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Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry. I added small glass dagger beads to these earrings, but you can design them with any beads you can string onto the wire.
Be sure to use a type of wire that’s safe to use in ear piercings (see my Earring Wire Guidelines). The 5cm end of your wires will become the earwires, and the 11cm end of your wires will become the hoops. Now we’re going to work on one earring from start to finish, and then make the second earring. Now pick up your ring mandrel (or whatever you’re using as your 8cm-circumference mandrel), and wrap the long, curved end of your wire around the widest part of it to form the wire into a complete circle. Holding your hoop firmly in this shape with your fingers, slide your wire off the end of your mandrel. When you’ve finished your wraps, use the flat side of your wire cutter to snip off the remaining tail of your hoop wire end. Use your chain nose pliers to squeeze down the end of your wire wraps so it won’t poke or catch on anything. First we’ll bend the wire stem slightly backward, so that when we make the earwire curve it will stand up nicely instead of drooping forward. Just above the wire wraps you made, grasp the wire stem with the tips of your flat nose pliers.

Use your flat nose pliers to bend the straight wire stem backward, at about a 30-degree angle. Beginning with the tip of your wire stem, wrap the wire around ring size 3 on your mandrel.
Slide your earring off the mandrel, and grasp the tip of your earwire with the tips of your flat nose pliers. By the end of this online video class, youa€™ll be designing and making your own artistic earwires, clasps, connectors, and pendant bails.
You’ll also learn my tips for making wire jewelry more easily, with more professional looking results. Leaving a longer wire tail, after the three wraps above the hoop, I bend it into a catch for securing the ear wire. Another variation has double hoops, created by wrapping the hoop wire around the mandrel twice for equal sized hoops ; or around two different sized mandrels for a layered look.
I also sometimes put a matching, or coordinating bead on the wire just above the three wraps, before shaping the ear wire. Rena, en realidad eres una gran inspiraciA?n para los Orfebres y Joyeros, ya que con Tus trabajos nos llevas a crear diseA±os muy propios. Rena, you really are a great inspiration for goldsmiths and jewelers, because with your work you are taking us to create our very own designs.
Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows.

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This is a lovely earwire style that looks especially nice when you hang a simple dangle from it, in a shape that contrasts with the French hoop. Plastic or nylon hammer & steel block (optional) to flatten and harden your finished earwires. By the end of this online video class, you’ll be designing and making your own artistic earwires, clasps, connectors, and pendant bails.
I also have wire jewelry online video classes that you can purchase and have permanent access to. It is especially helpful for customers who are concerned about losing their favorite earrings. These look great with pearls on the smaller hoop and gemstones or crystals on the larger one.

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