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It is worthwhile noting that although new piercings are more vulnerable to infections, even old piercings can get infected too.
The best ways to deal with any infected piercing is to see the piercer or a doctor for diagnosis. Note that it is not advisable to use any ointments or creams on a piercing unless advised so by a professional health care personnel since these products affect draining process and can lead to abscesses i.e. Once you notice an infection on your piercing, you need to know how to clean it to avoid further spread of the infection. To begin with, you can prepare saline solution by mixing ? a teaspoon of sea salt in a cup of clean lukewarm water. During the cleaning process, dip a cotton ball in your salt solution and gently dab it on the infected piercing site. Just like most other piercings, these piercings might develop bumps or bubbles especially on the inner sides of your ear cartilage. The general way of treating piercing bump is the use of saline solution, applying aspirin, chamomile teabags, Epsom salts, bactine, polysporin, neosporin among other ways. A new industrial bar piercing infection takes a long time to heal, more than three months (usually 6months to a year). Go for the correct size of jewelry since a short industrial bar piercing can cause necrosis i.e. With this discussion, I hope you now know “what to do with infected industrial piercing” both to avoid infections and in case you already have an infection.
316L surgical steel Tribal Shield Helix cartilage ear piercing cuff with light blue cz gems that sparkle. Tragus Jewelry The market is full of different and stylish tragus jewelry these days meeting the demand of people who get the tragus piercing done.
The gauge is the most important thing to consider when you are buying a tragus earring because it can create infection and discomfort if the wrong size is worn.
When the piercing is done, the piercer inserts a special type of tragus piercing stud, which is inserted just after the piercing.

The designs and patterns used in the tragus earrings are also unique and several different cute shapes people wear. I had a bump come up beside one of the piercings on my industrial and it doesn't seem infected so I have no clue what's going on. From the look of it, the jewelry angles tightly against the exit on the outer helix of your ear. Distributor and Body Art expert for SciCan StatIM sterilization and infection control products. Or would you like to know the signs and symptoms, how to heal, clean or treat an industrial ear piercing infection including one that has a bump?
Injuries, wrong jewelry, poor hygiene (during piercing and afterwards) and general negligence are what could encourage pathogens to attack you. We have in many occasions heard people talking about their infected industrial piercing after years. If you notice any uncomfortable feeling, which persists for a few days, it could also be a sign. It is time to look at some photos or pictures to further illustrate how your ear might look like if you have an infected industrial bar piercing.
Ensure you remove any debris and any accumulated discharge.  In addition, ensure you clean as close to the infected industrial ear piercing as possible without removing your jewelry since it helps in draining the infection. Tea tree oil is what we will recommend since most people have found it working magic on industrial piercing infection bump. It is a new and one of the most painful trends of piercing; but still, many people get it done to make a fashion statement. It is ensured to be hygienic and safe and of the right gauge size so that the tragus does not catch any infection. The most common of them is stars and flowers, which is usually seen in almost all of the tragus piercings. This may not necessarily have been a problem in itself to begin with, but it appears to be putting pressure on the flat (triangular fossa) area, and this can scar badly if left unattended.

I'd suggest that you have a qualified professional piercer shorten it with the information on the link I provided in mind.
They are commonly prescribed for people whose infection is caused by bacteria which seems to be spreading to areas beyond the piercing site.
We are going to discuss saline solution since it is a simple homemade remedy that can be of much help.
There are different types of tragus earrings, which differ depending upon the gauge, type, and designs. The most common in this part of the ear is tragus jewelry 16g because it is the thinnest and goes in easily.
Apart from the studs, tragus-piercing earrings are also available giving you a variety of tragus jewelry to choose.
When you start looking for one, you can find thousands of cute tragus earrings that you just cannot ignore.
This material is non-sticky which ensures that the tragus ring can be rotated easily as per the instructions of the piercer. If you mistakenly wear a larger size, it can cause serious infection.A  So, when you get your piercing done, ask your piercer what size of gauge he is using for the same.
You are supposed to apply a saline solution and rotate the ring to let the solution goes inside the hole.
The usual earrings make it difficult to rotate it and even hurt you when you do so, but this material is much friendly and makes the healing process easier. The types of earrings found in the market have a long list and you can choose one of them to enhance your piercing.

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