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In this class we teach you the basics of bead jewellery making and how to finish your jewellery using simple techniques. This price does not include beads, but does include tuition, use of a set of pliers during the class, and the metal components (Findings) used to make and finish jewellery.
Youa€™ll love us whatever aspect of jewellery making youa€™re interested in learning; whether you are a complete novice, an experienced jewellery maker looking to improve and develop your skills or a desperate gift-giver searching for that perfect pressie for a loved one! We teach a wide variety of jewellery making techniques, all delivered by an amazing team who are professional tutors and makers, driven to educate and enthuse each and every person that steps through our doors.

Our studio is lovely - a purpose-built, light and airy space dedicated to inspiring you to create gorgeous jewellery. Surrey Jewellery School was founded in 2011 by Julie Holt, who is incredibly proud to be running a business that combines the skills she built during her corporate career and her passion for jewellery making.
Since then wea€™ve built a reputation as a provider of fabulous jewellery making classes, and wea€™re lucky to have inspired and taught hundreds of people just like you how to make amazing, unique jewellery. At the heart of everything we do is ensuring you feel completely at ease as we know the best learning happens when you are relaxed and happy, so youa€™ll always receive a warm, friendly welcome from us, along with a large injection of fun at every jewellery making class.

Also we introduce you to the equipment needed for bead jewellery making and by the end of the session you will have made several pieces of jewellery and be well on your way to a new hobby or the start of a new career!

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