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Step 3Hold the front of the stud steady with one hand, cupping the bottom of your ear lobe with your finger.
Step 5Insert a hypoallergenic earring, preferably a stud or small hoop, into your pierced earring hole. The procedure of getting your ears pierced includes not only the process of the piercing but also the threat of the hole closing up while healing. If this is painful, you may have already developed an infection or you did not leave your stud in long enough.
Do not attempt to pull the two pieces away from each other simultaneously--this will be more painful and can cause stretching in your ear lobe.
If you do not wear earrings for a while immediately after a piercing, the hole will heal and close up, resulting in the need for a new piercing.

Use a cotton ball dipped in hydrogen peroxide to rub your ear lobes while the studs are still in. During this time, the ear will develop skin around the hole, so care is needed to remove the starter studs after these six weeks. The process of taking these starter studs out can sometimes be difficult, but there are ways to ease the process.

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