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After visiting Venice and the Isle of Murano, we immediately fell in love with the exquisite Murano Jewellery.
Window commissions, glass panels, glass hangings and glass jewellery using slumping, fusing and leading techniques. Here you can find tutorials, inspiration, tips and tricks, plus meet the artists and the latest industry news. Above image courtesy of ScottishshoresSea Glass Artists and Jeweller'sWith so many great places to find sea glass in the UK it's no wonder there is an amazing amount of talent producing stunning works of art and jewellery out of it. Scottish Sea GlassWhy Sea Glass?I used to collect sea glass in a jar because I liked it so much then one day I thought about doing something with it. Isles of Scilly, I can't personally recommend this beach as I've not collected there but I hear St Agnes is the one. PatiencePut these four together and follow our easy step by step instructions on our How To Drill Through Glass Infographic and you'll be drilling holes in no time at all.

These distinctive pieces of fused glass jewellery are handmade in Montreal, Quebec, Canada by Marcello Escobar. His work is a blend of inspiration and different, secret, fused glass techniques that he has developed over the years. The glass is cut, washed, hand painted and then placed in a kiln to obtain the fusion and become an exclusive jewel.
If you get our news letters then you are on our loyalty program, check out your loyalty points. Here's a tiny portion of some of the recent sea glass from around the web that's caught my eye.Kate Chell first found her love of Sea Glass on the beaches of Norfolk.
I began to make some sculptured pieces of work and then began drilling the pieces to make jewellery. If you find out the history of the beach and surrounding area and discover there used to be old ports, dumps, ship wrecks or glass factories nearby then there's a good chance you've hit a jackpot.

Her collection 'Battered Hearts and Mermaids Tears' is one of unique and desirable jewellery pieces. I love that each each piece of sea glass is unique and therefore so too is the jewellery you make with it. As Kate say's "using sea glass and pottery picked up from beaches can be a lovely reminder of a holiday"By using pieces of jewellery and recycling them she combines silver, gold, precious and semi precious stones along with her found sea glass to design her creations.Jonathan Fuller's sculptural sea glass works are all made from found pieces along the Cornish coastline where he lives. When I first started collecting sea glass I would make sculptural pieces of art from them and Jonathan's work is a true inspiration to me. By using a graduation of colours and flowing form, the works of art compliment the journey and source of the sea glass he uses.Jonathan's say's "The use of sea glass in my artworks enables these salvaged treasures to be put to an aesthetic end use"Lilac Millie uses tumbled glass collected from the beaches of Dunbar in East Lothian, Scotland.

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