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Vertigo, a symptom of various disorders, is the sensation of spinning - either the person himself (subjective vertigo) or his surroundings (objective vertigo). Because of the associated dangers of this balance disorder, someone suffering from vertigo should avoid driving and operating machinery, and should be extra careful while walking.
Peripheral vertigo can be caused by injury, benign positional vertigo, a brain tumor compressing the nerve, or an inflammation.
There are physical therapy movements that can help reposition structures in the inner ear and thus eliminate the vertigo.
In homeopathic treatment, a skilled homeopath will select a remedy based on the nature of the symptoms as well as the patient's constitutional condition - for example, a tendency to fear sharp objects is a characteristic that could affect the choice of homeopathic remedy. Some of the variables involved in selecting an effective homeopathic remedy include the age of the afflicted person, whether and what type of motion (such as suddenly rising from a seated position) intensifies the sensation, the presence of digestive disturbances, and even what effect the sight of water has on the patient.
Experience deep healing for your mental and physical complaints in a gentle, permanent and non-invasive way. Ear Relief DropsThe sensation of clogged, full, and troublesome ears can be distracting and annoying. Ear Relief ear drops help clear water trapped in the ear and the homeopathic ingredients help stimulate the body's natural ability to soothe the ear, decrease the ear's sensitivity to external factors such as water, cold, and drafts, reduce the clogged sensation in the ear, and return the ear to a water-free and comfortable condition. Helps relieve the sensation of fullness of the ear, sensitivity to water and drafts, and the annoyance of water-clogged ears by helping clear water trapped in the ear. Squeeze plastic applicator and apply 4 to 5 drops in each affected ear (applicator should not enter ear canal). Your body should maintain a balanced level of ear wax production, but when that balance is disturbed, discomfort can result. Similasan’s Ear Wax Relief can help relieve your discomfort by removing excessive ear wax while cleaning the ear.
For your protection do not use if tamper evident seal around neck of bottle is missing or broken.
Do you know that recent studies seriously question antibiotic efficiency for treating childhood ear infections? If your child had more than two ear infections in the last year, she is a good candidate for a professional homeopathic care.
Frequent ear infections point to a certain imbalance in the immune system of a child that can be healed by a homeopathic remedy.
The constitutional remedy eliminates the cause for the ear infections and balances the child's immune system. The accumulation of fluid in the middle ear (serous otitis media) can also be easily resolved with Homeopathy. The new guidelines by American Academy of Pediatrics say that between 7 and 20 children must be treated with antibiotics for 1 child to derive benefit.
Next time your child has an ear infection, ask your pediatrician for an observation option.

Children with recurring ear infections may be offered ear tubes--small plastic funnels that are inserted into the eardrum so that the fluid can drain. An appropriate remedy will alleviate the severity and frequency of the symptoms while also addressing the underlying imbalance causing the condition.
Some of the many remedies appropriate for different types of vertigo include Conium, Ambra grisea, Iodine, Ferrum metallicum, Bromine, Aconite, Cocculus, Bryonia, Cinchona, Nux vomica, Pulsatilla, Phosphorous, Rhus toxicodendron, Causticum, Argentum nitricum, Natrum salicylicum, and Theridion. Ear Wax Relief ear drops stimulate the body’s natural ability to reduce chronic ear wax congestion, quickly relieving the clogged sensation, ringing and itching of the ear canal; all without drying your ear.
By 7 days, approximately 75% of children have resolution of ear infection symptoms, whether they receive placebo or antibiotics.
Unfortunately, ear tubes don't deal with the underlying problem--the imbalance in the body that is causing the recurrent ear infections.
The clinic has built itself a bit of a reputation in successfully treating ear issues, espcially in children, so we were very interested in how the results of the study would reflect this.Earmix (Kali mur and Ferrum phos)One of our not so secret weapons in the fight against gummed up eustacean tubes is a little formulation called earmix.
Peripheral vertigo is the case when there is a problem with part of the inner ear that controls balance (the semicircular canals or the vestibular labyrinth) or with the vestibular nerve (the connector between the inner ear and the brain). Symptoms of central vertigo can also include double vision, difficulty in swallowing, facial paralysis, slurred speech, problems with eye movements, weakness of the extremities, and sometimes nausea and vomiting. Hydergine is a synthetic compound that stimulates the brain and has been effective in lessening vertigo symptoms. During a homeopathic consultation, the homeopath will observe the child and talk to the parents, aiming to assess the symptoms that the child displays,--including the symptoms of ear infections, the behavior of the child, his likes and dislikes, and the family history of diseases. Depending on an individual case, their appetite may improve, their sleep may get better, and many behavior problems may go away as well. The new guidelines recommend an observation option for acute otitis media, deferring antibiotics for 48 to 72 hours and limiting management to symptomatic relief. After ear tubes are inserted, there is a risk of infection from water getting into the middle ear through the tubes. This is made up of a couple of tissue salts (Kali muriaticum 3x and Ferrum phosphoricum 3x), which when taken over a long term basis help to drain the fluid from the middle ear, reduce inflammation and allow for the body to better fight the infections. After taking into account the totality of the child's symptoms, a homeopath prescribes a constitutional homeopathic remedy.
Couple this with a constitutional remedy to help with the specifics of the problem, and we have a powerful yet gentle means of wiping out chronic ear issues, often for good!After doing a search on our clinic client database for those who have used Earmix for chronic and acute ear issues over a period of five years, it was my job to comb through the files of those children and compile a table of information to use in the study. Central vertigo is when there is a problem in the brain itself - usually either the stem or the cerebellum. I often see children in my office who used to have ear tubes that fell out and now they are plagued by the same ear infections as before the tubes were inserted.
What we really wanted to know was, exactly how effective is it to treat a child with ear issues using Earmix plus a constitutional remedy?Homeopathy and glue ear researchOnce I had finished gathering my data for the glue ear study, I was amazed at the amount of children suffering from such an all pervasive issue. For when a child is in chronic pain and their ears are blocked, it is likely to have a far reaching effect far beyond just the ears.

Behaviour, dietary preferences, sleep, development, language and social cues are all examples of what may be compromised if a child is in a state of constant pressure and irritation within the ear canals as well as reduced hearing, and this is all before we even enter the arena of the classroom.
I have heard teachers complain about students who can’t hear properly and act out in class, not to mention the kids who are overly clingy, throw tantrums, bite, head bang or act aggressively as a result of the constant, niggling irritation in their ear ccanals. From this point of view, espcially in the age of antibiotic resistance, there is little hope of a long term resolution aside from invasive surgery for a child who suffers recurrent, acute ear infections. Antibiotics by their very design kill off the natural gut flora in the child’s digestive system, reducing immune function and weakening digestion. Adding to the issue of a compromised immune system is the fact that, while antibiotics may kill of some of the weaker bacteria, the strongest ones are left to grow in the mucousy “soup” remaining in the eustacean tubes, leading to greater and greater chance of subsequent infections. This is when we get into glue ear territory.Recurrent ear infections and homeopathy researchSo, back to our little study. We had a number of children suffering from a round of acute ear infections, and I wondered why there were never any follow ups recorded on their files. After calling the parents of these children, I discovered there had been no need for a follow up since the childrens’ ear infection resolved within 24-48 hours and they had never suffered another one since.
In some of these children, they had experienced recurrent ear infections for months and had often taken many rounds of antibiotics.Overall, the statistics showed a complete and permanent resolution of ear complaints in 27% of the children in the study. A further 30% of children experienced a complete resolution of their symptoms with the need to return at a later date for issues that were once again resolved completely by the use of the remedies. Then there were the 27% who experienced an incomplete but satisfactory reduction in ther symptoms to the point where a measure of relief was gained.
Adding these these categories together gives us a whopping 87% effectiveness in resolving chronic and acute middle ear issues! In a further 10% a small improvement was noted, whether this was in the ear issue itself or an improvement in sleep, behaviour or eating.
This brings it up to 97% where homeopathy was beneficial in some way for the children who were treated at the clinic!It is also importat to note that of the children who did not experience any benefit, the majority of children were afflicted with severe immune deficiencies or genetic disabilities and presented an extra challenge for the remedies to resolve the issues.
Yet, even more important is the fact that, despite reading through the notes and listening to the parents’ feedback, there was not one adverse effect from the treatments.
These results were so significant we decided, despite my terror of public speaking, that I would go to the national homeopathic conference in Brisbane 2012 and present the findings, much to the interest of homeopaths around Australia.
Combined with a tendency to severe foot in mouth syndrome, which is severely exacerbated by sleep deprivation, it all leads to some very interesting moments during the rare times she gets out. This blog at the Harbord Homeopathic Clinic allows her to vent her worldly (and spiritual) frustrations and explore some of the more controversial issues surrounding homeopathy in Australia. However, if otitis media is diagnosed repeatedly, then the damage to the eardrum is compacted and amplified.

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