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MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. To the amazement of the teens, and other eyewitnesses, on hitting the water’s surface the lights did not immediately disappear beneath the gentle swells, but seemed to float on the surface, approximately one-half mile from the shore.
Within the same time period however, Constable Ron Pound of the RCMP was on patrol on Highway 3, heading toward Shag Harbor, and had been observing the strange lights as he increased his speed toward the incident. As Constable Pound reached the shoreline he was joined by two other officers, Police Corporal Victor Werbieki, and Constable Ron O’Brien.
After several hours of searching nothing was found and the search was called off at approximately 3:00 am. On October 5th (the following day), the Rescue Coordination Center filed a report with the Canadian Forces Headquarters in Ottawa.
Here in 1967, the mystery ended with no physical evidence ever recovered, and no additional leads. That is, until 1993 when the Shag Harbor incident once again was brought to the attention of the public. This was due to the dedicated investigative efforts of two men who are *MUFON investigators. In interviews with divers, and crew members from the HMCS Granby they discovered some startling information. Not fully comprehending what they were dealing with the Navy decided it was best to standby and observe. Clearly, a series of very extraordinary, and still unexplained UFO encounters, involving the navies of two countries and NORAD, occurred at Shag Harbor on October 4th 1967, and in the following week in the deep waters off of the cost of Maine.
The crash was originally phoned into the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Detachment in Barrington Passage Nova Scotia by a young fisherman, as a possible airliner impacting the surface of the waters adjacent to Shag Harbour, a small fishing village some 130 miles southwest of Halifax on the Atlantic Ocean. Object was described as being ~60 feet long showing 4 lights while still airbourne and decending at a 45 degree angle. Dozens of people arrived at vantage point and watched lighted object drifting with the ebbtide.
Also encountered bubbles coming to the surface and expressed concerns about bouyancy.Nothing was found that evening an since federal and military agencies reported no missing aircraft the RCMP tagged the object as a UFO in a report filed to the Air Desk in Ottawa early the next morning. Royal Canadian Navy and RCMP divers were brought in on the morning of the 6th to attempt to recover wreckage but were unsuccessful.
They were astute enough to take a compass bearing on the object that proved to be on a direct heading for the fishing village.
Here are a few other links that may be of interest – The UFO Crash at Shag Harbour and Something Fell From the Sky. Het komt niet vaak voor dat je in Nederland van het noorderlicht kunt genieten, maar gisteravond en vannacht was het raak. Klaas Jobse uit Oostkapelle wist dat er een verhoogde kans bestond om het noorderlicht te kunnen zien, veroorzaakt door een uitbarsting van de zon, maar legde het natuurverschijnsel desondanks bij toeval vast. Het noorderlicht wordt veroorzaakt door de zonnewind, die vooral sterk is bij uitbarstingen op de zon.
The most important thing is not to stop questioning.Albert EinsteinLife is like riding a bicycle.
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I get calls asking me how to diagnose the vacuum pump on these trucks so I hope this does not over simplify it. Be sure to get all your parts at Pure Turbo (760) 721-7669 Contact them directly and get 10% off the already low prices! This video will show the replacement of the EGR cooler and installation of the oil cooler service kit. Treatment for relieving tinnitus in pregnancy should always be on the advice of your doctor. Pulsatile tinnitus, where the sound is in synchronisation with the heart beat, is also common among expectant mothers. If you have a pre-existing tinnitus condition you will probably find that its intensity will increase while you are pregnant. During pregnancy your body will go through some massive changes both physically and hormonally and it is these changes that can bring about the onset of tinnitus.

Due to the stress that can be caused by tinnitus during pregnancy, it is important to let your medical practitioner know about the condition so that he or she can provide the correct treatment. If your stress levels are increasing and the tinnitus is a contributing factor then a safe option is to use a tinnitus masker.
Using these devices can also assist in reducing insomnia which is very common during pregnancy.
In severe cases of tinnitus your doctor may refer you to a specialist who will most likely recommend a “White Noise” machine specifically calibrated to your tinnitus.
Avoidance of any loud external noises is important…the use of ear muffs or ear plugs may be required. The safety of your unborn baby is always paramount, so it is extremely important to discuss your tinnitus with your doctor before proceeding with any remedies or treatment related to tinnitus in pregnancy.
It’s quite common for tinnitus to be present during pregnancy and could partly be due to your higher blood pressure.
I’ve set up this website to provide useful information and to help other tinnitus sufferers learn how to manage and live with this annoying condition. Top 3 Articles (voted by our visitors!)Tinnitus Remedies 2 CommentsTinnitus is the technical term for a persistent ringing in the ears. Tinnitus or ringing is the ears is one of the most annoying things a person can experience in their life. Tinnitus is elusive, it comes and goes, it is sometimes called ringing in the ears but in reality is can be any noise from ringing to whooshing to crashing. The first thing to do is have your tinnitus checked out by your doctor to ensure there is no physical reason why you are experiencing the symptoms. The amazing thing is that you never know about this disc or lack of vision as your unconscious mind fills in the gap for you. Furthermore, because our vision is being created through a lens everything we see is sent into our minds upside down and back to front. There have been several experiments done where people wore glasses which turned everything upside down.
Most of us have been in a situation where we have been in a noisy environment but our minds seem to zoom in, filter out the noise and listen to a particular conversation that might contain some gossip or even our names. With the unconscious you can simply turn down the volume or actually just become aware of some other noise and just drown the tinnitus noise out. The languagues, used for this blog, are Dutch, English and French.You can find the articles of a collegue by selecting his category. The newspapers responded to the event carrying stories about the event and one inch headlines in eastern Canada’s largest, conservative newspaper, the Chronicle Herald. The initial panicked reaction of the observers was that they were witnessing the emergency ditching or crash of an airplane.
Constable Pound’s report was that he believed that the four lights were coming from a single aircraft, that he estimated to be about 60 feet long. Additionally, several of the fishing village’s residents stood on the shore watching and questioning what to do next. Both the NORAD and the Rescue Coordination Center in Halifax had been contacted by the RCMP and found that there had been no reports that evening of missing aircraft, either civilian or military. From time-to-time various theories and intriguing rumors emerged about Russian spacecraft, or Russian submarines, and an American follow-up investigation.
Chris Styles, assisted by Doug Ledger, using public records such as newspaper clippings, and police reports were able to track down and interview many of the eyewitnesses and individuals involved in the Shag Harbor sighting, the rescue attempt, and in the subsequent investigation. The object that dove into the waters off of Shag Harbor had been tracked, and it had actually traveled underwater for a distance of about 25 miles to a place called Government Point.
A time lapse photograph (slide-Ectachrome-64) was taken of an object bearing in that direction by a professional photographer which we have obtained copies of but cannot be sure this would be the same object due to distance from sighting.
In the Fall of 2009 there was an underwater survey conducted near the location where the craft was said to have entered the water. Onder andere in Zeeland, Friesland en op de Waddeneilanden waren mensen getuige van het natuurfenomeen. In the ancient burial place, uncovered during the excavation, it was discovered a strange thing - sheep skeleton with a human skull. Vitamin and herbal treatments should be avoided unless prescribed by your doctor because some could have an adverse effect on the developing foetus. The tinnitus noise is not just restricted to ringing in your ears, since the sound experienced varies in individuals and can also be heard as buzzing, whooshing, clicking or hissing. Devices like MP3 and CD players playing in the background can successfully mask the noise you are hearing in your ears. My own grandmother developed tinnitus after a heart attack and rang the police several times one night as she was convinced a stream had begun to run beneath her house.
There are a small number of things at any one time being controlled by the conscious aspect of your mind whilst at the same time there are up to 2 Million things being controlled by your unconscious mind including your hearing and vision. After several day of wearing them their minds turned everything the right way up for them and they could function normally. Then why not use it to turn the volume down or to be more selective as to what it decides to hear.
It helps you to gain control of areas of your mind which may be hard to reach using conscious thought.

The unidentified flying object was observed drifting with the current on the Sound by more than a dozen witnesses including 3 RCMP officers.
For a short time the Shag Harbour UFO Incident became a world wide story and as Case #34 was left unsolved in the Condon Report. Five of these witnesses included a group of teenagers who watched these lights flash in sequence for several minutes, and then suddenly and rapidly dive in a sharp 45 degree angle toward the water’s surface. The first report phoned into the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) in Barrington, came from a young fisherman who told them that an airliner had gone into the bay. According to Constable Pound and the other officers, the orange lights slowly changed to yellow, and the object appeared to move slowly across the surface of the water, leaving a yellowish foam in it’s wake. While the RCMP had already been in communication with the Canadian Cost Guard and Cutter 101 was on the way, two of the RCMP officers and a few local fisherman hurriedly launched their boats to speed to the rescue of any survivors. Through their work, some extremely compelling clues and amazing new insights were uncovered. Naval vessels were dispatched and positioned over the unidentified object, where it had stopped. The detection base however, located a Russian submarine that had entered Canadian waters to the north, so several of the vessels had to be pulled off target to sail north to investigate. In the meantime the event was given a great deal of coverage by the press including banner headlines in the Halifax daily newspaper the Chronicle Herald-Mail Star. There was a report of an object reported by another Mountie and three game wardens (they were staked out in the forest trying to capture some deer jackers) thirty miles north of Shag Harbour same time, believed to be the same one reported in the fishing village.
In de nacht van maandag op dinsdag heeft zich op de zon een uitbarsting van de klasse X4,9 voorgedaan, de krachtigste van 2014.
More refined definition than chelovekobaran, their discovery, archaeologists were not able to pick up.Anna Shvyreva, Department of Nature in the Stavropol Museum: "What is it chelovekobaran? The really strange thing is that when they took the glasses off everything once again appeared upside down. All of the witnesses both in and around Shag Harbour reported what they thought was an airplane crashing near Shag Harbour. The incident is in two components, the documented case and the subsequent anecdotal case supplied by retired military personnel from the Canadian army, air force and navy. The first reaction by the police dispatcher was that the young man had been drinking, however after an immediate rash of 10 additional calls reporting the incident, the police quickly re-contacted the young fisherman for location details.
By this time no fewer than 30 witnesses from various vantage points, watched as the object slowly drifted further from shore, all would later describe the object as about 60 feet long, 10 or so feet high and dome shaped. As the small boats, and Cutter 101 reached the location, the lights were no longer visible but they found themselves sailing through a thick yellow foam, that indicated that something had submerged. After 3 days of no movement, and not knowing exactly what it was, the military was planning to initiate an investigative salvage operation. Under the cover of this new activity on the surface, both UFOs made their move, accelerating underwater toward the Gulf of Maine.
Attempts were made by local fishermen and 2 of the Mounties to get to the scene to offer assistance and look for survivors. That is, there was a combination of cranial young person under 25 years of age and body rams. The three Mounties contacted local boat captains and the Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) in Halifax, NS. During the first two hours of the incident Coast Guard Cutter 101 joined the search but it also brought news from RCC, Halifax. As the Navy waited and planned, the detection equipment picked up another object moving in, and to the amazement of all those involved, joined the first object on the ocean floor. The remaining Navy vessels pursued them toward the United States, but the objects continued to distance themselves from their trackers. Found only a patch of thick foam similar to shaving cream,only yellow in colour and glittery in nature.
The Mounties initiated a recovery operation, fully expecting to find bodies and wreckage out on the water.
The speculation at the time, was that the second UFO (I guess officially now an Underwater Flying Object) was there to render aid to the first object.
To the astonishment of the pursuers, both of the objects broke to the surface and shot skyward to vanish within seconds. There have been dumping human skeleton was almost complete, but the hands and feet were cut somewhere to elbow and put in charge of the animal bones were, presumably, a goat. Dark Ages - that is all that is known about him yet, some information about the ritual of the specialists there, perhaps because of such artifacts in the North Caucasus had been found.For all other archaeological features Nevinnomyssk burial is typical for its era.
Not far from the first discovery expedition accidentally unearthed the remains of a horse epic proportions.

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