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A federal judge in Riverside, California, late Monday agreed to the government's request to postpone a hearing scheduled for Tuesday so that prosecutors could try the newly discovered technique.
The government had insisted until Monday that it had no way to access the phone used by Rizwan Farook, one of the two killers in the December massacre in San Bernardino, California, except to force Apple to write new software that would disable the password protection. The Justice Department last month obtained a court order directing Apple to create that software, but Apple has fought back, arguing that the order is an overreach by the government and would undermine computer security for everyone.
The announcement on Monday that an unnamed third party had presented a way of breaking into the phone on Sunday - just two days before the hearing and after weeks of heated back-and-forth in court filings - drew skepticism from many in the tech community who have insisted that there were other ways to get into the phone.
Former prosecutors and lawyers supporting Apple said the move suggested that the Justice Department feared it would lose the legal battle, or at minimum would be forced to admit that it had not tried every other way to get into the phone. In a statement, the Justice Department said its only interest has always been gaining access to the information on the phone and that it had continued to explore alternatives even as litigation began.
It would also likely end the case without a legal showdown that many had expected to reach the U.S.
Nate Cardozo, staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a civil liberties group backing Apple, said the San Bernardino case was the "hand-chosen test case" for the government to establish its authority to access electronic information by whatever means necessary. In that context, he said, the last-minute discovery of a possible solution and the cancellation of the hearing is "suspicious," and suggests the government might be worried about losing and setting a bad precedent. But George Washington University law professor Orin Kerr, a former Justice Department computer crime prosecutor, said the government was likely only postponing the fight.

Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook, and his allies have argued that it would be unprecedented to force a company to develop a new product to assist a government investigation, and that other law enforcement agencies around the world would rapidly demand similar services.
Law enforcement officials, led by FBI Director James Comey, have countered that access to phones and other devices is crucial for intelligence work and criminal investigations. The government and the tech industry have clashed for years over similar issues, and Congress has been unable to pass legislation to address the impasse.
A broadcast pro who has informed and entertained on radio and television for over a decade. Call Quality and Battery LifeCall quality is excellent on both the HTC One and Apple iPhone 5. We measure battery life by running a custom web-script, designed to replicate the power consumption of typical real-life usage. Why does this conclusion say it's down to personal preference on which device is better while the comparisons to the GSIII and Lumia 920 say that the One is the clear victor? It offered no details on the new technique but said it was "cautiously optimistic" it would work. Both handsets have noise cancellation that works great and our callers reported hearing us in the natural tones of our voice, with sufficient loudness. I like both devices but I'd prefer the HTC One over the iPhone simply because I have always been an HTC diehard.

I'm not saying they are bad, but definitely not worth comparing to current top-shelf androids.
The earpieces are again performing on par with clear and loud sound output.The HTC One comes with a big, 2300mAh battery required by its large display and quad-core chip running at high clock speeds. Both have stunningly sharp, vivid, amazing displays.Despite all those similarities, though, there is an equally clear difference.
But if you dive into software, I believe the HTC One is superior in the majority of aspects. I am interested in trying out blink feed to see if it does make social media any more convenient. Neither batteries are removable.Using the HTC One for around a week, we can say that it easily gets us through a day of moderate usage and the iPhone typically lasts a bit longer. Not saying the iPhone 5 is bad, it just seemed to only be an iPhone 4s with a 4 inch screen and beefier GPU.
Tbh, the only way a screen bigger than 4 inches could work on an iPhone is if the next iOS gets more live features and a better multitasking ability.

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