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Recent research has found that kissing is in fact good for you; and the longer the kiss the better. The most interesting fact is that 60% of people who were surveyed said they prefer kissing over sex! Kissing is a favorite of mine… Also thats a great way to get the kids to leave you alone lmbo!!!!!! Full DisclosureI am an affiliate for Bright Ideas Press, Ultimate Homeschool Expo, and Amazon.
Susan's Homeschool Blog is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Don’t force your way in: When you start kissing, kiss each other for a few seconds at once without forcing your way in. Use your hands: Use your hands to massage his back and shoulder or use them to pull him closer to you. Don’t contradict each other: A passionate kiss is incomplete without the use of tongue and hands. Use your lips for more than kissing: For a passionate kissing session, don’t just focus on kissing his lips, but move down to his neck, chest, ears and other erogenous areas.

I want to trail soft kisses across your lips, and trailing kissing down your chin, and across your neck. Some physical benefits of kissing include lower blood pressure, boosted immune system, and reduced cholesterol levels.
People claim that it makes them feel appreciated and also helps in stabilizing their state of mind.
A real kiss crosses the line into lovemaking, and I absolutely cannot do that around my kids.
I speak at homeschool conferences, teach creative writing classes, and homeschool my kids using unit studies. If you’re feeling too naughty, then allow your hands to graze through his package and torso. If you’re new in a relationship and unsure about each others moves, let him take the lead for a minute or two before you switch and take the lead.
Home Company Have You KISS’ed Your Business Lately?Have You KISS’ed Your Business Lately? Lusting your spouse is pleasing to God, which is why He has a whole book of the Bible dedicated to the subject.

Eventually you two will be on the same page and understand each others kissing styles which will make things passionate and romantic instead of confusing and clumsy.
Take time between each kiss by parting your lips from your lover, but keep them really close, almost at the point of kissing again.
I want to kiss you all over, kisses that make the hairs on your back stand up, and send goosebumps through your body. This inward opening is called vulnerability, and somehow the kiss is crazy good when this happens.
I remember my first wet kiss… It was raining, and my husband pulled me out into the rain and kissed me passionately. Created by Muffin group.FLX Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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