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On a flight back from Switzerland three years ago, Jane Mellor was painfully aware of a high-pitched ringing sound in her ears.
Like an estimated 10 per cent of Britons, Jane was suffering from tinnitus a€” a buzzing, ringing or whistling sound in the ears when there is no external source for it. Ita€™s also linked to age-related hearing loss, and is more common in older people.Normally when we hear a sound, nerve cells in the brain fire in response.
After a hearing test to establish the pitch of the patient's tinnitus, they then wear a portable neuromodulation device to listen to a series of chimes just above and below their tinnitus frequency for between four and six hours a dayThe earphones attached to the device are special medical ones that do not completely block the patienta€™s ears, meaning they can still hear external everyday sounds.a€?When I first put them on, it was wonderful,a€™ says Jane.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. And it persisted for weeks, driving through her head so she couldna€™t concentrate and struggled to get to sleep.

And 1 per cent of the population suffers from tinnitus that is so severe it seriously affects their quality of life, disturbing sleep and causing anxiety.While experts dona€™t fully understand what causes it, exposure to loud music and noise can trigger tinnitus. Studies of brainwaves in tinnitus patients showA that these groups of nerve cells fire even when there is no external sound.Age-related tinnitus is thought to be the result of our losing the ability to hear higher frequencies. Jane also bought special speakers to put in her pillow that played whiteA noise to override the screaming noise in her head.a€?But nothing stopped it completely,a€™ she says.
As a result, the brain starts to compensate, producing phantom sounds that correspond to the pitches we can no longer hear.
The Tinnitus Clinic has commissioned a six-month clinical trial to run at the National Biomedical Research Unit in Hearing in Nottingham and University College Hospital, London.Most sound therapy devices are called maskers because the stimulation they provide covers up tinnitus while they are worn,a€™ says Dr Derek Hoare, who is overseeing the trial and is vice-chair of the British Tinnitus Associationa€™s professional advisory committee. These emit an electrical impulse to stimulate the nerve cells and break up the abnormal firing pattern, but results have been mixed.Jane did some research of her own, and last summer read about a new treatment, Acoustic Co-ordinated RESET neuromodulation, which had been developed in Germany.

After a hearing test to establish the pitch of the patienta€™s tinnitus, they then wear a portable neuromodulation device (a bit like an MP3 player) to listen to a series of chimes just above and below their tinnitus frequency for between four and six hours a day.
First, Jane underwent a 90-minute assessment where she was played a series of sounds until she could identify the exact pitch of her tinnitus. This information was programmed into the neuromodulation device she was given at the next visit.

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