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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Teeny, tiny clear sparkling crystals are set along a thin, flexible gold hoop with unique cross design to create this timeless look! We offer similar styled "Flexible Cross" bracelets and rings in the same color choices offered in the earrings.
In Europe jewelry boxes came much later, but were immediately appreciated by beautiful women.
Hoop features a high quality brass core, which allows the hoop to be stretched open easily without the crystals falling off.
Not only are they incredibly lightweight for hours of comfortable wear, but they can be paired with everything!

We have had a difficult time keeping the matching bracelets in stock because of how popular they are.
Both sizes are offered in Silver & Gold with clear crystals, as well as Onyx and Turquoise stones. I ordered a pair of the silver almost a year ago and they were my favorite and received so many compliments. Because of its flexibility, there's no need to worry about these getting snagged on something and being yanked out! Ladies of all ages love to mix the bracelet in with pieces they already own for a gorgeous, updated look.
I’m talking about jewelry for your hair, jewelry for your hand, or even jewelry for your whole torso!

The complete set makes a beautiful, unique gift that ladies of any age would be more than happy to receive! There are no mystical reasons for it, silver and gold were often found in their native form (no need to smelt ore) and in approachable depth (easily available).
In Assyria and Babylon silver was considered a sacred metal, and later wealth of noble and successful people was measured in silver.
From the middle of the 13th century silver is the traditional material for utensils, money, jewelry, weapons, precious utensils for different needs.

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