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Dr Fox said: a€?Many parents often turn to alternative methods to help diagnose their child, but there is little evidence base for these approaches. The guidelines issued by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence warn against using the Vega test, kinesiology and hair analysis.
Allergic Asthma, Cough, Fever, Sinusitis, Cold, Conjunctivitis, Otitis, Mastitis, Tonsillitis, etc. Bioresonance therapy is a biophysical treatment method that works with the patient's own electromagnetic fluctuation spectrum. Bioresonance therapy is based on the principle of Quantum Physics in which body's own energy field is used. The BICOM Bioresonance device records the fluctuations via cables similar to those used to perform ECGs or EEGs. This means that the method makes use of information regarding patient-specific and substance-specific fluctuations.
It is a highly effective, pain-free and non-invasive therapy without harmful side-effects.

Very rarely, allergic skin rash can be serious and life threatening and requires immediate medical attention.
The bioresonance equipment records these fluctuations via electrodes placed on the body and electronically changes abnormal fluctuations, for example, by reversing the polarity, before sending them back to the body as therapeutic fluctuations. The charity Allergy UK has a nationwide list.Dr Fox said it was unclear why allergies were rising, with theories ranging from caesarean births to children not being exposed to enough germs to kickstart their immune systems. Common allergens include medications, food, hair-dye, nickel, perfume and cosmetics.How do I know if I have Food Allergy?Food allergy is a common clinical concern that Dr Wong encounters regularly and common allergens include cow’s milk, egg, peanut, shellfish, wheat and birdnest.
Signals stressing the body (such as fluctuation patterns from non-tolerated foods, viruses, bacteria, fungi, toxic heavy metals, pesticides, environmental contaminants and non-tolerated materials in teeth) are reduced and ideally eliminated.
One in 20 children has a food allergy, with one in 50 allergic to nuts.Dr Joanne Walsh, a GP who worked on the guidelines, said all children suffer a bit of reflux, colic or occasional vomiting, but as many as one in three parents now discussed allergy in the first few weeks of life. However, true food allergy tends to be over-estimated due to over-reporting and subjective bias by patients.
This results in significant strengthening of your body's own defensive and self-healing capabilities.

A small needle is used to gently prick the skin through a drop of fluid containing a known allergen.
Multiple pricks may be necessary and it is usually done on the forearm or on the back of young  children.The test is minimally painful and results are available 15 minutes later.
Common triggers include fragrances (for example, in soaps), nickel  (in jewellery, belt buckles and coins) and chrome (in leathers and  bricklayers’ cement).The test involves the application of various test substances to the skin under adhesive tape for 48 to 72  hours. The skin is examined later for any inflammation which will tell Dr Wong which test substance you are allergic to.Treatment of AllergyThe main treatment of allergy is to avoid the allergens once they are identified. Dr Wong will also treat the skin rash with appropriate medications to control the reaction and symptoms. Commonly used medications include anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory agents, and immuno-suppressive medications when necessary   HomeAbout Dr.

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