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IT has been keeping grumpy Britons awake from nearly four decades - but just what is this mysterious low-pitched humming noise? The low, rumbling sound has been dubbed the Bristol Hum and it has has been wrecking havoc since the 1970s.Bizarrely, it can only be heard by some, is only audible indoors - and no-one knows what is causing it.
The electrical signal coming from your guitar is very small indeed, not even 1 volt; this signal needs to be protected to be pure with a good signal to "noise" ratio.

A coil of wire is an antenna for picking up electrical interference, Seth Lover designed the humbucker for Gibson back in 1955 to conquer this very problem. Now then, coating your guitar's electronics cavity and any area that houses cabling or pickups with foil or conductive paint will create a physical shield to keep the noise out.
This Strat is now ready for the stage of the studio with a great signal to noise ratio now!

That tab over a screw hole touches and makes sure that the foil on the back of the scratchplate also makes contact.

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