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Wilmington, NC — Whether or not patients have arthritic conditions, it is often difficult to remove and install tiny hearing aid batteries with adult fingers.
Hearing aid wearer Elmer Wolke of Hampstead, NC,  invented Battery Easy, a magnet-tipped device that picks up and inserts hearing aid batteries. Wolke unveiled the tool at the recent International Hearing Society convention in Orlando, Fla, and is now making the product available to hearing professionals looking to give their patients a lightweight and economical hearing aid…aid. Israeli made president Brazil's Central Bank WATCH: What happens when a Jewish-Muslim couple walks hand-in-hand through the streets of New York City?
Tel Aviv University researcher uses DNA therapy in lab mice to improve cochlear implant functionality. One in a thousand children in the United States is deaf, and one in three adults will experience significant hearing loss after the age of 65. In the study recently published in the journal Hearing Research, doctoral student Shaked Shivatzki created a mouse population possessing the gene that produces the most prevalent form of hearing loss in humans: the mutated connexin 26 gene. Although this approach is short of improving hearing in these mice, it has important implications for the enhancement of sound perception with a cochlear implant, used by many people whose connexin 26 mutation has led to impaired hearing.

One patient became so frustrated by the process that he decided to invent a new tool for himself–and other patients and dispensers.
Whether the result of genetic or environmental factors, hearing loss costs billions of dollars in healthcare expenses every year, making the search for a cure critical. Avraham’s team set out to prove that gene therapy could be used to preserve the inner ear nerve cells of the mice.
Because of its prevalence and the inexpensive tests available to identify it, there is a great desire to find a cure or therapy to treat it. Mice with the mutated connexin 26 gene exhibit deterioration of the nerve cells that send a sound signal to the brain. Avraham’s research suggests a possible new strategy for improving implant function, particularly in people whose hearing loss gets progressively worse with time, such as those with profound hearing loss as well as those with the connexin gene mutation.
The researchers found that a protein growth factor used to protect and maintain neurons, otherwise known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), could be used to block this degeneration. Combining gene therapy with the implant could help to protect vital nerve cells, thus preserving and improving the performance of the implant.

Although over 80 percent of human and mouse genes are similar, which makes mice the perfect lab model for human hearing, there’s still a big difference. They then engineered a virus that could be tolerated by the body without causing disease, and inserted the growth factor into the virus. Humans start hearing as embryos, but mice don’t start to hear until two weeks after birth. So we wondered, do we need to start the corrective process in utero, in infants, or later in life?” said Prof.

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