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This article explains using white noise or colored noise machines for privacy, sleeping aids, or to control sound transmission in buildings: how to make a quiet home, office, or place of business using masking sound or noise generating machines and equipment. We describe the difference between white noise, pink noise, brown noise, and sound programs such as rain, surf, owls, and we include a table comparing types, features, & prices of various sound generators, noise machines, and apps.
This article series discusses noise and sound control in buildings, and includes excerpts or adaptations from Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction, by Steven Bliss, courtesy of Wiley & Sons. As we show in our photo (left), white noise generators may also be used in locations where an extra measure of privacy is required.
When this sound is generated it tends to make unintelligible or even less noticeable other sounds such as nearby conversation.
The proper setting for a white noise generator or sound conditioner is not to make the output as loud as possible. Rather, set the volume on the white noise machine to just mask the noise (or conversation) to be overcome.
See SOUND CONTROL in buildings for complete information about noise transmission in buildings and how to control noise and sound problems. Pink Noise - A blend of high and low frequencies that produce a mesmerizing waterfall effect. While they may be less comfortable and while they don't offer sophisticated noise cancellation, simple ear plugs are certainly the most economical way to block noise in the workplace, while traveling, in noisy hotels, etc. Several companies provide sophisticated noise-cancelling earphones or headphones that do a stunning job of blocking regular, constant and in some cases even sudden loud noises.
Before buying any of these or their successors you'll want to both read review and actually try out the unit. Continue reading at SOUND & NOISE TRANSMISSION PRINCIPLES or select a topic from the More Reading links or topic ARTICLE INDEX shown below. We have added the table above listing a number of noise and sound conditioners including white noise machines - thanks for this prompt. Steven Bliss served as editorial director and co-publisher of The Journal of Light Construction for 16 years and previously as building technology editor for Progressive Builder and Solar Age magazines. Phyllis Korkki, "Where Sounds Have No Barrier - In today's open work spaces, even small noises can prove distracting and annoying", The New York Times, p. Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the InspectAPedia Bookstore.
The Illustrated Home illustrates construction details and building components, a reference for owners & inspectors. The Chrysler and Dodge, along with minivans from Toyota and Honda, all jockey for the #1 U.S. What makes the Chrysler different from the Dodge is largely on the surface: sheet metal, interior styling, high quality leather, gadgets and gizmos and features and chrome and such. There is no question but that the underlying core van has been successfully covered over by a Chrysler veneer. The sore spots of the 2008-10 minivans have largely been addressed, particularly sharp edges on the door map pockets; these are now comfortably rounded, with rounded ridges inside for added strength.
The gauge cluster is the new Chrysler corporate standard, with Swiss-watch-inspired gauges-within-gauges; little round gas and temperature gauges sit within the larger speedometer and tachometer circles, with the EVIC (trip computer) display in between.
The dashboard shifter has a manual override, dubbed Electronic Range Select, which allows you to choose lower gears or higher ones (e.g. Overhead, our test car eschewed other minivans'A long rack of drop-down consoles in favor of oversized rear-seat video screens for each row; with the two standard sets of wireless headphones (and perhaps more from the dealer), kids in middle and in back can watch completely different shows. The last time we tested a Dodge minivan was in 2011, and the seats in our 2013 Chrysler were a definite step up, in all three rows. Push your foot down further, and the transmission will quickly downshift, putting you into the 3,500-and-higher power band of the Pentastar Six. The engine has good torque at low rpm, allowing the transmission to stay in higher gears most of the time, and providing a a€?kicka€?A when needed, even before the always-rapid downshift. Hit the gas hard, even at highway speed, and the engine will quickly rev up; starting with 3,500 rpm, you can feel those 283 horsepower. The tires were not up to the standards of the powertrain; avoiding squeals on quick launches was difficult, as the front tires tried to grab for traction. An a€?econa€?A button switches to gas-mileage mode, which upshifts earlier; that makes a visible difference in mileage, though the transmission can get confused by aggressive driving while in a€?econa€? mode (for that matter, if you accelerate hard and then let off the gas, for passing or achieving cruising speed, it seems reluctant to upshift from regular mode as well).
Once you press the econ button, the car remembers where you set it on future trips, an unusual and convenient touch. The ride is firm, handling potholes and rough roads with little fuss or noise, but without some of the luxury-car feel of past Chrysler minivans. We have gotten used to Chrysler cars with the fancy new 8.4-inch touch-screens, cars designed to have big infotainment systems.
The unit's own CD player can be used to record songs to its 30-gigabyte hard drive, or just to play music; we do suggest that rather than adding one CD at a time, you a€?ripa€?A the music onto your computer, copy it to a thumb drive, and add it all at once. If you want to play a DVD on the overhead video units, you have to use the unit that's below the stereo a€”A well below the stereoa€”A and above the pull-out cupholders.
The RHR hard-drive stereo accepts USB thumb drives holding MP3 and AAC files (including iTunes Store purchases), using the remote port; the on-unit port is for adding MP3 format music from thumb drives.
The satellite radio system was well integrated into the stereo, as was the optional video player. The 30 gigabyte hard drive holds a lot of music; and you could sit and watch movies on the screen, as long as you were in Park.
The overhead video screen had a high quality picture, and the supplied headphones let kids could listen to their movies (or TV shows) without bothering the driver. The full UConnect system was available on our van, including navigation and Travel Link, which provides sports scores, weather and ski info, fuel prices, and movie information from the car. The navigation system had slightly older graphics but worked quite well; indeed, the predictive keyboard (which only lights up possible letters) was a nice touch that's missing from the newer systems.
As one would expect, the entire system can be controlled by voice, with the voice-activation button right on the steering wheel; voice control extends to the stereo and cell phone as well as the stereo and navigation system. Optional safety features a€”A all standard on the Chrysler version a€”A include blind spot monitoring, rain-sensitive wipers, mobile Internet, and rear cross path systems. The mobile Internet system has a high initial cost but low monthly fees are low; Chrysler AutoNet can support multiple users at once, and is designed for quick handoffs between access points.
Chrysler boasted the first trip computer in a mass production car, and has tended to include full or a€?minia€?A trip computers ever since. As with past minivans, it was possible, if not easy, to climb from the front row all the way back to the rear gate; though getting over the front-center console is tricky, the thing can be removed. The front seats are far more comfortable than the 2008s, and even more than the 2006 Chrysler Town & Country we actually own.

Folding the middle row is now a one-lever affair; first you have to move the front row seat far forward (a bit slow if you have electric seats) and lift the cover of the storage area.
The rear seats were always easy to stow; while an electric rear seat system was available, it took more time than doing it manually. Above the van, the roofrack crossbars were folded into the side supports, increasing the aerodynamic efficiency of the Caravan and minimizing the cosmetic intrusion of the rack.
There were many other places to put things in this van, as one would expect; small cubbies in the rear, side seat pockets in the middle row along with door mounted cupholders and map pockets behind the front seats, the huge covered storage bins between the front and middle seats, and, up front, well, let's get started. The middle seats had individual cupholders in the doors, with mesh seat pockets on the back of the front seats; rear seats had the old-style molded-in-sides cupholders carried over from 1984. Both middle and rearmost rows could take advantage of manually activated sunshades, a very useful idea for summer trips, especially since they were mesh a€”A the driver could still see out.
Door controls were at each door, on the key fob, and in an overhead row of buttons, in logical order; the buttons were larger and more clearly marked than in the past.
Headlights were powerful and had a good spread, but in a way we're cheating on this one because our test car had the HID headlights, the bright blue things that started out on luxury cars and can now be obtained on Dodge Darts.
The Town & Country has useful features that prospective car buyers don't usually experience until after taking the plunge, such as the ability to change preferences using the easy trip-computer interface, or the numerous places to put stuff.
We appreciated having the hazard flashers go on whenever the side doors were opened and the key was in the ignition. Chrysler still needs to re-examine their choice of tires; with the low first gear of the transmission and torque range of the engine, we sometimes had traction issues when starting out, especially when starting on a curve (as in getting onto an old-fashioned highway from a stop sign, or when turning onto a main street from a wet or dirty street). The base price of the Town & Country Limited (the top of the line) is $40,990 including shipping. The Touring L adds the SafetyTec package (blind spot monitor, rear cross path detection, parking assist, rain sensitive wipers, intelligent headlamps, tire pressure monitor, better leather, power passenger seats, chrome mirrors with turn signals, auto-dimming side mirrors, remote start, alarm, and window shades).
Our test minivan had the luxury group, which included the power sunroof, load leveling and height control, mini overhead console, dual rear overhead consoles, fancy floor mats, and removable center super console a€”A all for $1,795, which is probably pushing it. Chrysler's new quality systems and standards are promising; while their minivans have generally achieved average or better quality ratings, the current goal is to a€?much better than average,a€?A and measures are being taken to achieve that. We make no guarantees regarding validity, accuracy, or applicability of information, predictions, or advice. Korkki (2008) reported that people working in open plan offices particularly suffer from noise distraction, citing experts who explain that the effort to ignore distracting noises (such as recognizable speech) forces attention switching to and from one's work, interfering with concentration.
In addition to white noise, sound conditioners may produce sounds of nature such as that of a river or brook, lakeshore, surf, thunderstorms, or rainfall.
Setting the white noise volume higher than that level risks making the white noise itself an annoyance in the building. White noise is the most effective at blocking distractions because it covers the largest spectrum range.
Brown noise is excellent for aiding sleep, pacifying children and pets, even masking Tinnitus. Typically these devices are combined with the ability to connect the headphones to a music or other desired source.
No earplugs were issued in 1965, and we tried cigarette butts or just ducking when the rocket went off or the machine gun was firing overhead, sometimes just a foot away.
In a noisy hotel I just put my better ear down on the pillow, turn the ringing ear up to the world, and consciously attend the ringing hissing sound that's always there.
The text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate and maintain their home effectively. Starting in 2011, though, Chrysler returned to the top of the corporate minivan line, so that the base model Chrysler Town & Country is as well outfitted as the top of the line Dodge. Underneath both Chrysler and Dodge is essentially the same tried and true chassis and suspension architecture that Chrysler has used since the 1990s, albeit with a new powertrain and electronics architecture.
The minivan has no a€?cheap pointsa€?; no sharp edges, rock-hard surfaces, or park-bench seats. Textures have been changed throughout the car, and the colors have been carefully chosen to balance pragmatic issues (avoiding reflecting in the windshield) with the desire for a spacious look (light pillars and roof) and style (two-tone seats with contrasting stitching). The overall appearance is far more attractive than the a€?penny pincheda€?A look of the prior model. The gauges have an elegant look, aside from the stubby red needles, with even white backlighting (light blue at major speed and tachometer points).
The latter open easily with a little downward press, and use convenient accordion covers instead of the old lift-up doors; and all the storage areas have rattle-damping measures, usually removable rubber inserts.
However, this was somewhat compensated for by having physical seat and steering wheel heater buttons integrated with the rest, along with front and rear defroster buttons.
The overhead system included snazzy white LED lighting, with an equally snazzy green neon outline that could be dimmed or shut off entirely from a rheostat up front.
The engine rarely revved past 2,000 rpm with such treatment, except when getting up to speed on a highway. Again, one can drive around town all day long and rarely pass 2,000 rpm; there's lots of extra power, and on the straights, you can maintain good highway speeds at surprisingly low rpm.
The low first gear, which would have been handy with weaker engines or stronger tires, simply makes it harder to burn rubber at launch. It was odd to go back in time a bit to the last generation of stereos, with standard sized screens, with CD players hidden behind the screen (which tilts out of the way as needed). The stereo sound was far superior to what Chrysler was selling just two years ago, and absolutely beyond comparison with the late-2000s units.
Amusingly, the remote USB port does not understand Mac resource files, and displays them as unplayable files starting with ._ , while the copy-to-hard-drive function ignores invisible Mac files and just copies the music over.
The satellite sound was not terrible but far from the quality of the USB or CD player, as seems to often be the case for satellite radio. The lack of a station-changing knob was awkward with the satellite radio, which has over a hundred channels; it takes a while to go through with your finger on a button. While the screens, pulled down from the roof, are well out of danger from kids'A feet, their massive size essentially eliminates the driver's view through the rear window.
The system worked relatively quickly, though there was more button-pushing needed than on newer systems from the same company. In some ways, including making it easier to cancel navigation and faster routing, it seemed superior to the newer units.
Our car also came with a standard backup camera and distance-sensitive backup alert; the camera had a clear color picture, with a guide line and red-yellow-green distance indicator, and a decent view at night. As each new car is redesigned, it has been getting a full color trip computer, generally as part of a configurable dashboard; the minivans were redesigned just before that started, so they get a monochrome panel between the speedometer and tachometer instead of the fancier color ones.
The console is an interesting piece, since you can slide the top back to reveal a big storage area a€”A more than big enough for a 35 mm camera, it can take an iPad laying flat.

Grab handles are still supplied at all the doors (except the driver's), but they probably won't be needed; and if you have wheelchair-bound relatives, Chrysler can set you up with an aftermarket wheelchair loader installer.
Both front seats and both middle seats had attached, soft flip-up armrests, which work better than the Toyota models that have a ratchet mechanism. Then lift a single lever and the headrest springs down, the seat folds, and it pivots right into the space; it's considerably easier than in past iterations, and you can't forget to put the headrest down. This, cupholders, power supply, and all, could be removed and placed between the middle-row seats.
As in the past, the interior is cavernous, and folding down various combinations of seats allows for a great deal of storage capacity. Our car had the keyless ignition, with a pushbutton installed in the spot where the keys would normally go, but it also had the same keys as the standard vehicle.
The multitude of door controls provides a lot of flexibility, while the lockouts keep you safe - as do the door safety mechanisms.
That's not an exceptional price for a minivan, which might explain why sales aren't quite what they used to be, but the base Town & Country Touring is just $31,390.
This setup might be the best bargain of the entire minivan line, at $34,390, especially when you toss in the $430 convenience group (heated front and middle seats, heated steering wheel, keyless driving, adjustable pedals, bright door handles). The second row removable but fixed-in-position bucket seats (replacing seats that slide back and forth), with third-row stowage, was $320; the UConnect Web system for Internet access everywhere was $650. Many are old ideas from the pre-Daimler years, such as being able to stop the line when a problem is found, or sending advisors to suppliers, or tracking problems more closely and publicly, or empowering workers, or doing more preventive maintenance. It felt as though someone had taken our 2006 Town & Country, made the brakes grabbier, supercharged the engine, and added a thick layer of luxury to the inside and outside. If you plan to leave the noise conditioner app running for a long period you might want to connect your phone to its power adapter. The leather was soft and giving, and the seats were comfortable and supportive, a pleasant surprise after the hard seats of the 2008s and the not-quite-right cloth of our personal '06 Chrysler Town & Country. The overhead console has the door controls, including the interior door power lockout, which lets owners open and close the doors manually from the inside and outside; they can still be power-opened or power-closed from the overhead console or the key fob. All buttons are large enough for control with gloves, logically placed, well labeled, and backlit at night, to minimize distraction.
The only downside to this was the vastly diminished rearward visibility when the video screens were used. Wind noise is somewhat high at 65 mph, but is not noticeable at lower speeds; it is not excessive, but it also is not up to current Chrysler car standards.
It can handle very well for a vehicle of its size but, in the end, it is a vehicle of its size.
The unit in our test car was the RHR, dubbed Media Center Something; despite the now-small screen, it does just as much as the newer units, and sounds just as good. That said, there's something odd about having two different USB ports with two different uses, and two different optical disk readers, again with two different uses. You can also simply shove a USB thumb drive into the upper glove compartment, and play it from there rather than using the built in hard drive.
You can also run an old fashioned analog audio cable into the auxiliary port, though then the steering wheel controls won't work. Even with the lock on, the doors can be opened from the key fob or from the front-overhead buttons. When within reach of a fast signal, count on something between modem and DSL; slower signals are roughly modem speed.
You can slide that back as well, so that middle row passengers can use the cupholders on back, or can fill up the front cupholders for the driver.
Traditionally minivan interiors have been surprisingly tough and capable of withstanding a lot of abuse. The button (or key slot if you have one) is on the dashboard, a nice feature that's becoming more common since Chevrolet revived it; headlights have a knob and rheostat in Chrysler's traditional location. The various dome and map lights did a surprisingly good job of lighting up the entire minivan at night; while the LED-plus-neon interior on our car (which might be standard and might be part of the rear seat video package) is cool and lets people have personal lights without much driver distraction. Even the low end Dodge Caravans has many standard features, and the Chrysler is surprisingly well equipped; it seems that instead of tossing massive rebates on the hood, Chrysler is throwing in lots of gadgets and higher grade materials, with a lower price. The total price came to $43,755, a bit more than a base Chrysler 300C with SafetyTech and the same engine. They are made in Windsor, Ontario, and use engines and transmissions built in the United States; 82% of the content is from the US and Canada. Underneath it all is an aged chassis, but it still competes on equal terms with Honda Odyssey. Most of the time tinnitis is annoying and it correlates with significant hearing loss in old age (me). Special Offer: For a 10% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference Book purchased as a single order.
The fan is very loud on its top setting but is more reasonable at other settings; unfortunately, there's no a€?automatic-mediuma€?A setting, and pushing the Auto button puts the rear climate control onto auto, along with the front. Admittedly rear passengers don't get adjustable lumbar support, but then, neither does the front passenger. Newer Chrysler cars eschew the hard drive completely, and allow either a thumb drive or SD card to be inserted. You can't put iPod files onto the hard drive, but you can copy from thumb drives, and it also records from DVDs - fairly quickly.
I don't think I'd trade in my '06 for it a€” much as I do like the backup camera, stability control, easy-slide doors, and numerous other features a€”A but if you need a minivan now, it's a good deal, especially in Touring L form.
Thanks to Alan Carson and Bob Dunlop, for permission for InspectAPedia to use text excerpts from The Home Reference Book & illustrations from The Illustrated Home.
The overall crash-safety score is 4 stars a€”A five stars for side crashes, four for frontal and rollover. Carson Dunlop Associates' provides extensive home inspection education and report writing material. Special Offer: For a 5% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference eBook purchased as a single order.

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