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Although body modification was routinely practiced in the ancient Pre-Columbian and Indus Valley cultures, this type of beautification is still in practice today in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and even within sub-cultures in western societies. Ethnic and tribal beads and jewelry, specializing in the ancient, Eastern, preColumbian, and African trade. The Red Camel Tribal Jewelry and Textiles, Old Tribal Silver, Tribal Costuming and Components - Home.

In many primitive cultures, jewelry, body ornamentation and body modification has been used to exaggerate sexual dimorphism, accentuating the systematic differences between the sexes. Jewelry is also used for pagan rituals, to honor a particular deity, or as an offering in sacrificial ceremonies; though sometimes, jewelry is used for nothing more that simple beautification.
Tout A  Loisirs, grossiste perles, fournisseur importateur en perles et apprA?ts de bijouterie.

Jewelry Making Kits Find everything you need to complete your Jewel School projects with jewelry making kits including findings, wire, tools and more!

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