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I am pretty excited to share these floral brooches with you by contemporary studio jeweller Roseanne Bartley.
Exploring the meaning of jewellery across time and cultures, the Museum’s upcoming exhibition will present an exciting selection of the best and most original jewellery- both Australian and international.
AboutThe Powerhouse Museum has a unique and diverse collection of over 500,000 objects that spans history, science, technology, design, industry, decorative arts, music, transport, and space exploration.
Meanwhile leading lady Jennifer's ivory Dior creation featured silver detailing, a dramatic full skirt and low-scooping neckline.A Jennifer's dress, from the design house's Fall 2014 collection, was originally a floor-sweeping gown, but the 24-year-old had it altered to be shorter, so that her gold sandals were visible. The Hunger Games premiered in LA last night, ready for its launch to the public this Thursday.
It might be winter, but why not inject some colour into your winter wardrobe by snapping up a yellow number?

We've done all the hard work for you and rounded up the best of the rest below - happy shopping! Not only are they recent acquisitions for the Museum’s permanent collection, but they will also be displayed in our exciting and upcoming jewellery exhibition, due to open September 2014. Jewellery has remained important to humans throughout  history and while its cultural and social significance and aesthetic values may have changed over time -  rings, earrings, brooches and necklaces remain among  the most personal and intimate objects we wear and own. These items demonstrate that jewellery isn’t trivial, but tells stories about the culture and the time in which the makers and wearers live.
The large majority of these objects never get to be on public display, but carry with them interesting, humorous, and fascinating stories. The cast were of course there to promote the film and now we've begun to expect big things from them, after all their recent fashion successes.

Schmoozing her way across the red carpet, talking to the crowd and interviewers, Natalie wowed us in her Rochas resort 2015 gown.
This blog will introduce you to some of the Powerhouse Curators, Registrars and Conservators, their favourite objects, and the stories behind them. The style is exactly the same as what Rochas sent down the runway, but this has clearly been custom-made for Natalie. Using materials from other dresses in the collection, they made this stunning gown for Natalie and it suited her to a T.

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