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Ear plugs can be a choking hazard if they fall out -- or if they're pulled out by your kids. Children over three years of age can also wear Ear Muffs for Kids, most of which fit infants to small adults. We hear more often these days from parents with children who have mild to severe noise sensitivities including many children with autism spectrum disorders in particular.
White noise machines and other electronic products such as natural sound machines are recommended by doctors for their patients with baby sleep problems, by mothers for their children, by professional people for their offices, and by restless sleepers.
Our team of experts believe that sound machines and sleep machines are the perfect sleep aid for the entire family. Too, it can be hard to insert earplugs into an infant's tiny ear canals without hurting the child, while still creating an airtight seal (without this seal, ear plugs can't provide their rated hearing protection). Kids usually prefer the muffs until they get old enough to care what the other kids think; then children prefer less-conspicuous ear plugs. These children often benefit dramatically from using ear muffs or ear plugs to defend them against their noisy world.
Several models of white noise machines and white noise generators are available such as the new Marpac Marsona DS-600A and the new Marsona 1288A. We recommend ear muffs for kids for noise protection, and moldable silicone ear plugs worn under an Ear Band-It headband for water protection and for pressure-and-noise relief when flying.

For wear during sleep and for water protection, we recommend child-size moldable silicone ear plugs because they are the most comfortable. Other parents tell us their kids do better in school, score better on tests and find it easier to concentrate and complete their schoolwork when they use ear plugs or ear muffs. Both of these sound conditioners offer white noise sound and other features to help with sleep, rest and relaxation and tinnitus. For water, we recommend adding the Ear Band-It which helps keep ear plugs in place at the pool. If your child is having trouble, ear plugs, though they may seem an unlikely solution, are a safe alternative to drugs you might want to try. In addition to white noise machines and sound conditioners, we also offer Aromatherapy and massage products that may be used as baby sleep aids and for baby sleep problems. Children over 3 can also wear reusable child-size ear plugs, which last for many uses, saving money in the long run. Let us know how it works out if you do, and we will share your experiences with other parents in hopes of spreading the word. The Sound-Oasis Deluxe Sound Conditioner we feel, is the best, most advanced sound conditioner on the market today!
We offer a variety of high quality baby products and accessories such as baby blankets with an assortment of pillows and bedding for infants and adults.

It is very important to provide your baby with infant support and bedding for a good night's sleep. Highly recommended.Ear Plugs for ChildrenEar plugs for children are a great solution for kids ages 3 and up to protect their little ears from water and sound. You will also find flying ear plugs here that help mitigate in-flight pressure changes, which can help little ones endure plane trips much more comfortably.Ear Muffs for Children and BabiesEar Muffs for Children are often the best choice when it comes to hearing protection for kids. White noise machines have proved to be a highly effective tool for those desperately in need of sleep. We have chosen several excellent ear muffs that are lightweight and comfortable enough for children, babies and toddlers.Swimming Ear BandsSwimming ear bands are designed to prevent moldable ear plugs for swimming from falling out, helping to keep the ears dry during swimming and bathing. Available in a variety of fun colors and sizes to fit adults and children, swimming ear bands are a smart summer accessory for the pool, beach, or lake. Ideal for kids with ear tubes.Earphones for KidsWith cell phones, laptops, and tablets becoming a part of your child's life at an earlier age, there has never been a greater need for earphones designed for children.

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