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After being around loud noises like fireworks, live music, or gunfire, you might experience ringing in your ears. People of any age or gender can experience this condition, especially after being exposed to loud noise. Many ear specialists believe that tinnitus occurs as a result of a problem occurring within the cochlea. Medications: Adverse reactions to antibiotics, aspirin, or other medications can lead to tinnitus.

While there is not yet a direct cure for tinnitus, it is possible to treat its underlying causes. Because this condition can be caused by so many different factors, the treatment options vary significantly from person to person. They look like hearing aids, but are used to produce a blend of sounds that stimulate the hearing nerve, deviating attention away from the tinnitus. CBT exercises teach people how to change the way they perceive the condition, focus their attention away from the problem and control their stress levels.

The condition can be worsened by anything that affects our hearing, including ear infections or excess wax.

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