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A new study from the University of Vienna has revealed that giraffes actually hum to each other through the night. Giraffes have been thought to be relatively quiet animals because of how physically difficult it is for sound to travel up their long necks.
The giraffes hum at a frequency of about 92 Hz, which is low in comparison to other animals.
His reasoning, however, doesn't explain why the same kind of humming was heard at three different zoos. We might not know what giraffes are doing or saying while they're nocturnally humming, but it's nice to imagine that when all the zookeepers have gone home for the night, the animals are talking. If you find yourself begin hearing sounds in one or both ears or in the head when there is no external sounds present, it might be a symptom of tinnitus distress. Tinnitus, which is widely known as ringing ears, can be a short-term, periodic or continuous disorder. A new study from the University of Vienna has found that giraffes, long believed to be silent animals, hum to one another throughout the night. While cats meow, dogs bark, and pigs oink, giraffes have never had any onomatopoeic descriptor of sound ascribed to them. Oddly enough, the zoo managers were surprised when the researchers played them the recordings of the giraffes, as they had never heard the sounds coming from the giraffe enclosures during the day, according to Mashable. The researchers aren’t sure yet why the giraffes make this noise, though they have a few possible explanations that they’ll be looking into further.
Standing on the floor of a crowded concert, there is this moment when the world feels as if it has turned to black and white: when the room is dark and hung with smoke, and the crowd is moving like a many-limbed animal, and the lights of the stage are so bright that you can't keep your eyes open. And in the ebb of darkness, your calves aching from dancing and the roots of your hair damp with sweat, you nod wordlessly to the mop-headed strangers ducking out of the venue door as you wait for your friends to appear. If you keep experiencing ringing sounds hovering in your ears when trying to get some sleep during the silent night, you could be having a disorder often known as tinnitus.
Tinnitus patients tend to perceive various kinds of sounds, ranging from continuous buzzing, humming, whizzing, and clicking to whooshing noise in their ears canals. As I’ve mentioned from the start, the right approach to cure ringing ears for good will be to identify what’s triggering your tinnitus distress. He and I both believed that it was nothing—just one of those things you learn to live with. We also discovered that there are natural remedies that have been used to treat Pulsatile Tinnitus with a high degree of success. Tinnitus isn’t something you have to learn to live with,  it is something you have to learn to fight against. After all, we've heard dogs bark, lions roar, and pigs oink, but aside from the occasional snort, giraffes had never had sound ascribed to them — until now. Angela Stoger picked up on an unusual humming sound coming from the giraffe enclosures at all three of the zoos at night.
While some have suggested that giraffes may make noise in infrasonic sounds that are too low for humans ears, the humming that Dr. Then again, they probably aren't hanging around giraffe enclosures in the middle of the night.

Stoger and her colleagues weren't able to observe the giraffes as they hummed, so it's not certain what they were doing as they hummed — possibilities range from snoring to mating to trying to communicate with each other. It could also be a way for the giraffes to signal to each other, "Hey, I'm here," she added. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
More often, you may experience various kinds of noise (such as buzzing, humming, whining, roaring or whistling) in your ears either persistently or during the silent night. It is NOT a fatal illness but can easily bring about much chaotic in your life and mental stress. Some prevalent causes included the excessive buildup of earwax in the ear canals, constant exposure to loud sound, flu, high blood pressure and overuse of medications such as aspirin. Of course, the doctor won’t be able to have your tinnitus cured overnight and most likely, you would have a few followed up appointment. This can be carried out with the aid of some natural remedies that you can get it from your household. Apple Cider Vinegar: This is yet another remarkable remedies to have your ringing ears treated. Sunflower Seeds: Besides possessing anti-inflammatory properties, these seeds also come with important vitamins that your body needs to improve the wellness of the tiny bones and cartilages in your ears. Castor Oil: This oil possesses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristic that can improve your body immune system to improve your ringing ear condition. It would persistently clinging you, creating havoc in your peaceful life and can possibly lead to permanent hearing loss. Together, I want to further improve our health status and continue to enjoy good health as we age.
That is still the case—the best way to describe the sound coming from these creatures is “that sound you make after Thanksgiving dinner”—but at least we know now that giraffes do in fact make a noise other than the occasional snort. Angela Stoger found that an unusual humming sound emanated from the giraffe enclosures all throughout the night at all three zoos. Noise still echoes in your ears like radio static, and color has settled on the world again: the golden backlit hot dog stand outside the venue, the shimmy cobalt dress and spindly black heels of the girl hailing a cab, the smeared red and blue and green of sirens and traffic lights on the wet pavement. I'm a knitwear designer, teacher, and writer; fashion enthusiast, color lover, and rat & Corgi mom.
He said that when he laid down at night he could hear a faint thudding of his heartbeat in the ears.
Still, as time went on and the noise became more and more intrusive, I knew we had to do something. In my husband’s case, it was simply a matter of changing his eating and sleeping habits and finding a way to unwind.
Visit with your doctor, of course, but be sure to discuss alternative or holistic method instead of strictly medical methods. It can be intensified by unhealthy diet such consuming too much alcoholic or caffeine beverages and excessive salt intake.
No mentioning on the cost of these treatments, you would also have to fork out time to visit the clinic.

Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory features and can be used as a form of beverage to get rid of inflammation in your ear. And we’re not talking readings on a computer of subsonic rumblings too low for humans to hear—Stoger could actually hear a sort of humming coming from the giraffes at 92 Hz, just high enough to be heard by human ears. There are unquestionably many WAYS that can help you to get rid of these annoying ringing sounds. If your ears are constantly subjected to rowdy music or loud environments, it can torture your ears and trigger trauma to your ear canals. Vitamin E is often found in oils such as corn, soybean and sunflower and easily available in the forms of supplements from most pharmacy stores. Once he learned to let go of the stresses of everyday life, he relaxed and gradually, the ringing went away.
You may just find the solution is something as easy as learning to relax, or to manage your allergies. Thus if your ringing ears is caused by an infection, simply drink freshly squeezed pineapple juices daily for at 2 weeks and you would observe considerable improvement in your tinnitus condition. Just drip 2 drops of castor oil into the ringing ears and then plug the ears with a piece of cotton ball. That is, you will start experience ringing ears even when you are in a quiet environment Start making an effort to protect your eardrums by lowering your music tone and wearing ear protector or defender in noisy working environment.
It possesses potent anti-oxidant that helps to protect cell membranes from oxidative anxiety and improves blood circulation.
As the weeks and months passed, the dull thudding became a louder humming, an almost constant sound.
When my husband is overstressed at work, overtired or simply not taking care of himself the symptoms tend to reappear.
Better blood flow (increased oxygen supply), especially to the ears can aid in addressing tinnitus distress. Even worse, while this aggravating symptom first occurred only when he laid down, eventually the noise began to accompany him during the day as well. My husband had just about given up hope that he would ever have clear hearing again when we decided to get proactive and research the subject ourselves. If this is causing your buzzing ears, visit a doctor to have the injury treated will likely cure your ringing ears as well. Gradually replace or cut down the intake of these beverages and you would be on the way to free yourself from the irritating ringing ears.
Turns out that in theory the doctor was right – we had to find out what the underlying cause of the Tinnitus is and treat that. The doctor decided my husband’s symptoms were most likely caused by allergies or sinus problems and prescribe an antihistamine. The problem was, while the drug made my husband very sleepy, it really did little to alleviate the problem, especially since he could only take the medication at night.

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