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Do you have your Small Business Adviser yet?  I would highly recommend making an appointment with an adviser through your local Small Business Development Center or Women’s Business Center, if you are a woman-owned business.
The Business Plan template that my SB Advisor handed me was 12 pages long.  Twelve pages!  But I thought of the $2,000 grant that I was applying for, which required a Business Plan, and I set to work. From engineering to decorative painting to jewelry design and fabrication - I have finally found my niche!
Learn how to make all of these great designs, with easy free step-by-step jewelry making instructions and my tips to make it fun and easy for you to make earrings. I hope that you have chosen an earring holder that you will make it for yourself or it could be a sweet gift for your dear friend.
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It seemed like an awful lot of work.  But I was a woman on a mission – I had that $2,000 grant in my sights and I was going to finish this business plan!

Have you got the same frustrating moment that you have lots of earrings around your bedroom but it takes a long time to find your favorite earring in a hurry? All these earring holders are cheap and you will need materials like mirror, CDs, wooden, sponge, paper box, hanger, etc. As a former engineer, constructing a durable piece that will not give way is important to me. If you are planning to make a jeweled earring holder as a gift, choose some jewelry making supplies like pearl beads, glass beads, rhinestones, buttons or even broken jewelry to decorate it. When you put all of your earrings as above ways, all your favorite earrings will be visible and easy to choose. As you all know, I’m always here to show you some inspirations, ideas and solutions to make you a happier and easier life. There are many different creative ways in which you can display and quick reorganize your earrings, right?

So today I have a wonderful collection for you called 10 Earring Holders – Earring Storage Ideas, which will well-solved yours and mine problems. Personally, the six one is my most favor idea and I will have a try in my leisure time as soon as possible. I am also a volunteer with the Guide Dog Foundation and their sister organization, VetDogs, which provides service dogs to our veterans who are disabled.

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