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With high-profile Indian weddings drawing media attention, Indian bridal jewellery designers are exploring the realm of Indian culture that dates back to the Aryan Civilization to come up with exclusivity, beauty, quality and sophistication, blended in wedding jewellery designs. Jeweled Amor under the brand name Jagat Jewels is Gursimran Chadha’s signature selection of bridal diamond jewellery.
Carrying the legacy of the flagship brand Jagat Jewels in the harmony of traditions and trends that his own jewellery line Jeweled Amor stands for, Gursimran Chadha mixes colorfulness of big stones with dazzling whiteness of pure diamonds in his creations ensuring a uber sense of sophistication. The working women of urban India prefer to wear ornaments with light weight and simple look.
Crafted with yellow & white gold and studded with delicate diamonds, the Pure Sparkle earrings and pendants are suited to modern working women’s taste for sophistication and elegance that they wear with their attitude in corporate events as well as office parties. If antique jewellery is your taste, Silverline and Amprapali – two leading fashion jewellery brands of India – have the nicest collections for you.
With simplicity of look and delicacy of design blended into one, Silverline collections capture the ethnic charms of Indian fashion.
The fashion jewellery trends of 2013 include fancy, lightweight and sweet trinkets for Valentine’s Day parties or informal soirees. Sourav is an avid reader, content marketer, travel writer, lifestyle blogger & social critic. The festive season is just around the corner and if you want to update your jewellery collection, here are four trends that will complete your seasonal wardrobe at speed.
You only have to take a look at some of the biggest London fashion blogs to know that rose gold is set to be huge again this season. Broaches are back in a big way this season and they are a great way to incorporate the latest jewellery trends into your winter wardrobe.
Stackable accessories are at the top of every fashionable females wish list this Christmas.
So, there you have it, four fabulous jewellery trends to try this season that are guaranteed to bring your winter wardrobe up to speed. According to Lisa Niven at Vogue UK showpiece jewellery, such as ‘super-sized chokers, over-the-top earrings and colossal cuffs’, will be one of the big jewellery trends for this coming Spring and Summer. If you need inspiration for your jewellery-making projects, why not check out the Adorn, London website, especially their blog and their Trends section – they are always up to date with the latest jewellery trends, themes and styles, as well as materials and effects, and you can create similar effects in your own jewellery using the material available online at the Stitch Craft Create shop. Here at Stitch Craft Create we have a great range of FREE ebooks for you to download, including our FREE jewellery making ebook, which contains 12 pendant, ring, charm and necklace designs from top beading author Dorothy Wood. Some premier jewellery brands – Jagat Jewels, RK Jewellers, Bluestone, Puregold, Silverline, Amrapali and Javlia – have answered it by unveiling their latest collections of high fashion jewellery for women of various age-groups. These designers believe in attributing eloquence to the shy beauty of brides through their creations that deserve to be lavished with attention for sheer elegance. Gursimran Chadha is a name to reckon with from the league of contemporary Indian wedding jewellery designers.

Since the inception of their flaghip boutique in the year of 1994, R K Jewellers has been enriching the Indian market of gems and jewellery with their eminent designs. The beauty of this RK Jewellers collection touches the sensibility in the soft corner of every woman for the most precious things, closest to her heart.
To complement their professional look, most of women take picks from among diamond earrings and pendants of sophisticated designs with dollops of elegance. As rich as royal fashion, as traditional as Indian ethnic fashion, as colorful as the regional culture of India, their jewellery designs are sure to make you stand out amidst the gleams of gold jewellery and the dazzles of diamond jewellery, at parties.
According to the CEO of Amrapali jewellery, antique jewellery or jewellery with antique look is a hit as one of the jewellery trends of 2013 in India.
The Autumn Winter collection of Juvalia & You represents teen fashion or high school day fashion. If you are still rocking a white ceramic watch, swap it for an on trend timepiece in rose gold like the ones from Market Cross Jewellers.
Some of the hottest looks on the catwalk this season included oversized jewellery that is designed to be the centrepiece of any evening outfit. Colourful jewellery is dominating the fashion world at the moment and it provides the perfect way to add a touch of glamour to your staple winter blazers and coats.
This is one of the easiest trends to pull off this fall as it simply requires wearing all of your favourite designs in a stack. Dior, Alexander McQueen, Chanel and many other top designers have all made a big feature of oversized jewellery at their early year fashion shows, but you can easily replicate this look at home by making your own statement jewellery to match your new year outfits. This should cover everything you need to know to make your own jewellery in time for the Spring season!
Designs in the collections of these brands are modeled on the latest jewellery fashion trends in 2013 both for working women and brides. His stunning creations for would-be brides retain the exclusivity of designs, the beauty of styles and the quality of diamonds.
What attributes elegance and eminence to the bridal jewelley collections of R K Jewellers is a blend of traditional look and contemporary touches. Every design in the Zistatva collection speaks of the excellent craftsmanship that RK Jewellers is widely known for.
Pure Gold and Bluestone, premier jewellery brands, are famous for their simple diamond jewellery designs for the working women of India. Crafted with silver and embellished with semi precious stones, the Silverline accessories including rings, neckpieces, earrings, belts, etc. The exclusive panache of kangans and balis in the Amrapali collections seems to be influenced by the Aryan Civilization.
Studded with colorful precious stones, the Juvalia & You earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other accessories seem to have sizzling chemistry with the blooming beauty of Indian girls.

A fashionable watch is the ideal accessory to update your off duty wardrobe and add a touch of style to your current capsule collection. It also includes fantastic tips and tricks that the professional jewellery maker uses when creating their own beautiful collections, so you can get professional-looking results. Adding to the glamour of festivals and ceremonies in India is the spectacular show that the bejeweled beauty of Indian women makes.
He visualizes upcoming jewellery fashion trends to complement and redefine the urban lifestyle of today. The aestheticism of designs is reflected by the Indianness, one of the hallmarks of RK Jewellers, based in New Delhi.
This collection consists of complete wedding jewellery sets including earrings, bangles, pendants, chokers, etc that Indian brides love to wear. Pure Sparkle, the latest launch by Pure Gold, is dedicated to working women’s preference for minimalism in embellishment. If you believe that only dazzling diamonds define your beauty and make you stand out in the crowd, then Pure Sparkle is just made for you. The collection is a miasma of magnificent shades of sunrise, raw appeals of nature, richness of wildlife and extravaganza of coral colors.
Chandelier earrings make a statement and are perfect if you want to accessorize your little black dress.
You can then save a copy of the eBook, or print it, using the buttons in the bottom right corner. The collections comprise of diamond jewellery, gold jewellery, antique jewellery, pearl jewellery and fancy jewellery. Zistatva is a collection of gold jewellery embellished with diamonds, polka, colored stones and kundan.
Bluestone’s Astra earrings in the shape of half circles and Monile bangles with precious stones on gold speak of pure elegance that every woman craves for. With today’s urban women experimenting with different looks and styles, the antique jewellery of Silverline and Amrapali is making a sophisticated wedding statement. This particular style of earring was spotted on the catwalk during Fashion Week this year at a number of prestigious shows including Balmain. With price ranging from 200 rupees, Juvalia fashion is quite pocketable for high school girls.

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