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Operating from North Yorkshire with stunning views of the River Swale and the Yorkshire Dales, we give all our customers individual service. We also operate a bespoke service making one of our original designs to your size with unique colourways, and findings of your choice. Our jewellery making courses are aimed to help you to design and craft a piece of unique wearable jewellery.
Bespoke Jewellery Making Courses for groups or special events may be possible by prior arrangement. To learn more about our course contents, venues and dates please look at courses, and course bookings.

The jewellery info section of our website gives you details about our jewellery design and manufacture, the components we use, and our standards of care. The precious metals glossary page contains information about types of precious metal available, some of which are used in our jewellery. The gemstone colour glossary page describes the colours of various gemstones used in our jewellery.
The earring fittings page gives details about the types of fittings available for our earrings. If you have difficulties wearing jewellery with particular components or materials, please read this section.

Using quality materials, we craft one piece of handmade jewellery from each original design.
You can choose your fittings, length, style, gemstones or beads and even customise packaging for you.

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