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Parents who use the sounds of rain drops and bubbling brooks to soothe their babies to sleep should listen up: a new study suggests infant noise machines can be dangerously loud for developing ears. The study, published today in the journal Pediatrics, found that 14 popular infant noise machines produce sound levels exceeding 50 decibels a€“ the upper limit for infants in hospital nurseries. Wrapping your baby up like a burrito can work wonders for sleep by keeping flailing arms tightly tucked.
The blanket should also be loose enough that the baby doesn't have trouble breathing, but not so loose that it unravels, according to the AAP.
Babies love to snuggle up to moma€™s chest, and infant slings are a great way to snuggle on the go. To avoid choking and strangulation, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends buying pacifiers made from one piece of plastic and never tying them around a child's neck or hand.

Sound levels from three of the machines exceeded 85 decibels, which could lead to hearing loss, according to the study.
But the study authors stressed that parents should keep the machines at a low volume and as far from their babiesa€™ ears as possible. But prolonged use of a pacifier can cause mouth and teeth problems, according to the American Dental Association. In the meantime, be sure to use a clean pacifier, and never dip it in sweeteners before giving it to an infant, according to the ADA.

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