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. From This To ThisWe moved to Florida in September of 2004, and leased a house, which we ended up buying in the spring of 2005. Ever had a ball of yarn, roll of wires, packs of ropes, or other strings you had laying around and wondered, "What could I do with them?"If so, you've found the right instructable for it! For this project you will be making a No-Face Mask from The Studio Ghibli Movie, Spirited Away Supplies -Newspaper-Flour-Water-Paint-Paintbrush-Balloons-Scissors 1st Step First you will need a single balloon but stretch it so that when you blow it up it will be the size of a mask. I was planning on using my airplane transmitter and receiver with brushed ESC's for making a simple off-road RC Rover.
If yes, you can never miss today’s Pandahall original DIY project - vintage black seed bead choker necklace.

In this video we will learn how to make your own sparkly resin compact mirror utilizing the stamped tissue method. This versatile case can act as a wallet or phone case and is great for toting around the mall (insert sassy emoji here). If you love the game Undertale then this is the perfect snack for you!Today I am going to be showing you how to make 8 different designed cake pops of your favorite Undertale characters. There a lots of internet instructions on different ways to build Mjölnir with different materials. The tubers are usually bright lavender in color, hence the common name, but they may sometimes be white.
Then Fire Fighting Robot is a great option!I made this prototype as a final year project in about 50 USD. I designed this wooden version of the game to be totally collapsible and easily transportable.
If you liked this I will be posting more on my youtube channel DolphinAirlines also if you enjoyed it please vote for me in the top right corner.

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