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I have been sourcing gemstones from India through Thailand, to the south Americas and back to southern Africa for the past twenty years.
On my journeys I have come across the most beautiful collections of stone beads from diverse cultures and peoples. You're now following Jewellery Making in your eBay feed.You'll receive email alerts for new listings. Then, make sure your hands are clean, take your Nylon Bead Cord out of its packet and unwind it from the card.

Next, thread on a 6-8mm piece of gimp and a jump ring and then take your thread back through the pearl next to your gimp.
This website is dedicated to bringing you my exclusive stone bead collections and unique stone jewelry at wholesale prices. Pull the thread until all of the kinks loosen and tie a knot in the end farthest away from the needle.
Apply a tiny amount of GS Hypo Cement between the two strands allowing it to wick into the hole.

Make sure you leave a couple of centimetres of thread at the opposite end of the needle so you have enough room for tying. Carefully cut the short end of the silk as close to the pearl as possible, making sure not to damage either the pearl or the long end of the silk.

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