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If you are thinking of wearing a Promise Ring, you need to bear in mind that there are many different types of Promise Ring and this will have a bearing on where to wear your ring; which finger to wear your ring on. In the USA and the UK, the ring finger (fourth finger) of the left hand holds the greatest significance; engagement rings and wedding rings are worn on this finger almost without exception.
If you want to wear a Promise Ring, you have to determine how your promise ring correlates with this accepted practice. As you can see from this, there are some people who believe that the wearing of a promise ring on the left hand ring finger could be confusing; people can mistake it for an engagement ring! A Purity or Chastity Ring is worn as a commitment to abstain from sexual activity abstinence until marriage and there are other Promise Rings that symbolize other commitments such as abstinence from other habits like drinking or smoking. Friendship Rings of all kinds are given or exchanged between very close friends – with no romantic relationship involved. Just days after announcing her engagement to Brad Pitt, mom-of-six Angelina Jolie showed off her new bling as she left the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles this afternoon. In news unrelated to the upcoming Wedding of the Century (sorry, Kate & Wills!), doesn’t Angelina look particularly slim in these pictures? I personally think that the ring is beautiful, but a bit gaudy… Talking to someone who has an engagement ring worth approx. I would never discuss the cost of my ring, but I do enjoy hearing about everyone else’s stories.
My husband and I chose a little over 1 carat emerald cut center stone with two .25 emerald side diamonds for my engagement ring. Strand by Strand, the method that looks and moves more naturally than any other method. To remove the strands, simply bend opened the ring with the same tool and slide the extension out.
Step 2.) Take a strand of your own hair and slide the micro ring onto your own hair strand by hooking it into the threading hook.
This is very natural and is a great 3-D look that gives the optical illusion of more volume.
You will always have fewer rows of extensions on the sides of your head, so adjust your colors accordingly.
This is a great technique if you are tired of clipping your extensions on everyday, or, if you want to”graduate” to semi-permanent extensions without buying new ones!

This is also a great technique for Salons and Stylist using Locks & Bonds Professional Hair Extensions! Depending on how well you know how to apply tape extensions, one application can last from 4-12 weeks.
There is a lot of text in the tutorial…so use the pause button if you need it to really understand the details. However, in Europe, outside the UK, these rings are worn on the ring finger of the right hand. If you do not mind your promise ring being mistaken for an engagement ring or a wedding band – or if the nature of the vow implies strong similarities with engagement or marriage – the choice is simple. If the vows associated with  your Promise Ring involve another person, it is a good idea to discuss with them, where you should wear your rings. You will therefore find a number of people wearing their (pre-engagement) Promise Ring on the ring finger of the right hand. In such cases, the ring should ideally be worn on the left hand ring finger as it would then be replaced by a wedding band after marriage. She’s always gorgeous, but I think she looks best when she’s not quite so thin! It’s not quite as beautiful as my own $700 engagement ring, but it looks good on her. My ring was $1200-1400 (can quite remember) my husband bought it at 19, it took him a while to save up for it.
I think the jeweler took advantage of the situation because he knew Brad had a lot of money. The center diamond is a 2 ct princess cut, it was the diamond that was in my mother’s engagment ring to my father. For my engagement my first ring was actually a Pandora bead (the wedding rings on a pillow). It looks like a nightmare to keep clean and emerald cuts are done to show a stones clarity, not sparkle. The extensions have a tip called and I-Tip which is shaped like a shoe-lace tip and is threaded into the micro ring. However, it is best to exclude the left ring finger to eliminate any misinterpretation or misunderstanding of romantic intentions.

I hope THEY see it that way as every bride and groom SHOULD consider their own wedding an event of a lifetime. I too am surprised they went with a diamond assuming all their awareness includes the controversy over the diamond trade.
She passed it down to my husband and he had it set in an amazing antique looking band with 34 small diamonds (1 ct total weight) covering the band in an intricate design. Back in 2007, I opened Bride’s magazine, saw a full page add for one such ring offered by Harry Winston and decided I had found my inspiration.
I know how much insurance coverage I have on it based on the appraisal, but I don’t want to know what he spent. It wasn’t until months later when I accidentally saw the monthly bill that I wanted to toss them both to the wolves (kidding!). He wanted to have something physical to give me as he couldn’t get my actual ring first. Although the emerald is not the flashiest diamond due to its few facets, it has long been touted as a sophisticated and elegant cut. It is insured for $15,000 but of course my husband didn’t pay anywhere near that much for it. We flew to Oahu the next week and picked out the ring I wear, along with our wedding rings. Then, if there is an custom work done on the design end, particularly if that work is a copyrighted design, can drive the price up too. One of the biggest things for me was that it be conflict free so we went with a reputable dealer to ensure it could be traced. Her’s is a lovely ring, a little gaudy for me and definitely does not stay rightside up on her finger.
She might need to have it sized…but poor Brad probably did his best before she lost 10 more lbs the week after he proposed.

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