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It is well known that a Rubella vaccination given to teenage girls will prevent DEAFNESS,BLINDNESS,NEWBORN HEART DISEASE AND MENTAL RETARDATION IN THEIR FUTURE OFFSPRING.
This was the first pilot project of Rubella VACCINATION in the city of PUNE and perhaps in India. There are still 150,000 more  girls to be vaccinated, in Pune. It's Deaf Awareness Week and it’s never been more important to look after your hearing at work, home and everywhere in between. More than half of people aged 60 and over are affected by hearing loss, and nearly 10 million people of all ages across the UK are deaf or have hearing difficulties. According to a new report by charity Action on Hearing Loss, this number is expected to increase, with an announcement that 41% of NHS audiology departments are being forced to cut core services, meaning follow-up appointments are likely to be cut. So before waiting lists get longer, now might be a good time to lend an ear to the possible causes of deafness and find out what simple steps you can do to help prevent it. But lower levels, such as between 85dB and 90dB can also cause permanent damage if you're exposed to them for hours every day.
If you go to clubs or live music venues or festivals, use the chill out zones so you can take a break from the loud noise.

Invest in noise-cancelling headphones for your MP3 player or phone so you don’t have to turn your music or podcast up to hear it over background sounds. One in 10 UK adults could benefit from hearing aids, but only one in 30 actually wear them. Dr Desai wishes to apply for a 3H grant to complete vaccination of all the remaining girls in PUNE city. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) says noise levels above 105dB can damage your hearing if endured for more than 15 minutes each week.
You can also purchase ear protectors or earplugs which enable you to hear the music without damaging your ears.
You might not think you’re subjected to loudness, but the recommended level for sound is below 89dB.
Although a good poke with a Q-tip is most people’s go-to method, many experts warn against it, saying the bud can easily damage the delicate inner ear. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, seek advice and take a hearing check by logging on to the Action on Hearing Loss website.

Do you struggle to hear conversation and have to ask people to repeat what they’ve said?
Do you find noisy environments stressful and find it hard to hear what people close to you are saying?
Do you find yourself relying on lip reading or gestures to try and work out what’s being said? He also hopes that this will create awareness by the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA to vaccinate  the teen girl population in the whole of India.
It’s also important to remember it takes at least 16 hours of rest before your ears can recover after spending two hours in 100dB sound (for example in a club).

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