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One of the best ways to get your jewellery noticed is to display at exibitions, we have listed the top jewellery exhibitions 2015- 2016 for you to get ahead of the competition.
IJL receives over 10,200 trade personnel from UK and overseas buyers and more than 550 suppliers from over 64 countries.
Visitor –The seminar programmes provide an opportunity for retailers, manufacturers and designers to learn and get inspiration. Exhibitor- Exhibitors get the opportunity to generate direct sales and enhance their brand image. The Jewellery Show is an international exhibition showcasing the launch of the latest jewellery collections to an international audience. The show provides a platform for new ideas and suppliers with a great range of merchandise. It is the only dedicated jewellery event linked to a major gift fair, Spring Fair International, providing a unique cross-over buying opportunity.
The jewellery seminars are a unique opportunity to gather information and advice from successful fellow retailers who are keen to help you take advantage of opportunities they’ve benefited from, and avoid common pitfalls. Exhibitor: The jewellery industry is a lucrative market and there are hundreds of VIP buyers and consumer audience, who are fashion conscious, with a very high purchasing power and large percentage of disposable income.
Bejewelled Treasures- The Al Thani Collection will present over 100 spectacular pieces from the Indian Subcontinent. This is a fascinating insight into a great private collection that includes extraordinary precious stones, both unmounted and set into jewels. Visitor: The exhibition will have different sections and visitors can explore and learn about the history, styles and techniques of Indian jewellery. Dazzle Jewellery Exhibition is a show dedicated to displaying the best of contemporary designer jewellery.
We will be returning to our stunning riverside venue for our winter Dazzle Exhibition for the third year.
Exhibitor: It is a platform for upcoming designers to showcase their collection to a large audience.

Goldsmiths Fair is the premier event for UK’s contemporary designer jewellery and silver.
The fair features over 170 designers and craftsman from independent workshops from all over the UK. Visitor: It is the perfect event for collectors, design enthusiasts and luxury shoppers to browse the latest collections. Exhibitor: Well established and upcoming talents can exhibit their creations to the best buyers and suppliers in the industry and get the opportunity to showcase their collections to an international platform.
How Great Lighting Can Transform Your HomeLighting is one of the most important elements of home design.
For a great range of jewellery exhibition lighting to make you stand out from the crowd please visit our main website. With 60 years in existence, it brings together leading jewellery suppliers, manufacturers, well known brands and designers, emerging young talents and VIP buyers. All the UK industry associations and organisations are present at the event along with UK and international media.
The exhibition itself showcases the best and finest jewellery along with various other shows ranging from catwalk to awards and support programmes. It is also a platform to launch new products, get to know the current market, expand international distribution and build prospect database and maintain better relationships with existing customers.
It hosts the largest collection of diamonds, jewellery, precious stones and silverware as well as products such as machinery for jewellery, shop fitting and display. Schedule time in your diary to join the sessions most relevant to your business whether that’s how to set up a website from scratch, how to interpret catwalk trends into jewellery best-sellers, or how to display your jewellery and watches in the best possible way.
It will showcase magnificent precious stones collected by the Mughal emperors and objects used in royal ceremonies and reveal the influence of India on jewellery made by leading European houses. The treasury section will showcase the royal storehouses of the Mughal emperors of the late 16th and early 17th centuries and display precious stones of spectacular sizes. The Age of transition will demonstrate the slow but gradual influence of the west on Indian jewellery during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Highlights will include Mughal jades, a rare jewelled gold finial from the throne of Tipu Sultan, and pieces that reveal the dramatic changes that took place in Indian jewellery design during the early 20th century. The exhibition consists of work in a wide range of materials ranging from gold, silver to paper and plastics. This year, the show is really excited to announce the introduction of the new loyalty scheme for people buying online.
This year’s exhibition will have four designers from other disciplines such as textile, knitwear, leather bags and home and table ware.
We are always on the lookout for exciting fresh designers but we tend to target those that have a VERY personal style and ideally, use materials that add interest. It is an exhibition celebrating the best of British goldsmithing and silversmithing talent and craftsmanship. Every single item displayed is handmade by the best in the industry and hallmarked to certify its precious metal content and buyers can be assured of the quality of their purchases. Visitors can buy directly from the exhibitors or commission one-off pieces to their own specification.
Exhibitors can meet and engage customers and showcase what their products are all about and take advantage of the big appetite for new designs and innovation and increase their customer base.
The court section will have objects owned by famous rulers like Shah Jahan, whose architectural commissions during the 17th century introduced new decorative style which influences Indian jewellery craftsmanship till today. The designers exhibiting at the event comprises of internationally renowned designers to young upcoming talents. We strongly favour those jewellers who are clearly stylized – we tend to be far less keen on those with a range of styles. The Enamel section will explore the vivid colours used by the Mughals as the background for ornaments with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones.

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