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For the last 17 years, I've traveled to over 40 countries, and every continent, as an audiologist conducting presentations and training on audiology and hearing instruments for a major manufacturer.
Many concoctions and treatments have have been perpetrated on those that suffer from tinnitus. Audiologists consider traditional treatments such as Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, Tinnitus Masking, Neuromonics as well as possible disease processes while homeopathic medicine defines treatments for tinnitus.  Last week Hearing International presented some of these homeopathic tinnitus definitions of different types of tinnitus for which there are specific homeopathic medical remedies. Home remedy:   ginkgo biloba helps to reduce dizziness and improve hearing loss related to reduce blood flow to the ears. All living organisms use oxygen to metabolize and use the dietary nutrients in order to produce energy for survival. Cell damage caused by free radicals appears to be a major contributor to aging and diseases such as cancer, heart disease, decline in brain function, decline in immune system etc.
Normally free radical formation is controlled naturally by various beneficial compounds known as antioxidants. Again, Campbell  presents that the development of agents to prevent NIHL is progressing rapidly.
Over the past five weeks, if you have followed the discussion, its been a long journey through the history of homeopathic medicine, how the remedies are made, their administration and finally their use in tinnitus treatments.  At the beginning of this quest, I was interested in looking at the benefits of these commercial preparations to our tinnitus patients in the clinic. I know that many audiologists, like me, in the US and likely many more countries around the world, are not very familiar with homepathic remedies.  Like colleagues worldwide, I have had many patients try these preparations with virtually no positive results, but if there were any research suggesting positive empirical evidence of benefit, then these remedies could be used as part of a tinnitus treatment regiment.

I've learned that audiologists the world over, while a diverse group, share the same goals and objectives for our patients.
Use a nasal spray bottle to spray each nostril with the solution until it begins to drain into the back of the throat.
When there is deficiency of these antioxidants damage due to free radicals can become cumulative and debilitating.  Antioxidants are capable of stabilizing, or deactivating, free radicals before they attack cells.
And on that note, I and the rest of the Editors here at HearingHealthMatters wish all of you a Happy (quiet) Valentine’s Day. A good diet and exercise can only be a net positive hearing and tinnitus, in terms of getting good circulation to the cochlear vasculature. I invite guest articles on topics ranging from differences in training, expertise, and scope of practice from one country to another to interesting, debonair, or disgusting practices.
Oxygen meditates chemical reactions that metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to produce energy. Since free radicals contain an unpaired electron they are unstable and reach out and capture electrons from other substances in order to neutralize themselves.
These agents are being developed for clinical trials with relatively healthy populations with no concern for interfering with the efficacy of a drug treatment. Because it has been studied as a part of normal nutrition in humans and other species, much is known about its safety (Campbell & Rybak, 2007).

Stories of travel, clinical practice, research, training diversity and other topics are of particular interest. While oxygen is one of the most essential components for living, it is also a double edged sword. Consequently, these agents may be less expensive and quicker to bring to market; many are found in the diet in small amounts and are being studied in concentrated dosages. Click the link above now!Tinnitus Miracle- How Can You Go Wrong With Tinnitus Miracle?Natural Tinnitus Cure - Natural Homeopathic Treatment For Tinnitushowtocuretinnitus.ytaev a—…a—… THE ONLY NATURAL TREATMENT THAT REALLY BANISH TINNITUS FOREVER AND REALLY WORKS!!!
Oxygen is a highly reactive atom that is capable of becoming part of potentially damaging molecules commonly called “free radicals.” These free radicals are capable of attacking the healthy cells of the body. Soon a chain reaction begins and thousands of free radical reactions can occur within a few seconds on the primary reaction.

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