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CHENNAI: With gold imports hitting the nadir, gold spots in the country are showing first signs of ghost towns. Imports of gold over the last few months had dropped drastically after the government levied high import duties of 10% on gold, in an attempt to bridge the country's current account deficit.
Jewellers have hence turned their focus to old gold recycling, doing their best to lure customers to jewellery stores. Not just jewellers, the Reserve Bank of India too is encouraging consumers to take unused gold out of their coffers and circulate it among banks and jewellers to ease the shortage of gold in the country.

Jewellers say that walk-ins and sales have come down this festive season due to the overall slowdown in the economy, fluctuation in gold prices and the negativity surrounding gold imports and jewellery stocks in the country.
Sales have gone down by about 30% especially over the last week when prices shot up by 5%," said Anantha Padmanabhan, MD, NAC Jewellers.
Imports fell to 3-5 tonnes a month, less than 10% of the usual 40 tonnes imported during the festive season. While GRT has an offer where you get Rs 50 extra for every gram of old gold you sell, Kerala Fashion Jewellery promises exchange of old gold jewellery to brand new 916 hallmark jewellery at absolutely no loss.

Prices of standard gold rose to Rs 2,970 per gram on Thursday as against Rs 2,899 a gram last Thursday.
The company also has a scheme where you get benefits like 0% wastage, 0% making charge and 0% VAT on new jewellery on postponing purchase by a year from the date of exchange.

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