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Turmeric, also referred as Haldi, has been used in India as a major ingredient in cooking for several thousand years. The botanical name of turmeric is ‘Curcuma longa’ and it forms past of curcurmin and ginger family.
Now that the Affordable Care Act has been put in motion, many expecting moms are getting the information and care needed for a successful pregnancy.
Destroying all sorrows of life becomes easier for one who eats well, but not too heavy, sleeps adequately, work enthusiastically and lead a life in a regulated manner.

Almost there is no cuisine in the world that does not use garlic to spice and add flavor the foods!
Of late, you would see many advertisements, programs and news about de-addiction therapy and medications.
The era of millennium, which is totally dependent on technology started paying great attention for health and wellness.
Often referred as Cottage Cheese in western countries, paneer has its origin in the Indian subcontinent.

Of course, there are a few communities that prohibits the use of garlic in certain auspicious days. Each therapy targets specific parts for complete healing and optimal functions of the part and associated functions thereof.

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  2. Frequency sounds: like dishes on a counter, cymbals/snare drums.


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