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The loss of teeth create many problems from the dissolving away of bone structure, loss of support for the face giving an increased appearance of age and wrinkles, damage to the remaining teeth that must still bear the full stresses of chewing.
Even after the loss of one tooth, the jaw bone irreversibly changes if an implant does not replace the tooth. Without chewing pressure to stimulate the bone, it begins to dissolve away immediately after extraction and continues forever unless an implant is placed. Below a healthy jaw is compared to one where all of the teeth have been removed and deterioration of the jaw occurs.
Facial sagging, premature ageing, and loss of function are the results of the shrinkage in the upper and lower jaw bones. When all teeth are present and touching throughout the mouth the teeth support each other much like the bricks in a Roman archway.

The back chewing teeth begin to erupt down into the empty spaces where the lower molar teeth are missing.
The chewing forces have shifted to the front teeth and due to overloaded stress the front teeth begin to flare and fan apart creating spaces.
This fanning eventually leads to looseness and gum disease and the loss of the front teeth. This shows severe over eruption of an upper molar with most of this tooth’s roots now being out of the bone structure. Even a single missing teeth can lead to drift (this is just like taking a brick out of an arch way and seeing the arch collapse). Gum disease due to the movement and misalignment of the teeth can cause more tooth loss and decay.

If the sinus is looked at internally (in cross-section), one can see that the walls become paper thin in all directions. Without the support of back chewing teeth, as the teeth randomly drift, unusual dental bites develop that cause excessive stress and damage to the joints (TMJ) that connect the two jaw bones with pain and headaches being a common side effect.

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