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West Virginia does the right thing for its citizens and the Second AmendmentMarch 11th, 2016, by Jon E.
Beginning June 5, the Washington Free Beacon reported, anyone aged 21 years or older who can otherwise legally possess a firearm will be allowed to carry one concealed. In addition, perhaps recognizing that West Virginians could be required to serve in the military at a younger age, the law also creates a provisional permitting process for citizens between the ages of 18 and 20 who want to carry a concealed firearm within state boundaries. West Virginiaa€™s move to permitless carry marks the continuation of a national trend that began in 2003. Concealed carry laws vary from state to state, but most adhere to one of three basic structures. The most restrictive type of concealed carry, which is in effect in just eight states, is the a€?may issuea€? structure.
The third type is the a€?constitutional carry,a€? which has only been adopted by eight states now that West Virginia became the latest to do so. The West Virginia Citizens Defense League, which helped write that statea€™s law, applauded the bipartisan vote to override the governora€™s veto.
It’s not often you want to start the day with far right French nationalist’s words ringing in your ears. Strangely, the novelty of coalition politics may be disguising what is going on beneath the surface. The real story here for the UK is the size of the turnout – 80% plus… thats HUGE!
No-one spoke for the people who saw trade diverted to other nearby towns, to be lost forever. Can you imagine France wanting to set attractive precedents for their Corsican separatists? I was asking myself today: What would be the worst – having Sarah Palin as president or Marie LePen?
I was going out with the Algerian born man who was later to become my husband and father to my two children. I wish political parties would aim to unite rather than alienate, to look at togetherness and tolerance instead of egoism and self-praising. With Breivik still describing his twisted, extreme-right thoughts in the Norwegian court, I think we need to reflect upon this. It may be a dodgy sample, but most are heading for UKIP which, in many ways, is the UK’s equivalent of Le Pen.
Golloway was not a fluke, it was an indicator of things to come, of which the next clues will be delivered across the country next week. I think Rachel is absolutely right about politicians not really wanting to engage with citizens in any depth.
Cite a time when politics wasn’t scary, divided,a two party tug of war with discontent in the middle. Jonathan Rugman reported on Sunday of a swing to the left in France following 15 years of conservatism..
I propose a different view of politics which rises above all the grot we have learned to paradoxically rebel against, yet accept. February 8, 2016 by Kristin 1 Comment You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? Coffee shop inspiration…and Matt, the guy that helps inspire me to tackle our dreams together.
So, it was especially appropriate to see this coffee shop quote as we re-initiated our travels again after our mind blowing, busy holiday season for Destination Tree. I personally think you can’t visit Napa Valley without getting a picture by this sign. After recommendations from several friends, we decided on a self-guided bike tour through the grape-growing countryside to do some wine tasting. Anyhow, some might say late December is not the best time to visit Napa because the vines are bare and the temps are chilly.
There was not a chance I was going to pass up the opportunity to spend time with my cousins while in California.
I’ll leave the detailed description to Matt’s next paranormal blog post, however I will say, if you are ever in the Bay Area, stop and check this place out. The old widow maintained constant construction for 38 years as an attempt to keep the millions of souls killed by Winchester guns at bay. All the snow, and all the rain, that travels from the mountains and gathers to create a pounding watefall. Matt likes the mantra, “Do something every day that scares you.” He likes it more than I do, mostly because I can be a big fat scairdy cat.
Tire chains (or tire cables, I really don’t know the difference) installation in-progress.
I’ve been asked several times, what my favorite place has been on our road trip across the country. And there was a soul stirring silence standing in the midst of Giant (absolutely GIANT) Sequoias with the snow blanketing everything around us. Sometimes you just need a moment to praise the beauty of nature and majesty of Giant Sequoias. There were only a few other brave souls who ventured into the park in this weather and we were all rewarded.
My words fail me to truly describe the scenery here, so instead of rambling on, go ahead and scroll through about a hundred pictures. Another view of King’s Canyon, as we tried not to drive off the road it was so pretty. Destination Tree creates hand-crafted & inspirational driftwood art: centerpieces, hanging driftwood signs & collages, customized with anything meaningful & inspirational. We are all fellow travelers on life’s journey, and Destination Tree artwork tells a story of our past, present and future. The Library is open to all students and barristers of Lincoln's Inn, as well as outside scholars and solicitors by application.
The Old Hall is the finest building in the Inn and, indeed, is one of the finest buildings in London.
Exit the Lincoln's Inn fields from the same entrance (the most western one) you've entered (Lincoln's Inn Fields road). Here, you can make a detour and visit one or two museums which are adjacent to the Lincoln's Inn premises.
In case you want to visit the Sir John Soan's Museum, (and Royal College of Surgeons), 35-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields - turn right and head north on Lincoln's Inn Fields. In case you want to visit the The Hunterian Museum and Royal College of Surgeons - turn left along Lincoln's Inn Fields road and The Hunterian Museum and Royal College of Surgeons, 35-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields is opposite the southern part of Lincoln's Inn Fields courts. Opposite the Royal Courts of Justice, on 216 The Strand you find the Twinings Tea Shop And Museum. A few steps later, more eastward along the Strand, outside the Law Courts, stands the Temple Bar Memorial - a monument that dates from 1880 and marks the entrance to the City of London. Just before the City and Fleets Street start, take the right (south) leg of Fleet Street and 1 minute walk from the Temple Bar Memorial (near the Wildy Legal Bookstore) there is a small alley (on your right) - leading to the Temple Church and Temple Inns of Court. The name "Temple" derives from the Knights Templar order which protected the pilgrims to the Holy Land. The column opposite the church indicated the exact place where the Great Fire of 1666 was extinguished.
The Inner Temple  is the eastern part of the complex and the Middle Temple is the western part. Most of the land is, however, taken up by buildings in which barristers practice from sets of rooms known as chambers.
The Inner Temple sets of chambers are: Crown Office Row, Dr Johnson's Buildings, Farrar's Building, Francis Taylor Building, Harcourt Buildings, Hare Court, King's Bench Walk, Littleton Building, Mitre Court Buildings, Paper Buildings and Temple Gardens. The Gateway, at the top of Inner Temple Lane on Fleet Street, is thought to have existed in the same location since the founding of the Temples by the Knights Templar. Middle Temple Hall is at the heart of the Middle Temple Inn, and the Inn's student members are required to attend a minimum of 12 qualifying sessions there - educational elements combined with dinners or receptions with lectures, debates, mooting, or musical performances. We leave the Temple Inns of Courts from the point we entered it and continue walking eastward (right) along Fleet Street.
In 1702 was issued the first newspaper from Fleet Street and, during the following centuries, this street  became synonymous with the Press. The Daily Express Building (120 Fleet Street) is a Grade II* listed building located in Fleet Street in the City of London.
Several steps later, on Fleet Street, on your left, stands St Dunstan-in-the-Westmore church, 186a Fleet Street. Head south on Gough Square, turn right toward Bolt Ct, turn right onto Bolt Ct, turn left to stay on Bolt Ct. Continue eastward along Fleet Street and 5 minutes walk further - you are in Ludgate Circus (in the background: St. After visiting the Old bailey - continue along Old Bailey road northward until its end and turn LEFT to Holborn Viaduct (Newgate Street on your right).
We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. CultureTheatre & DanceFeatures Stage rage: Are actors right to berate their audiences?
Incidents of stage rage are becoming increasingly common, partly due to the advent of the mobile phone. Yet when an actor has a hissy fit in the theatre, comes out of character and rejoins the real world, that magic theatrical spell they and their colleagues have worked so hard to create is instantly lost, perhaps for the rest of the evening. As an audience member, it isn't always a straightforward thing to know when it is time to leave. Last month, a theatregoer projectile-vomited off the upper balcony, splattering six members of the audience below, which I suppose would be grounds for leaving the auditorium in most cases. I have had a large number of opportunities to see things from the point of view of the actors in the last few years as I've been heavily involved in the production of a theatre show I wrote and co-produced called Gertrude's Secret, which has been touring theatres throughout Britain for the last three years. One of the show's longstanding actresses, Felicity Duncan, says: "I often get at least one member of the audience repeating my lines quite loudly straight after I've said them, especially the punchline if it's a joke. We have even had a husband and wife conducting a full-scale marital argument during the performance. The couple seemed to be acting out a play of their own, sitting silently to begin with, but then not being able to resist reigniting the argument they had clearly been entrenched in before curtain up. I'm sure some of the audience at first thought this was part of the show, until an usher herded them out.
We once had a fight between two young men, at Chelmsford Civic Theatre, and blows were briefly exchanged, although no blood was drawn. Not one actor, I'm glad to say, felt the need to verbally berate or physically attack a member of the audience when these things happened – at least not when on stage, anyway. It is not only the audience that can behave badly during a performance, but the buildings themselves can, too. Some theatres seem to have a policy of only letting latecomers in during the quietest moments, when it is most disruptive, and we've also had ushers seemingly oblivious to the fact that there's a performance going on, either leaving the exit doors wide open so that the audience nearby is given a backing track of the sound of the bar being furnished with interval drinks, or simply walking in and out of the auditorium for no discernible reason at regular intervals during the performance.
Not only do actors have to put up with all the distractions of badly behaved punters, badly maintained theatres, and sometimes badly-behaved staff, but, with our show at least, there have been occasions when kick-off time has been fast-approaching when a selected prop item goes missing or one of the cast gets stuck on our esteemed motorway system – or the theatre's lighting box packs in. Dressed in a lavish silver-and-white gown Gary Marion, better known as Sushi, married longtime partner Jeff Kucin.
Minutes later, Sushi was hoisted in the red shoe high above Key West?s Duval Street outside the Bourbon St.
A few blocks away, crowds celebrated while watching a huge man-made conch shell, the symbol of the Florida Keys, descend to the roof of Sloppy Joe’s Bar. New Year’s Eve revelry elsewhere in the Florida Keys included waterfront fireworks displays and parties in Key Largo and Islamorada as 2016 arrived. Before then, only Vermont allowed law-abiding adults to carry concealed firearms without a permit. The most popular, which is in effect in 34 states, is commonly referred to as a a€?shall-issuea€? structure, where applicants must be issued a permit if they pass a background check along with whatever training and identification requirements are set by the state.
Applicants can still be denied a permit even after meeting all of the statea€™s requirements. However, constitutional carry is trending higher as more state legislatures around the country consider it.
In order to deliver a personalised, responsive service and to improve the site, we remember and store information about how you use it. But Marine Le Pen’s words after winning nearly one in five French votes in the presidential election have an eerie ring. Something is happening here and it is happening in a country very much more like Britain than Greece is. I’m not suggesting the case has a cat’s chance, but it reflects the nationwide desperation in Greece with austerity, deprivation, and widespread emigration. The problem I think, for Political Parties of all persuasions, all over the World, is one and the same. The size of the vote for her could push Sarkozy through to another victory if he plays his cards right(wing). We had stationed ourselves in Oregon for the holidays, and the day after Christmas we were ready to find some sunny California skies and to check off some big destinations on our “always wanted to do” list. I can’t say I’m a wine connoisseur, but I do know I like to drink it, and that’s what’s important right?! It was perfect because we set our own pace and got some exercise while we went from tasting to tasting to tasting. Along with winter hats, bike helmets, and our trusty Vinnebago, which carried water on this particular day.

We weren’t jammed shoulder to shoulder in tasting rooms, we didn’t battle traffic on the roads with our bikes and it felt like a stroll through the country. Disregard the super touristy gift shop and walk the impeccably maintained grounds, along with a guided mansion tour through over 110 of the 160 rooms. Staircases to nowhere, windows in the floor, and secret one-way doors…it’s the most bizarre mansion you’ll ever experience.
While I would have loved to hike back-country trails, and gotten an up-close view of Half Dome, we were somewhat limited to the main thoroughfares and shorter hiking options due to the winter weather.
I was the one who lost a bit of logic and did the egging on when we climbed higher and higher in elevation driving to King’s Canyon National Park. This is where I said, “I told you so”, snow chains and increasing ice and snow will be worth it when we get there! Okay, maybe not a hundred, but far too many for a blog post because I just couldn’t narrow them down. The law is above and inside the Inns of Court, Courts of Justice and many buildings and houses around.
During the four dining terms of the year, each 23 days long, it is used for dining, and students of the Inn keep their terms then. It is part of the Great Hall Building (with your face to the building - on the right side). The current chapel was built between 1620 and 1623 by Inigo Jones, and was extensively rebuilt in 1797 and again in 1883. Sir John Soan's Museum is at 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields (opposite the north border of LIncoln's Inn) and The Hunterian Museum is in 35-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields (opposite the south border of LIncoln's Inn). The shop is narrow and long so that each side from the entrance is racked with different products.
It is a long-standing tradition for the monarch (The Queen or the King) to stop here and ask the permission of The Lord Mayor to enter the City.
Until the twentieth century, many of the chambers in the Temple were also residential accommodation for barristers.
Middle Temple Hall is also a popular film location - the cobbled streets, historic buildings and gas lighting give it a unique atmosphere. England's first printing press was set up in this street and Fleet Street had been the centre of England publishing industry ever since. An octagonal-shaped building, it is dedicated to a former Bishop of London and Archbishop of Canterbury. The Starbucks Cofee is on your left and (above the average) McDonald restaurant on your right.
Walk until Holborn Viaduct end and continue in the same direction (north-west) when it changes to Holborn. Originally built in 1863 by architect William Butterfield it was gutted during the Blitz but later reconstructed, retaining Butterfield's west front. A Tudor building that has been used by actuaries since 1887 when the Institute of Actuaries was first based here. He took exception to punter Gerard Earley standing up to applaud and accused him of talking during the performance. Most notably, Richard Griffiths berated one audience member while performing in The History Boys, Kevin Spacey came out of character when he was interrupted by another mobile during The Iceman Cometh, while Ken Stott, appearing in Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge, stopped the play because of some noisy schoolchildren.
On the one hand, it's terribly bad form for audience members to treat the theatre auditorium as their own living room, where they can natter away, scrunch up crisp packets or cheer to their hearts' content as they may when watching television. Isn't it unreasonable for an actor to expect complete silence and impeccable behaviour for the whole duration of the performance in a room of perhaps 1000 people? Earlier this year I attended a performance of Hamlet at the Wyndhams Theatre in the West End and the leading man, Jude Law, glared at me a few times – I was near the front of the stalls – when I started coughing during his soliloquies.
It happened during a performance of Breakfast at Tiffany's at the Haymarket Theatre, again in London. Nearly 30 actors have taken part in the show, including Prunella Scales, Natalie Cassidy, Angela Griffin and Helen Fraser. You get the occasional heckler, which is maybe a by-product of the huge growth in popularity of stand-up comedians going around the theatre circuit, but there's still no place for heckling in drama. This was all the more curious because it was in the intimate surroundings of the 88-seat New End Theatre in Hampstead, London. A pity she did: I thought it worked quite well as a dramatic device, especially when coupled with the sharing of the intimate details of the husband's sexual prowess. I would like to think that the writing and acting moved them so much it led them to violence, but from what I could ascertain the disagreement was over a personal matter rather than the show. Some theatres maintain rattling air-conditioning units that could teach a few things on an African drumming course, and doors into the auditorium that, on opening, can drown the voice of the most deafening actor on account of their rusting hinges. With such distractions, coupled with the general underlying tension that actors have to deal with before a performance – and maybe illness or a calamity in their private lives as well, on occasion – it is no surprise that they may be prone to flying off the handle from time to time. However you described them Friday nights in September means one thing for small town Ohioans and thata€™s high school football of course. 31 during one of 2015?’s last same-sex weddings, the year of national marriage equality. As a flower girl threw silver rose petals, thousands of New Year’s Eve revelers cheered the union. But love him or hate him, the nature of George Galloway’s victory has not been seen in 50 years.
People have become interested in Politics: with interest comes knowledge; with knowledge comes power, but that power is what the politicians want? The Front de Gauche voters will presumably turn to Hollande but whether its enough to get a win, who knows? Dorries was referring to Cameron & Osborne, but it could equally apply to all 3 main political parties here. Being disenchanted is one thing – getting the majority of people to vote outside of the 3 main parties is very difficult, compounded by our voting system making it possible to have safe seats where an MP is continually voted in despite not having the support of most of the constituents. And 2) Well, I guess you could say that this has been an overarching theme of our year-long road trip since we’re following two big dreams…growing our business and traveling the country and it’s many National and State Parks. We had purchased snow chains for the truck, which were required in the park (Up to $5,000 citation if caught without them…or the more likely result, dropping thousands of feet to your death off the side of the cliff because you have no traction.
This photo might look like it was distorted disproportionately, but I promise it is completely unaltered.
So, whether we call it a “bucket list” or the pursuit of our “destination tree” destinations, or just following our passions, I hope our adventures inspire you to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Several buildings, like: Middle Temple Hall and Staple Inn - predate even the Great Fire of year 1666. The Inns each have their own gardens, dining halls, libraries and administrative offices, all located in their part of the Temple.
Nowadays, there are very few number of residential limited to the very top floors and to top lawyers only. The gardens were previously noted for their roses, and William Shakespeare claimed that the Wars of the Roses started in the Inner Temple Garden.
On the third alley, to your left - turn left onto Johnson's Ct and zig-zag in this alley until you arrive to Dr. Over its history it has been as an Inn of Chancery for younger members of the legal profession and then a principal office for the Actuarial Profession, and continues to be a meeting venue for actuaries. For them not to react at all to what's being played out to them, whether it causes extreme boredom (an ideal moment to reach for those Maltesers and fruit gums, which are invariably packaged in the noisiest cellophane and plastics known to man) or to be moved enough by the proceedings that it causes one to stand up and applaud – as poor Mr Earley was doing when he had his altercation with Mr Hart.
I was torn: do I leave – which could have caused more disruption than an occasional cough, as I'd have had to fight through a whole row of seats even more tightly packed than those in an aeroplane owned by Ryanair – or do I bloody well stay, as the tickets had hardly been easy to come by. It wasn't clear whether this was a critical appraisal of the play or whether the unfortunate audience member was simply out of sorts that night, but Anna Friel, who was singing at the time in her role as the Manhattan socialite Holly Golightly, must be congratulated for not missing a beat during her warbling – rather than aborting the performance and racing up the stairs to berate the miscreant. For most performances I have spent part of the time backstage or in the bar as well as in the stalls, as there's only a certain number of times you can see a performance without going mad, even if you wrote it yourself. We've had noisy drunks and Olympic-class snorers, and on several occasions elderly women storming out while announcing something like, "Filthy language, I've never been more disgusted in my life," even though the publicity material states clearly that the show contains some strong language, and in reality, the language is rather tame by today's standards.
It's easy to anonymously cause disruption in the dark corners of a vast venue, but it takes some front to do so in a cosy little auditorium where you are so close to everyone that most of them can see the colour of your eyes.
It is curious that people feel that they can't suspend daily life when they are attending a live performance, especially when they have paid for the privilege of being there.
On this Friday the local team the Greenon Knights had won their third game in a row and tonight against their fiercest rivalries The Fighting Shawnee of Springfield. Just before midnight, she was lowered back to the ground and popped the cork off a champagne bottle to toast the dawn of 2016.
These cookies are completely safe and secure and will never contain any sensitive information. They don’t want us to be interested in Politics at all, they just want us to be interested enough to vote for them and their superficial promises of a better life for all: but we have learned that their promises are as empty as they are shallow.
I was not particularly well seen, as the girlfriend of a foreigner either, I can tell you – something which the police always pointed out, by continuously checking out our papers and telling me my friends were nothing but scum. There were definitely tourists in the Yosemite Valley, but not bumper to bumper by any means.
King’s Canyon however, will always stand out in my mind as one of the most magical places I’ve ever been. At the rear of the shop is a relatively small museum charting the history of the firm and it's products. Advancing along this alley - we see, first, on our left the Temple Church (open Wed - Fri hours change frequently.
The whole area suffered much damage due to air bombs in World War II and many of the buildings, especially in the Inner Temple and Middle Temple inns, had to be rebuilt.
37 stands the C Hoare & Co (private banking company) building which was, in the past, the Old Mitre tavern - patronized by William Shakespeare and Ben Johnson. Historically, the street was associated with the legal profession, an association which continues to the present day; however, consulting firms, ancillary businesses and the Maughan Library also occupy the street.
Johnson's House -  a former home of the 18th-century English writer and lexicographer Samuel Johnson. The Central Criminal Court deals with major criminal cases from Greater London and, in exceptional cases, from other parts of England and Wales. The only real hint of left is that wonderful State welfare system we created and the NHS , but alas that was abused by private grabbers who saw it as a source of income and the benefits abusers who think they are clever, but hey!
We breathed the fresh air and gazed at the blue skies skimming acres and acres of California vines.
We had winter waterfalls almost to ourselves and admired the snow and ice draping El Capitan and Half Dome.
The weather had a lot to do with it, because the snow covered every tiny branch and needle in glistening white. The Hunterian Museum is located inside The Royal College of Surgeons of England, 35-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields.
Trials at the Old Bailey, as at other courts, are open to the public, albeit subject to stringent security procedures.
This half timbered Inn gives an impression of High Holborn before the great fire and redevelopment in seventeenth century when it would have been lined with many similar buildings.
Hatton Garden, the centre of the diamond trade, was leased to a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Christopher Hatton at the insistence of the Queen to provide him with an income. As expected the victorious hometown Knights were all out celebrating with a gathering out at old Indian burial mound which was a traditional meeting place for teenagers after football contest. They (the mainstream politicians) all have exactly the same monolithic game plan, it’s no wonder that those on the extremes are gaining in popularity.
The Inns of court are open to the public, full with romantic, naive, archaic atmosphere, with charming small gardens. Rebuilding was completed in 1959, and today the Temple is a flourishing and active Inn of Court, with over 8,000 members. Part of the present building stands on the site of the medieval road which follows the line of London's fortified wall (or bailey), which runs from Ludgate Hill to the junction of Newgate Street and Holborn Viaduct. It is most famous for being London’s jewellery quarter and centre of the UK diamond trade, but the area is also now home to a diverse range of media and creative businesses. This tradition dates back more than 25 years in the small town of Enon.A The early evening predicted thunderstorm and rains had yet to arrive that night and there was nothing to damper the great festive victorious get-together.
These are simple text files which sit on your computer, and are only used by us and our trusted partners.
Already covered in snow, with more coming down, Matt suggested it might be better to come back another time. It was a playground for the Law students living here, but, also an execution place in Tudor times. There are many other houses of this period elsewhere in Greater London, but this is the only one in the City  and the only one of Johnson's 18 residences in the City to survive. The public galleries are open for viewing of trials in session.No admission for children under 14. The rendezvous with its youthful teens was shared by Chance Walker and his date for the nightA Amber Rose.
Uphill hikes, waterfalls, FOOD (duh), Skip-Bo, hugs, and endless laughs with Heads Up and Charades on NYE. Lawyers play tennis here in the summer evenings and it has also become the site for evening suppers for some London's homeless.
Keep in mind you can fill enjoyable couple of hours spent wandering around a fascinating array of human and animal specimens. The largest of these companies is De Beers, the international family of companies that dominate the international diamond trade. There are no facilities for the safekeeping of such items available at the entrance to the public galleries.

De Beers has its headquarters in a complex of offices and warehouses just behind the main Hatton Garden shopping street.
The two were drinking colas and laughing while talking to high school chums who had gathered.
It is a very weird collection of animals, body parts and even full foetuses hold in jars and on top of that a lot of surgeon history and instruments. You leave your valuables at the estate agents across the road for £1 per item as all electronic devices are prohibited in the court.
Born in 1753, the son of a bricklayer, Sir Soane died in 1837 after a long and distinguished career. Just to the right of Hoborn Viaduct, two or three shops down, it is the Scott’s sales and letting office. Then, look out for the narrow alley of Mitre Court where the Mitre Tavern was first built by the Bishop of Ely in 1546 for his servants. The raised grassy mound which covered ancient graves from the ancient Adena culture existed long before white men ever walked on this continent. He designed 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields as his home and as a setting for his antiquities and works of art. The present organ (currently being restored in Durham) was installed in the church by its builder, Harrison & Harrison Ltd, in 1954.
The latter is still contains a piece of the cherry tree around which Elizabeth 1 was said to have danced the maypole. On top of the mound were several tall old oak trees which provided the perfect roost for a large community of turkey vultures which every year called Enon Ohio home. After his wife's death he lived here alone, constantly adding to and rearranging his collections. Then walk back down to the Old Bailey and once past the famous arches, turn left into Warwick Passageway, where you queue for the Public Gallery. The presence of the buzzards gave the spot an eerie setting but it was for its isolated parking lot which surrounded the historical landmark that made it the magnet for young people and their cars. He established the house as a museum by Act of Parliament (1833) requiring that his romantic and poetic interiors be kept as they were at the time of his death. They give you bags to deposit any food or drink, which is also not allowed within the building.
The tours, which lasts between 60 minutes and 2 hours, will include, subject to availability, visits to the Old Hall, Great Hall and Chapel. The extravagant buildings were completed at 1882 and they contain almost 1000 rooms 5.5 km. Be sure to engage with Court Clerks, as they will be paramount in helping you spend your time wisely (not always polite and patient). The scarier the story the more it seemed closely his dateA Amber would cling to him later in the night. They will advise on what stage the cases are at, what is expected that day and how extreme or sensitive some cases may be, dependant upon your own personality. Yes there was a method to the young mana€™s madness and he made the most of the mound and its mysterious nature. It was an out-of-the-way spot with a haunted history making a perfect backdrop for tall tales and for certain the brood of vultures in the surrounding trees just added to the scary backdrop.A Chance Walker was a smart boy and a senior.
He was a good looking red headed kid with ambitions of getting an academic scholarship at the University Ohio State.
They lived on a small farm but Chances father worked primarily for the county, as its engineer. Tiny boned and cute as a bug, she stood just shy-less than five feet tall and was always swaying from one side to the other. Some moms smell like French perfume but Amber`s mom she always smelled just like the French fries she served in red plastic platters.A AmberA grew up never knowing her father.
He was in prison serving a sentence of 25 years for robbery and drug trafficking.A Amber and her mother never missed the man much. What the tiny family lacked in financial resources it made up with in its heart and goodwill. These young ladies both mother and daughter were sweethearts in the best text of the word and highly respected by folks which took the time to get acquainted.A The high school in Enon was all countrified as well.
The teenagers were fast becoming more than just friends as they enjoyed each othera€™s companionship very much. And for this September evening for the moment the rains had just started, but the storms were holding off.
It still seemed like a perfect evening for a victory celebration and time spent together with friends, that is till the winds picked up and all that was all about to change. Something sinister was a brewing in the autumn winds and rain that followed.A As the minutes began to pass and the rain began to pick up, one by one the headlights of the cars filled with teenagers from Enon would turn on and engines revved to leave. The cars kick up pebbles and dust as they trailed down towards the winding gravel road which leads back to the main road.
He was an Indian boy about eighteen years of age with long black hair and several facial piercing.
Joe Fish you definitely are not righta€?.A Joe Fish laughed and backed away from the car as he pointed in the direction of Chance in his car. A a€?Ita€™s almost midnight and I have to be home by twelve or else my father will ground me.
It was an eerie sound, sort of a swoosh and it was followed by another noise in the woods near the trees where Chance had just entered. Within seconds a large bolt of lightning struck near the street light pole and it knocked the power out and the whole lot turned dark.A Amber looked to the trees Chance had entered but it was pitch black.
The lightning was followed by an incredibly loud boom of thunder.A Amber almost jumped out of her seat she was so frightened by the sound. In fact the whole woods were incredibly still except for the sound of raindrops still falling from the leaves in the pitch darkness.A Amber poked her head from the cars window and searched in the direction of the trees for any sign of the boy before she called out again.A  a€?Chance stop funning around with me now! I am getting scared!a€? cried outA Amber as she began to get worried with the uneasy feeling of being alone at the ancient burial grounds in the middle of the night. It took two or three tries to get the number right as the phone almost fell out her hands from shaking. Then at the same time her mother voice from the other side of the phone she saw two large eyes almost illuminating in the woods where she last seen her boyfriend Chance. There is something out there and it is after me!a€? she cried on the phone.A a€?Amber is that you? Where are you?a€?A a€?I am at the mounds and something is out there and it is going to kill me. SheA talked to the dispatcher a€?my daughter is at the Indian mounds and she is in some kind of danger. The red lights terrified theA mother even more then she already was as the whole picture took on crime scene from a movie.A Gravel and rocks flew as the van swerved to a stop next to the cruiser and the mustang. She is coming out of ita€? and kneeling next to the girl asked a€?Amber your momaA is here, You are alright. Then turning his attention back to the girl a€?Amber can you tell me who responsible for this?
What did you see?a€?A a€?Chance was there in the trees and all of a sudden I heard a noise and a horrible shriek and then there was nothing. Then just take a look at that large broken branch above ita€?.A a€?Maybe he fell out of the treea€? questioned Harley.
Tell Franklin once he gets done with that to begin to reach out to the community to start up a search party.a€?A a€?I will take care of it Boss. Sheriff Douglas Copley left the team at daylight to run back to the office to prepare a quick statement for the press as they had already gathered at the site and the station waiting to hear any news of progress. The Sherriff was sitting at his desk when he heard the dispatchera€™s phone in the other office being ringing off the hook. I was just set to call you on the radio thinking you were still out at the mounds but here you area€¦a€?A a€?Damn ita€? said the Sheriff as he jumped out of his chair at the same time Franklin came barging into the room. He gives tours up therea€? replied Franklin.A A a€?Damnation I thought all the Indians left these parts about a hundred and fifty years ago. Leta€™s just get up to those caves and find that Apache boya€?A a€?I never said Apache Sheriff. Just go get Harley and leta€™s get the heck moving.a€?A The Sheriff walked Franklin to the door and then reaches for his hat while giving Carol his dispatcher directions.
Cause if you go over to Springfield they are having a parade today and you might find a few of those types there.a€?A a€?Not to quite that extreme Sheriff. Now if you cana€™t help me can you direct me to any of the folks who have reported to see the large birds?a€?A a€?No sir I cannot right now. I havena€™t the time for any foolishness about large birds or extinct species coming back to life. I just like the large pitchers of beer and the fancy funny hatsa€¦a€?A a€?Shut up Franklin. Jeesusss!a€?A The car took off again and was making good time moving thru the rolling hills and farmland that were a part of the backdrop of Central Ohio. About 15 minutes into the trip Harley spotted a bird in the air hovering in a circle about 50 yards ahead.
I swear I am going to have to shoot both of you two before we even get there.a€?A a€?Your right Sheriffa€? said Harley. This time of year there is not much going on at the site with kids all in school.a€?A a€?Well pull up aside it. He gets inside them caverns and who knows how long it will take to get him out.a€?A a€?Good plan Sheriffa€? said Franklin as the car came to a stop beside the shop. I should have dropped you off in Springfield when I had the chance.a€?A a€?I am sorry Sheriff. I wona€™t let him get into the cave.a€?A Harley got out of the driver seat and tossed his flashlight to Franklin who was on the gravel path which leads directly to the cave. The Sheriff hadna€™t himself been to the caves since he was a child some 40 years ago but it didna€™t look like much had changed. It was a roadside attraction similar to a blue hole or mystery hill.A Harley went through the door and there met a man in his mid-50`s. Joe is all wrapped up in Indian Mysticism.A  Lately he thinks he is some sort of Sharma or Medicine Man. In Plains tribes, the Thunderbird is sometimes known as Wakinyan, from the Dakota word kinyan meaning "winged." Others might suggest the word links the Thunderbird to wakan, or sacred power. In many stories, the Thunderbird is thought of as a great Eagle, who produces thunder from the beating of his wings and flashes lightning from his eyes.a€?A a€?Excuse me but I didna€™t come out here to question no Thunderbird.
I am out here to question your boy.a€?A a€?But you should know about the Thunderbirds as well.
I know this sounds crazy but I think Joe could be a shapeshifter.a€?A Harley spoke up a€? Ia€™ve heard of shapeshifters Sheriff.
They are people who can turn themselves into animals like wolves and panthers and deer, They darn near can turn themselves into about anything."A a€?Shut up Harleya€? said the Sheriff.
A string of white Christmas lights on both sides of a narrow pathway was the only lights that lit.
Harley shined his flash light on the surrounding walls as the men stepped slowly as the proceeded forward into the caverns.A a€?This cave goes down at least a quarter of a mile Harley. The only sound in the darkness was echoes of drops of water coming from the ceiling of the cave and its walls. He was only about 10 feet from the 4ft stone wall in which he felt Joe Fish could be hiding behind.A a€?Joe Fisha€? he called out. Show yourself boy before ita€™s too late.a€?A There was no response from the darkness and shadows.
The Sheriff took a few more steps and gently bent over the wall with the flash light in one hand and his revolver in another.
A Looking over the wall there was no sign of the assailant.A a€?Harley a little ways ahead if I remember correctly is a set of wooden stairs wea€™ll have to go down them, ita€™s about 50 steps. At the bottom of the steps there is another light switch and the cave opens up to big chamber. I cana€™t see.a€?A The sheriff stumbled around in the dark and found the pole with light switch and turned the lights on. 200 years ago the white men slaughter our people at the old Indian Mounds and today we will have our justice! I am the Chosen One and I have brought down to earth the Thunderbird and he answers only to me!a€?A a€?Your choicea€? said the Sheriff as he pulled the trigger and one shot rang out. Joe Fish was struck instantly and dropped to the ground dead.A a€?End of toura€? said the Sheriff.
Even the professor from the university was there to discover all that happened out at the cave. News travels fast in small towns in Ohio.A Sheriff Copley and Deputy Harley both answered questions and finished their work at the crime scene.
When it was all said and done the Sheriff and Deputy climbed back into the cruiser and headed back to the town of Enon believing their job was done and the mystery solved. Both men were sadden by the loss of their friend Franklin.A While heading down the highway Harley commented to the Sheriff a€?It is sad what happened to Franklin. Its wing span was enormous and if there was ever to be a bird known as a Thinderbird why this was it.

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