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To give our customers the best possible piercing experience in a clean, safe, welcoming environment, and to offer the largest selection of quality jewelry and aftercare products by trained and licensed staff that is eager to help, and passionate about their work. The first Almost Famous store was opened in Fargo, ND in West Acres Mall in 2003, and that first store did not look like the Almost Famous Body Piercing locations you know today! We also have our own central warehouse which processes and ships jewelry and supplies to all of our locations each week.
We look eagerly toward adding additional locations in the future, and having the opportunity to serve even more customers as we expand our company.
Our providers are committed to delivering excellent, up-to-date, and individualized skin care for our patients. An infected piercing can be painful and if it gets bad enough, or progresses fast enough, it can hinder your everyday life. Pinch on each side of the piercing so that your fingers are going the same direction as the bar. Fold the paper towel into a small square and place it over the piercing so that it covers the entrance and exit of the piercing. Do not touch or handle a piercing unless it is being cleaned, and then use only freshly cleaned hands. Infection always is a risk following an ear piercing, even if a sterile procedure is followed. This sterling silver listing if for one nose septum ring, 16 gauge, 8mm inner size diameter , handcrafted by me. Please make your choice of meterial: 925 sterling silver, 14K yellow gold field, 14K rose gold field. This beautiful small hoop nose ring has been hand made by me, polished to shine to give an extra sparkle to it. Your hoop will be shipp out in a nice jewelry box ready to give it as a gift or just as a treat from me to you!

My range includes Sterling silver Designs, Gold & silver combination, Gold field, classic Genuine Gemstones, Semi-precious stones and much more.
Our first location carried a variety of items, including clothing, music cd’s, assorted gift items, skateboards and shoes.
We have also added two Piercing Central Training Center locations for training our staff in everything from First Aid to Body Piercer training. With so many locations, we buy our jewelry in large quantities, which gives us the opportunity to sell quality jewelry at a better price than most other stores that carry similar products.
Our team of exceptional people continues to grow as our company progresses, and we proudly invite you to shop (and get pierced!) with us.
This procedure offers the highest cure rate available leaving the smallest scar.  Mohs surgery has become the gold standard of treatment of skin cancer.
With extensive training in the structure and function of skin, we are committed to addressing and resolving your skin health concerns. Infected tongue rings can stop you from eating or speaking properly and the effects can be permanent if the infection isn't killed fast enough. Tell him what you have done to keep it clean, he may have further instructions for you, or he may suggest you visit a doctor to get antibiotics. If the holes close with the infection still in it, the infection will work its way deeper into the skin and could cause sepsis.
These are too strong and will eat way new flesh, slowing down the healing process or reversing it. These clog the exits of the piercing and will encourage the infection to work into the skin rather than drain out. It should only be used to heal an infection and should not be used on healthy pierced flesh. We celebrated our new beginning with a remodel to the Fargo location, and the store you see today was born, including a second piercing suite and way, way more body jewelry for our customers to get excited over!

Our dermatologists have performed thousands of these surgeries and are highly skilled in this state-of-the-art technique.
Whether you are in need of a moisturizer, anti-aging products, or sunscreens, we will help you find the skin care products right for you. Even if you want to be done with the piercing allow the infection to drain out before removing it.
The Fargo location started with a single piercing room, and six small boxes of very basic body jewelry. We made the decision to discontinue all the clothing and other items and become a body piercing only store.
When time permits, we include piercing professionals from outside our business in our training sessions in addition to speaking to and educating other professions (such as medical professionals) about body piercing and body piercing related issues. Some of the most common cosmetic services we provide include Botox, injectable volume restoration (using fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, and Perlane), and chemical peels. And a navel body piercing can come right up out of the skin, leaving you with an ugly scar if the infection isn't treated fast enough. You don't need all of it out if it won't come, you just need to make room around the metal for things to drain out. We added our Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota, store in 2011, and our only non-mall location opened in Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota at 405 Central Ave., Suite 110, in 2012.

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