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So this week for the Digital Citizenship project, i decided to use my blog as this week's tech tool. This Impacts me A lot because i spend most of my day on my electronics, like my laptop and ipad, where i know i abuse them daily and cause my eyes to start straining, some of the symptoms that come with computer eye strain include headaches, backaches, muscle spasms, problems with focusing and heavy eyelids. Another example on how overusing computers can be damaging to health is Repetitive Stress Syndrome, basically, body parts like wrists or fingers can be injured from putting too much pressure and stress on it. Since i use my laptop to type everyday, like writing school essays or endlessly chatting with people on Facebook, i can start feeling numb in my hand and feel that my hands are overworked an tired so this has a major impact of my well being and health because it can lead to long term problems that i will have to deal with. One of the major examples of abuse to health is the computer sound ergonomics, things like headphones and earphones can cause many types of damage to the ear.
These conditions can really have a great impact on me, because if i have a loud buzzing noise in my head from Tinnitus, I wont be able to enjoy music or listen to TV shows on my computer with headphones, I use my headphones daily for streaming and watching shows everyday, so getting something serious as a result of headphone abuse can change my life. Another major psychological impact on health can be from internet addictions to social networking sites, things like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube can cause people to get addicted to.
What it means to be a good citizen while using electronics can be many things, examples include to be safe while using a computer, glasses can include a coating that protects you from the rays hurting your eyes, if you spend a lot of time on a computer screen, this can make you much more comfortable while using a computer and reduces eye strain, prevents all the dangers. Half of those surveyed said they listened to music for between one and six hours a day - up to a third of their waking day - perhaps in the background at work or on their MP3 player on their way to and from work or studies. More on this story Fears that music volume limits 'could be ignored' 4 February 2013 Coldplay donates track to tinnitus charity album 24 January 2013 Plan B backs ear-plug gig plan 22 May 2012 Who, What, Why: Why is 'the hum' such a mystery?

The Philippine president-elect says he will seek to reintroduce the death penalty and give security forces shoot-to-kill powers in certain circumstances. Kidzsafe earbuds and headphones, manufactured by Emtech Laboratories, have a maximum volume of 85db.
The singer was being driven the closest thing to crazy (sorry, couldn’t resist) by a scratching noise in her ear – until doctors made a grisly discovery.
Katie Melua recently visited her doctor about a repetitive scratching noise in her ear that had persisted for a full week. The songstress was concerned it might be an early sign of tinnitus, but instead the doctor found something altogether different – an incy wincy spider had set up home inside her head.
Katie believes the enterprising arachnid must have burrowed its way inside her ear after hiding in a pair of headphones.
Katie’s story might sound horrific, but she was pretty laid back about the whole incident – and even released a pic of the beastie on Instagram. And bizarre as this tale may seem (it has gone viral on the, ahem, web), it’s far from a one-off. Last month, doctors in America pulled out an inch-long moth – still very much live and flapping – from an agonised man’s ear. IMPORTANT: Seek medical help for all other foreign objects in the ear (such as cotton wool buds, peas, small toy parts).

Mark brings you all the latest stories, news and quirky details about the Red Cross' work in the UK. Loss of hearing can result from using headphones too much on high volumes that damage the inner ear, which are two examples, the first one is Sensonueral hearing loss, where the sounds waves blast through the ears and kill hair cells, this can cause complete frequencies to be unheard if they die, and all this is noise induced.
They are compatible with any audio device and no matter how high the device is turned up, the volume level will always remain below 85 decibels, keeping ears protected from loud music which can permanently damage the ear if louder than 85dB. Tinnitus is another example of hearing loss where hearing damage causes a persistent loud buzz in the head, this can really impact someone's life. It all began when the first Personal Computer, or PC, was available for people to buy and use in their own homes, things like Hewlett Packard's BASIC computer, and Apple's Macintosh, other like IBM PC's changed the way people spend their lives. An Example of repetitive stress syndrome are Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, affecting the wrist and causes muscle damage.
Preventing ear damage from loud noises can be done by having ears checked regularly if using headphones is something you do daily, try to keep all sounds below 70 decibels so it doesn't cause damage, because according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, an exposure to an 85 decibel sound for more than 8 hours causes hearing loss, and if louder, it can cause damage quicker. All these steps can be followed to make sure your digital health is safe and the serious problems will be less likely to occur if you start caring about how you use digital electronics.

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