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The deep sea is a forbidding place, inhabited by strange, monstrous creatures that haunt its pitch-black waters. Or perhaps the sound is just the wholesale noise of the migration itself, the cacophony of billions of creatures moving through the depths simultaneously. The planet’s carbon cycle is likely tied in many fundamental ways to this global daily migration. My boyfriend and I saw triangular craft with bright yellow lights and a low humming sound pass bedroom window twice. My boyfriend and I saw an excessively bright, yellow triangular craft pass by our bedroom window at a low altitude. It disappeared past where we could see for about two minutes, then returned from the opposite side as though it had circled us.
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SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) — A fish mating call is being blamed for causing a loud, ominous humming sound that is keeping a portion of West Seattle residents awake at night. Some have even reportedly been jarred from sleep by the low rumble, sometimes described as a growl, accompanying it. But the Marine Biology program at the University of Washington may have solved the mystery of its source – the Midshipman fish.
Biologists reportedly told King5 News that the fish, reminiscent in looks to horror movie antagonist, emits a loud mating call similar to that on a sound clip posted to the West Seattle blog after several tips allegedly led the station to ask for their input. Researchers at Cornell University also documented the sound, which appears to be similar to the clip recorded from Seattle, the station learned. Area resident Julie Schickling committed the sound to tape after being kept up past midnight by it. I have a '99 f150 XLT 4.6, sometimes it makes a very loud humming sound, then I give it gas and it goes away.
A few people have experienced that problem after instaling the K&n, especially in cold weather. Now researchers have discovered an eerie new attribute of this little-known region: a subtle low humming sound that emanates from its depths every day around dawn and dusk.

Researchers suspect that it may be coming from an organism, or perhaps many organisms chanting in unison, but no known marine creature could be matched to the noise. Each article is attributed to its originator, which is listed at the bottom of each entry, when available.
It might be coming from a species yet to be identified, or it might be evidence of a new capability of an already-known creature. Since food is scarce there, many of the bizarre organisms that call this region home must migrate up and down the water column en masse on a daily basis to feed. We did not see where it eventually went to but airplanes went by 15 minutes later and confirmed that the craft was both too low and too close to be one, as well as looking nothing like them. These migrations typically happen at dawn and dusk, which coincides with the weird humming sound.

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