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It's a menace that drives thousands to distraction and has been blamed on everything from UFOs to nuclear submarines. I opened my window and turned my head this way and that in a futile attempt to locate the origin of the sound, which seemed to be emanating from the end of our quiet street.
In desperation, I woke up the rest of my family to see if they could hear it - they couldn't - and I even got dressed and went out in search of the noise, accompanied by the dog.
Unfortunately, few are likely to be satisfied by his solution (more of which later).Over the years, dozens of explanations have been put forward for The Hum. Either way, The Hum has been the subject of conspiracy theories galore - and has driven a few to the edge of madness.
When a local newspaper asked people to write in if they had heard the throbbing, rhythmic sound, nearly 1,000 did so. Many Hum 'victims' blame covert military activity, secret submarine communication devices, nuclear experiments and even orbiting satellites for the nuisance. There are even paranoid theories that The Hum is some sort of sinister psychological experiment being performed by dark forces in the government or the security services.
He says that our hearing has evolved to become especially acute at times of extreme danger or stress, times when, quite literally, you can hear the proverbial pin drop.
His theory is that in some people this hyper-sensitivity remains 'switched on' at all times. This sounds plausible enough, and indeed Dr Baguley says that he has managed to use relaxation techniques to help people shed the perceived noise that has made their lives a misery. Just as weather balloons, the planet Venus and optical illusions can explain away most, but not all, UFO sightings, so some people will always maintain that their hum represents something rather more sinister than over-sensitive hearing. Does footage of a 1995 Mike Tyson fight show a ‘time traveller’ using a smartphone to record the bout? I have a 2002 5.4 and also have the problem with an occasional thumping noise heard through the CAI filter and it relates to the idle. Otherwise, use some sort of mechanics stethoscope and pin point where the noise is coming from.
He clasped his hands behind his head, and looking up at the ceiling began to hum a little, trying his voice like a musician tuning an instrument. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to.

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I was about eight or nine years old, and I remember becoming aware of a rumbling noise, half-way between a distant pneumatic drill and a badly tuned diesel engine. No one could hear what I was hearing (not even the dog), and I never got to the bottom of the mystery of the noise.
Indeed, The Hum - as it is now known - is a mysterious phenomenon which has been reported by thousands of people around the world. In the Seventies, the city of Bristol was afflicted, with hundreds of people complaining of a persistent sound that caused sleeplessness, headaches and even nosebleeds. There were also intriguing reports that immediately after the September 11 attacks on New York, some Americans who had hitherto been haunted by The Hum claimed that it had stopped, at least temporarily. For some cannot be picked up by electronic microphones, no matter how sensitive or advanced. I used to get letters from a man convinced that the noises he was hearing were the result of a secret military experiment whereby radio receivers had been implanted into his brain, a relatively common delusion in the radar age.
Well, Dr David Baguley, of Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, thinks that in many cases, The Hum can be explained by boring old oversensitive hearing.
Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content. View in contextSo soon as the first hum of emotion and pleasure, which the sudden appearance of this venerated individual created, had a little subsided, the name of "Tamenund" was whispered from mouth to mouth. However that is the bearing most recently replaced, and it was torqued correctly when done.
It seems to be from the front right but before changing the other axle it seemed to be from the front left. I lifted it up one side at a time and ran each wside with the wheel off to see where the noise is coming from.
It is nice to know that this service is here for people like myself, who need answers fast and are not sure who to consult.
I liked that I could ask additional questions and get answered in a very short turn around. Not only did you answer my questions, you even took it a step further with replying with more pertinent information I needed to know.
It returned on a couple of subsequent evenings and then vanished, never to be heard again - by me at least.

Bought a new iac and now I have no idle surge or knocking, but I have a sometimes loud humming noise coming from cai filter. View in contextIn the solitude of night, with the hum of the great city rising below her-- at times even in theatres or crowded assemblies of men and women-- she forgot herself, and again stood in the weird brilliancy of that moonlight night in mute worship at the foot of that slowly-rising mystic altar of piled terraces, hanging forests, and lifted plateaus that climbed forever to the lonely skies.
After changing the axle all seemed well for about 10km and then i began to hear a hum again and it has been steadily getting louder. There is a noise from the front end but i can' t seem to isolate exactly where it is coming from. View in contextYet, late as it now was, there still arose a pleasant hum out of one or two of the squash-blossoms, in the depths ofwich these bees were plying their golden labor.
But to 'sufferers', if that is the right word, this mysterious throbbing noise, which never goes away and exists right on the brink of perception, is real and concrete enough to ruin lives. I have pulled them, cleaned the crap out of them only to put them back and find the problem was still there.
Remove it and check for anything that may cause a humming noise, maybe some sort of filter break down I dunno. View in contextFrom hence the low murmur of his pupils' voices, conning over their lessons, might be heard in a drowsy summer's day, like the hum of a beehive; interrupted now and then by the authoritative voice of the master, in the tone of menace or command, or, peradventure, by the appalling sound of the birch, as he urged some tardy loiterer along the flowery path of knowledge. The hum does not go away if I turn it only gets slightly more pronounced turning left through a shallow curve. View in contextHe would hum over his old rigadig tunes while flank and flank with the most exasperated monster. View in contextA low advancing hum was soon heard; and then like to the tumultuous masses of block-ice when the great river Hudson breaks up in Spring, the entire host of whales came tumbling upon their inner centre, as if to pile themselves up in one common mountain. View in contextSuddenly, the martial note of a bugle cleaves the hum and murmur - clear the ring! View in contextThe latter usually hum the airs while they are being sung, so that their neighbors may perceive that they have been to operas before.
View in contextAnd, then, there he was, slim and handsome, and dressed the gaudiest and prettiest you ever saw, and he lit into that horse with his whip and made him fairly hum -- and finally skipped off, and made his bow and danced off to the dressing-room, and everybody just a-howling with pleasure and astonishment.

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