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In some cases, tinnitus can be temporary and will clear up after an hour or a good nights sleep. For persistant cases, however, there may be some permanent damage to the nerves in the ear in here you will most likely need medical assistance in order to cure it. The jaw joint is located just in front of the ear canal, and it joins the jaw bone to the skull near the temple. Clicks or noises can sometimes be heard coming from the jaw joint when you chew or move your mouth. Because the ear is very close to the jaw joint, some people get ear symptoms such as noise in the ear, sensitivity to sound or dizziness (vertigo).
The causes can be local and related to the joint or the muscles attached to it, or they can come from a structural problem with the position of the pelvis or from the neck.  When it boils down to it, the bite becomes misaligned and this leads to pain or dysfunction.
Having an incorrect bite causes abnormalities in the jaw’s relationship to the skull.  The strained position of the jaw can trigger pain in the neck, shoulders and back.
The chiropractic treatment also looks at the structure of the spine and pelvis to ensure that pelvic movement is at its best and that issues with the neck are not contributing to the problem.
The aim of the dentist is to take pressure off the jaw using appliances called splints.  These devices stop the teeth from coming in contact so that the jaw joint is under less pressure. The day before those that either were out of the top 8, did not do Nationals the year before or upgraded to a new age bracket could participate in a time trial to help seed your position.
So as I am flowing with Jeff, an S & M guy and a DeSalvo guy attach to the group and we tractor-pull through a grassy slog which nearly everyone identified as a major leg sapper. I ran for minutes and minutes, even making some ground on dudes still trying to pedal who went out too hard too early who look like they were in the Bataan Death March. As I remount the clean bike, I could feel demoralized, gassed and simply shattered from this season.
After warming up from our near-hypothermic experiences on Saturday, we proceeded to watch the remaining races and I prepared for my role as pit crew chief for Brandon and Pete in the Elite Men’s race the next day by downing a gaggle of Deschutes Porter.
Pete, Allen and Brandon all had unbelievable rides…Brandon starting literally from the very last row to a 24th place finish, Pete 20th and Allen Krughoff right in front of him at 19th.
It’s odd, I want to write about crushing the competition and having arms up again and being some sort of alpha-winner. After any race, all the boys always hang out, talk, revel in the funny occurrences of the race and then we all hi-five, pack and leave. Seamus hands me a card that was inside the model box…which was sent to me ages ago for me to build with my boys.
On the drive home I thought about the weekend and all the themes I experienced woven through it. You ever leave a concert hall in the wee hours of the morning and your head is hurting and your ears are ringing? For the past few months, Colorado has been a true desert…hot and dusty races with your skin suit unzipped and your mouth as dry as a cotton ball. Let the truth be told: I was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
The weather was super cold as we waited in the grid, a group of roughly 75 racers from Colorado and many of the Nation’s best Masters from around the country. I made my way around the course taking my time and re-learning how to feel blood in my lungs again…and it was good. He listens to me as a gaggle of other kids come barreling in to the beach section hot on his heels. Aiden came across the line in 1st place, his first ever victory and he was so blown away as Dave ‘the voice Towle was screaming his name. Or some such prose he unleashed at me before the pro event…my second race of the day.
This weekend was the first Colorado Cup race, 2 hours and 45 ‘glorious' minutes away out in Buena Vista CO. Boulder Cycle Sport was in the house for the 35A race with the previous days winner at Interlocken, Mark Wisner, in good form and an always strong Brian Hludzinski raring to race (he’d spent the whole day prior as race promoter at his Interlocken race).
The moment I remount and start to drive, I can feel the snot getting sucked back into my head with the wind howling in my face.
As the race wore on, I of course need to pay back the huge withdraw I took out to mortgage my race.
So all the lessons I need to re-learn aside, I pushed hard and I ended up taking 11th on the day. With that effort in our legs, me, The WB and Robson decide to pin up again and race the Opens.
The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? Often, you may find your ears are buzzing after going to a festival or concert where loud music has been playing. Problems with the inner ear cannot be diagnosed at home although you may already suspect you have a problem especially if you have had sore ears recently. If you put your finger on your face just in front of the ear canal then open and close your mouth, you’ll be able to feel the joint moving. The pain is usually located just in front of the ear, and it may spread to the cheek, the ear itself, and to the temple giving you a headache. These noises can be normal, so they are only relevant if you have other symptoms in the joint, such as pain or reduced movement.
There are various treatments which are often used in combination.  Many people self-medicate with pain killers but that doesn’t really correct the long term problem.
Our friends at Vivid Dental in Five Dock have an article on grinding and the use of splints. The paved start chute was a sea off slush, each riders wheel making a wake and massive frozen rooster tail into the riders faces behind them.
This flowed out to a paved path that shot the riders up and over a pretty rad bermed embankment. I barely realized I crossed the finish when I eventually came through 7minutes down on Za Webber in an illustrious 70th place and just kept pedaling and circled back to our tent where we all sat and began our bouts with hypothermia. This is more importantly a story of the main protagonist understanding that life itself ebbs and flows. Happier, yet still restless from being the antithesis of who I was less than 24 hours earlier. Give to give even when you need to dig deep to find the strength to suck up your own personal drama and be positive. That is precisely how I felt after this amazing weekend of racing, color-commentary announcing and general cross-nerding with our community. The racing has been fast, but we all were lusting true ‘cross weather and so it came and greeted us in Fort Collins at the New Belgium Cup, the most recent stop of the USGP series. For the next two days he would put on a clinic of bike handling and flow…combined with a level of fitness that no one would even come close to matching. Coming across the line I was happy to be back in the game again…even if the game was MINUTES ahead compliments of Mr. Moreover it would be a carbon copy for the leaders with Pete Webber again demonstrating a cannibalistic tendency to eat Master’s racers alive.
Colt from Cyclingdirt reached out to me a while back to ask me of my interest in helping do some color-commentary for the Open Women's and Men's races. My love for the game has never been stronger and the pride I felt having all my friends yell their guts at me around the course was again, truly humbling.

The course promoters put the Junior races deeper into the day at a time when tons of fans would be around.
Upon the start, I lost sight of the mini-peloton until I see Aiden barreling down the single track towards the beach for the first time. Aiden Seamus and I have spent a lot of time together nerding-out in the local parks practicing cross.
Little  strongmen like Peter Doorn and Vin Hludinski making him work hard for it the whole time.
They quickly turned their attention to the Coke they got…a treat for going so hard out there.
I am so excited to get back into the fray in the next few weeks with my boys, focusing on doing everything Ann Trombley, Olympic athlete and amazing PT working with FasCat Coaching, tells me to do to get back to health and a strong shoulder.
The wind was howling and the course had essentially straight slogs into the wind, then recovering somewhat with the wind at your back. The start chute, while long, apexed hard right onto the course between a gate and would present a challenge. I am hungry to lay it down…but my eyes and mind are biting off too much for me to chew these days. I continue to learn and working hard to evolve my skills and needs to really read races, gauge efforts and use the things I have to make me faster. Dudes going through tape on that first sketchy apex turn, flailing around, botching run ups, wheels slamming into my helmet…so I literally throttled back.
You don't need to worry anymore because there are plenty of things you can do to stop it.It sounds like you have tinnitus, and a telltale sign is where your ears wont stop ringing. This is common and is nothing to worry about although regular prolonged exposure may eventually lead to tinnitus that doesnt go away. There are several ways to get temporary relief from tinnitus and many more ways to get rid of it permanently. I am a fast starter and while the TT course was well designed to challenge you, it felt pretty manageable to me. The beginning threw a few paved 180’s at you and then immediately puts you into the dirt.
You were trying to weave and go fast and select lines through massive mud fields but the inevitable shit-show was occurring. On the paved lead up into the berm the S&M guy makes a move and we start to tangle bars. He also was calling out the fact that my dear friends and team mates Pete Webber and Brandon Dwight were pushing hard at the front with our Colorado compatriot Jon Cariveau murdering himself behind Brandon by mere seconds. I think I saw a bloody shard of my vocal chords pop out of my mouth I was yelling so hard at Boulder Cycle Sport and all Coloradans to keep their mojo and their tempo high. I’m in desperate love with the spirits that inhabit our sport, from the comedic to the serious to the God-gifted. Winning and personal bests will happen again some day when I can devote what I need to, to it. The equipment was dialed and my pre-ride of the course found my legs seemingly feeling pretty good, even if I knew the course would be pretty difficult for me. My teammate Brian and I worked super well together for laps 1 and 2 and my flow through the off camber was pretty dialed. There would be another sunrise and yet another chance to be a sportsman, a friend and most importantly a daddy and husband.
I did not want to get caught in a pile up, and I did not want to hit the deck on my own accord.
I took on the challenge as I’d had fun working with Dave Towle at Schoolyard Cross a few weeks prior. It is a direct reflection of the community we have built amongst and within each other’s spirits that continues to draw me to the start grid every weekend, no matter what. It made these little kids feel exceptionally PRO as fans and racers alike all crowded the tape to cheer them on.
After hearing about the race, our good friend Tim Johnson rolled over to the kids and said congrats to them all. We’d face the Moots duo of Michael Robson and Glen Light and a cast of other strong characters like Clay Harris, Jeff Cospolich and our State Champion Ward WB Baker.
On the gun, I settle in nicely behind Michael and Glen as they tear into the sketchy first turn. I’m looking back occasionally to see who will come by and start to work with me (pa-leeze Greg). Webber (left) and Dubba were raring to go as was another new teammate of ours, Ross Holbrook.
The same is true when listening to any music at home or on personal stereo's and music players; If you often have it too loud then this can affect your hearing.
You can see it all here, from the slush to the mass of humanity racing in the event as captured by Colt and crew. We converge on the exit, now bombing down the embankment when DeSalvo guy comes unglued and yard-sales in front of me. Friends were piling in to the tent to literally begin to rescue us as it became pretty scary.
We suffer so greatly together that so much is just understood without speaking about it between us…from an Elite Champion to a Cat 4 newbie to the sport.
The leaves are off the trees now and flowing in the heavy breezes that mark our winter here in Colorado. Saturday’s race in Centennial at Alpha Cross and my ridiculousness that followed would be a prime example of this. I ran Typhoons at super low front and normal in the back as I needed to hook up on the hillside which was becoming greasy but needed the stiffer rear to push hard on the long slogs. Aiden had long since recognized his dad was being a dolt since coming home from the race and decided to just put a big distance between himself and me.
Some of this was due to the Northwest Knee Warmers embrocation, but mostly was that I felt the need to absolutely uncork one. Pre-riding the course it was obvious that if you did not flow on the courses super fast descents or rail the off camber corners coming out of them, it could be your demise.
It was super rad and watching him flow was great…made me realize that my lines weren’t all that bad either! They were shattered from the prior day’s racing…with mud and grass still embedded in places that I did not know mud could enter!
So I used that focus with great intensity Saturday as my son donned a number for the family at the Colorado Cross Classic at the Boulder Reservoir. We taught the boys to shake hands with each other to congratulate their efforts, and finally were asked to put arms up. Injecting some rare mid season base into my legs and making them hurt entirely differently than in a cross. Yet I think they will be able to do some really interesting things with this course in the future as there is plenty to work with. As we are pushing the pace, a tree limb was hit by someone behind me that swung back and apparently caused a nasty crash…taking out my team mates Wisner and Brian. Other noises that people often describe when highlighting their condition include the following; Ringing, bussing, clicking, hissing and whistling.
I am literally at a point where the pits are 10 feet away as the crow flies, but 100’s of feet away given the course I have to still run to get there.

Uncontrollable shaking, lips turning blue, no motor coordination, completely slurred speech. I predicted a yo-yo kind of day and good for training…but my yo-yo unraveled and found me all caught up in my own personal string. Wisner comes in super hot into a critical section and burps a tubeless while an amazingly strong JP Boylan bridges to us both. Coming into the pits later in the race there was some confusion and I was handed that Typhoon-laden bike. Two hours of cleaning, scrubbing, polishing and lubing later…I packed up and headed north again for the second day of racing.
He was having an obviously tough day in the mud and I tried to simply stay as clear as I could so I could race my own race, but there we were locked in virtually the same rhythm until a gap opened up that I could cover on the last lap. A few more twists and turns and this could become a staple of the early season calendar, somewhat like Frisco has become for us. As the snotcicle started to form and my head and shoulders began to slump, I thought about the day before at Interlocken as I am trying to dig deep and I found the motivation through the absolute bravery my son showed me at his race. I found Ross and practiced my first bridge and effort to get to him and then simply stop and recover. Just flow, race my race and go as hard as your under-tuned body can push you was my inner-chanted mantra.
I completely blow this corner  to the extent that I am off course, in the brush and off the bike.
So frustrating as I can see Shotty prepared but it was a lifetime to get around the course. I was hurt and for the next few minutes as I eventually pedaled on truly questioned what I am doing and why (on many levels).
They gapped me and from then on, I re-traced their line riding every lap as it was WAY faster. Mark puts in a hard effort and JP attacks and I follow…we come blasting into the last few sections of the course and James gets a tiny gap and is able to hold it for 4th, me 5th and the Wis, 6th.
I was hypoxic and FREEZING but I hope what I said on the mic sounded decent and made people laugh and appreciate more of the goings-on from a racer’s perspective. You just can’t mimic this in training so doing a double, even if just part of it, is huge for training and trying out new things. That, and stay out of the shit-show many riders would demonstrate given the conditions we faced.
I eventually make it into the pit and toss in my wasted bike and Chris hands me the clean one. I was lined up 6th row…close enough to see the smiling faces of my brothers on the front line, Webber, Dubba, WB, Robson, Jonny C which gave me some hope and confidence. Darwin took over and would allow those, who could, to motor and start vibing with the course. I just sucked up the fact that I simply am not fast and I will work harder next year if I can find the focus in my life to devote to it wholly. It was as if some hobbits made this course for me personally…knowing I needed to rip and combine elements I am good at. Not take advantage but pulls up next to me, leans into my face and YELLS at me “You are not going to get gapped!
We had a blast and I think I saw a glimmer in his eye that he really wanted to be out there racing…and not in the booth! We had a strong Courtney Gregory from Mafia Racing with us and the three of us traded blows. Lap times were hard to increase though as there were still bottlenecks and the need to dismount to run past fallen soldiers but rhythms eventually fell into place.
This is your race!” He pushes me so hard from behind it was like a rocket pack lighting up. Honestly, no excuses, stronger dudes with ONE bike showed more grace than I but the point being it was amazing to me the difference between the tread patterns in these conditions.
I complete the course including a set of barriers about 30 seconds off the winning time set by my boy Michael Robson to put me in 40th position, seconds separating riders 10 at a time. I am confused at what fast means and how to get there even after 14 years of racing this insane sport.
I receive as it is quid pro quo between amazing people who feel generally lucky in life to be able to do this. 45 minutes in, 2 to go, I’d had the perfect amount of work put in and pulled the plug. We then all got corralled into the Moots Sprinter van, its heater blaring we all sat inside and literally on each other unable to hold in our hands the amazing warm treats the Hogans and others were bringing. Frankly my IT bands and sciatic nerves were yelling at me loudly and I decided there was no need to go any deeper into the hole. They were the words I needed to parse and balance with everything else pinging around my brain these days. Animals produce natural hormones that carry chemical signals capable of influencing the behavior of other animals within the same species.
After giving birth, female dogs naturally produce a calming pheromone that helps their puppies feel safe and secure. Pheromone therapy uses synthetic forms of pheromones to alleviate phobias and stress in animals. Synthetic Pheromones Synthetic pheromones are hormones with chemical signals produced artificially in a lab.
Natural pheromones are hormones with chemical signals produced naturally in the body of an animal.
When scientists recognized the impact that natural hormones have on an animal’s behavior and emotional state, they set out to imitate that effect through the use of synthetic hormones.
The synthetic pheromones found in products that reduce canine anxiety are designed to mimic the calming effect produced by natural pheromones. A pheromone diffuser is an electric device that plugs into the wall and releases synthetic pheromones that produce a calming effect for dogs. When your dog inhales the pheromones in the air, they trigger a sense of calm that reduces fear and anxiety during stressful situations like being exposed to the sound of fireworks. The two main manufacturers of plug-in diffusers for pheromone therapy are Ceva Sante Animale, which produces DAP Dog Appeasing Pheromone diffusers, and Veterinary Product Labs, which produces a similar pheromone diffuser called Comfort Zone. Each pheromone diffuser produces a calming effect over 650 square feet and lasts approximately four weeks. For best results, begin using pheromone diffusers in your dog’s environment at least a week or two before an anticipated stressful situation.
If your dog gets stressed out by traveling in a vehicle and could benefit from pheromone therapy, opt for a pheromone therapy spray or wearable collar instead of the plug-in diffuser.
Many commercial products now make use of synthetic pheromones to alleviate fear caused by any stressful situation like loud noises, separation anxiety or visits to the vet. She published her first book, “Breaking up without Breaking Down," in 2007 and specializes in a variety of topics including, but not limited to, relationships and issues in education.
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