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Researchers of Georgetown University stated that a condition wherein the pain in the ears that seems won't go away and the condition of a person's ear ringing nonstop are linked to each other. Researchers said, that these two regions of the brain are the nucleus accumbens and the ventromedical preforental cortex. Jose Rauschecker, a professor of physiology and biophysics at Georgetown University, lead author of the review, stated that it is a very clever system.
With this theory, researchers have made further analyzation by looking at a number of studies of the brain. Despite of the reviews, there is still much study that needs to be done linking the chronic pain and ringing of the ears. The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments?

They are both located in front of the brain, and were named as the gatekeepers for sensory stimuli like noise and pain. He even told the Live Science, that several systems will help people how to cope with those coming information that comes like a flood in every second. Every hour a train pass by, but your brain signals that the noise is not that dangerous, so it doesn't make your mind drive to nuts. They found out that, the ventromedical cortex is smaller in those patients who have chronic pain or tinnitus compared to those who don't have. However, if someone is experiencing chronic pain, the best thing to do is to manage the symptoms by making an appointment with a specialist in the pain management. The job of these systems is to filter out those signals that are unimportant, while letting other signals pass through.

But with those who have tinnitus or chronic pain, those signals are able to pass through instead of being ignored. Additional studies said that those who have the same condition had less grey matter in that brain region than others.

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