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Formula One ace Kimi Raikkonen enjoyed taking a Ferrari 458 Speciale through a tunnel full of laser lighting near the Spa circuit. Ferrari's Formula One aces Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen put pleasure before business at the Belgian Grand Prix at the weekend, taking to a specially made track in a hyper-exclusive 458 Speciale in a test of driving excitement. The stars travelled down the road from the famous Spa circuit to an event hosted by Shell, Ferrari's fuels and lubricants partner, where a 1.2km circuit built for excitement had been put together, featuring a tunnel full of laser lighting, a simulated winter corner with authentic whirling snow, and an F1-style starting grid.
The tunnel flicked Kimi's switch more than any other part of the track, with telemetry showing a spike in excitement levels as he hit the power through the multi-coloured lasers and smoke. Sadly, Fernando's visit to the track was so brief he didn't even have time to attach the measuring gear. When the devices were hooked up to ordinary drivers, the huge power-slides through the slippery winter corner created the biggest buzz. When asked for his opinion the frequently comment-shy Kimi said: "For me, driving is my biggest passion so it was fascinating to find out what it is about getting behind the wheel that really sets my heart racing. Sherlock has been on the air for a few years now and one thing that is a little different compared to other shows is the fact that there are long delays in between seasons. According to online sources, Sherlock Season 4 is going to have a special episode before it starts and the sources are wondering what type of character we will see from Sherlock. Just because the backdrop is going to be different some were wondering if that means the characters might be a little different. With that being said, fans should not have to worry that their favorite character is getting a makeover that will turn them away from the show for good.
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Transform to Being Ordinary Fans in Recent Weekend Concert of Beyonce in LA, More Details!

After all, they both come from small southwestern towns—he from Ada, Okla., and she from Lindale, Texas—both are country to the bone and love hunting and fishing and just being out in nature any chance they get, both have been known to enjoy an adult beverage or two on occasion, both are hugely talented and, most important of all . Higher levels of moisture correspond with higher levels of physiological arousal or excitement," said Dr David Lewis-Hodgson, chairman and director of research at Mindlab. Not that the fans are very happy about it, but that is something that has stood out over the last few years.
This episode will be set in the Victorian era and will apparently have a few treats for the fans as well. For some fans, watching an episode of Sherlock over the last few seasons would not have been as much fun without his rude attitude towards everyone.
As things stand right now, Sherlock Season 4 is set to hit the airwaves at some point next year. Writing a post for us will give you a great opportunity to promote your own blog, share your unique ideas with a totally new community, and plenty more.
Before each new season starts, however, the fans are treated to a special episode and that is going to happen this year as well. The filming is not even going to start until the early part of 2016, according to the co-showrunner. And all five flashed on Tuesday during practice, especially Braxton Miller and Nick Vannett -- two players who were underutilized on offense at Ohio State.A former quarterback, Miller made the transition to wideout this past season as a senior and continues his development this week in Mobile. Watson are going to be traveling back in time for this episode and according to the co-showrunner, it is all about seeing them in the proper outfits just one time.
While at the same time, it could bring fans a little closer to the character as they see a new side of him knowing he will go back to what he was in the last three seasons of the show.

Since the show hit the television screens all over the country, Sherlock has been getting very positive reviews. While still raw in several areas, Miller is on a different level athletically than the other prospects on the North team. All of the first three seasons saw positive reviews with critical acclaim from various publications. His release off the line, short-area quickness in his breaks and long-speed to create separation routinely stood out on Tuesday.
While fun-loving Blake is someone who might not be expected to observe the traditional protocols in proposing to a woman, Miranda tells People that he impressed her with his attention to traditional manners. Miranda tells People that Blake impressed her as much with the diamond and platinum engagement ring he picked out for her as in the way he asked her dad for her hand in marriage. During a chat I had with her more than a year ago, she said, “Sometimes I think my life is just perfect the way it is, so why would I want to change anything?
Then other times I think, ‘Are you ever gonna get me a ring!’” Blake, whose previous nearly 3-year marriage to Kaynette Williams ended in divorce in 2006, told me when I was at his place in Oklahoma a couple of years ago, “I’m not saying I want to get married again. But I will say that I can’t ever imagine Miranda not being in my life.” For people who saw the two of them singing “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” together at the taping of CMT’s 100 Greatest Duets back in 2006, what Blake says is totally understandable.

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