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From a child's laugh to the blare of a police siren, sounds travel from the ear to the brain that serve to either alarm, annoy or delight us. Sound is actually a kind of energy that moves through the air (and many other substances, like water, for instance) via waves of pressure - hence the name sound waves. While ears are a major contributor to helping us make our way in the world, hearing is not their only function. All our myotherapists are fully insured and members of IRMA Institute of Registered Myotherapist’s Australia for peace of mind. We are registered with HiCaps and can process your health fund rebate for most major funds at the time of your treatment saving you time.

Updated regularly by our team of Qualified Myotherapists, they cut through the jargon to give you tips and advice in an easy format - Enjoy! It can be so subtle that you only notice it in a quiet room, or so loud it’s like having a jack-hammer inside your head.
It can also cause toothache in either the upper or lower molars, as well as hypersensitivity of the teeth to pressure and temperature.
Trigger points in the clavicular division produce pain that’s more concentrated in and around the ear, as well as frontal headaches. In addition to lower jaw pain and temporal headaches, these trigger points can cause intense pain behind and below the ear that extends down to where the neck meets the shoulder.

This is especially common in people who work at computers all day and need correct computer posture, as sustained elevation of the shoulders can produce and exacerbate trigger points in the trapezius.
Some examples include carrying heavy bags or purses, balancing phones between head and shoulder, or imbalances and strain by tight sternocleidomastoid.Myotherapy focuses on these specific points within muscles during treatment sessions to help you reduce your pain and become symptom free.

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