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Traditional Completely in the Canal (CIC) hearing aids were made to sit in the ear canal with the faceplate positioned at the opening of the ear canal, previously this was the most discreet in-the ear hearing aid fitting available. In 2010 Starkey introduced the first Invisible in the Canal or IIC hearing aid called ‘Soundlens’.
Improvements in shell design and computer aided design technology, as well as miniaturisation of components mean that the IIC hearing aids can be made significantly smaller and therefore sit much deeper in the ear canal.
If the aid can sit beyond the second bend of the ear canal then it will be totally invisible, however results will vary depending of the physical size and shape of your ear canals. Natural directional hearing and noise reduction due to the placement deep in the ear canal. The first step is to come for a consultation, which will include a hearing test to see if an IIC would be appropriate.
In order for the manufacturer to make the hearing aids it is absolutely essential to have a detailed and accurate impression, which is deep enough to give all the information needed to make an invisible product.
Invisible hearing aid aids device cheap hearing aid affordable mini Smart Sound Amplifier Canal Hearing Aid, Right side!!!! CLEAR hearing aids from Widex communicate wirelessly with each other, just like two ears do.
The newest in small aids are called IIC (invisible in the canal), which fit deep down in the ear canal. Sharkey’s behind-the-ear (BTE) products are a quarter the size they were just five years ago, McCormick says. Bluetooth technology has been applied to many models, allowing a wide array of special programming features. For example, Gross explains, with the television, a tiny box, smaller than a deck of cards, is plugged into the back of the TV and translates the audio signal to a Bluetooth signal that communicates with the remote control, which, in turn, communicates the signal directly to the hearing aids.

Today’s aids have also gotten smarter in dealing with the age-old problem of amplifying not just what the listener wants to hear, but all sounds, something that has traditionally discouraged users. Today, with digital technology, Gross says, aids differentiate between speech and noise and amplify the former but not the latter. Once the cells of the inner ear are damaged, hearing is lost and there’s no turning back.
This was thought to be true but researchers are now exploring the possibility of regeneration of the sensory receptors called hair cells. The majority of hearing loss is caused by a loss of these delicate auditory hair cells, which are contained in the cochlea, and help convert sound energy into neural signals, then sent to the brain. A study by researchers at the University of Sydney, published last year in The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, analyzed data from 2,956 participants, taking a variety of antioxidant vitamins, over a five-year period.
Results showed that those with the highest intakes of vitamin A had a 47 per cent reduced risk of moderate or greater hearing loss, compared with the lowest average intakes. A review of price comparison charts and websites shows the cost of hearing aids vary widely. In Ontario the Assistive Devices Program will cover 75 per cent of the cost of a hearing aids for each ear, to a maximum of $500, every three years.
Since then the other major hearing aid manufacturers have also brought out similar products, making Invisible In the Canal (IIC) the newest and competitive style of hearing aid. The deeper and more accurate the impressions, the more possibility there is of achieving a truly invisible hearing aid, which will be comfortable and fit properly. As hospital trained, clinical audiologists with years of experience in impression taking, you can be sure of the best possible results. According to the Canadian Hearing Foundation, more than half of Canadians over age 65 will experience some degree of hearing loss.

In that time, McCormick says the amount of help hearing aids can provide has been permanently diminished.
The explosion of computer technology in the 21st century has created a world or wireless wonders. Using a remote-control device, this technology can link electronic devices like cell phones, computers, MP3 players and televisions directly to hearing aids. Vincent Lin, a member of the otolaryngology health care team at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, a group of researchers at Canada's only research laboratory in hearing regeneration is investigating the use of stem cells to help restore hearing. New research from Australia suggests that increased intakes of antioxidant vitamins A and E may reduce the risk of hearing loss.
And, increasing dietary vitamin E intakes were linked with a 14 per cent reduction in hearing loss.
A good quality basic aid can start from $500, while a state-of-the-art digital model can range up to $3,000-plus.
This involves putting some soft silicone based material into your ear canals in order to take their shape. A quarter of all hearing loss is related to aging, and problems are now being seen in an increasingly younger population, starting in the 30s and 40s, with a rapidly growing percentage of adult hearing loss is caused by noise damage. Rubel, professor at Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Centre at the University of Washington in Seattle, who his colleagues discovered hair cells could regenerate in birds.

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