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Reading this project on how to make drop earrings with simple and basic steps will tell that make a pair of drop earrings can also be a super fun thing.
For the ideas about how to make drop earrings, the dangling drop part is undoubtedly the most vital one. Choose from a large selection of earring hooks for making jewelry, including several options constructed of hypoallergenic and nickel-free metals. If these quilling strips are not easily available for you, you can make these strips out of tinted sheets too.
Take a piece of wire, bend it a little and insert it through the first loop bending it over in either a circle or teardrop shape cutting away the excess wire with a wire cutter (you can also use a bigger jump ring here instead of making one with a wire).
Within one or two beads, several pins and one earring hook, a gorgeous item will come out immediately!

To get these two pieces, to string the beads with brass ball headpins and then wrap the beads with extra pin part by making use of two pairs of Wire-Cutter Plier. You'll find over 20 styles of sterling silver earring hooks, including classic ball-and-coil styles, streamlined modern shapes, and ear wires with jewelry bezels.
Try working with light hands and try not to pinch anywhere between the loop as it will ruin the shape. To make precious metal earrings with a friendlier price tag, try silver filled and gold filled ear wires.
Before I go ahead, I would like to thank Aparajita, for she inspired me through her DIY posts.
I have used 30 cm long strip. Also, fish hooks and jump rings are readily available at art and craft stores, but if you have an old pair of earrings you no longer use, then you can remove the jump rings and fish hooks of those earrings instead of throwing them away.

Naturally nickel-free niobium and titanium earring hooks are great options for most people with metal allergies or sensitive skin. Stainless steel ear wires provide extra sturdy findings with a plated ball and coil for an attractive color contrast.
I have seen her making paper jewellery and also seen her use waste products to create such wonderful things.

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