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Gartner's Hype Cycle Special Report is an annual maturity assessment of more than 1,800 technologies and trends.Since 1995, Gartner has used hype cycles to characterize the "hype" and subsequent disappointment with the introduction of new technologies. RAPID 2010 featured a display of art developed and manufactured with the help of various 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing technologies.
Last year Cory Doctorow released "Makers", a novel set in a near future after a total economic collapse. Powered by netfabb Cloud Solutions Shapeways launched the Mesh Medic in March this year and automated the fixing of 3D Printing files uploaded to their website. Short animation about 3D Printing made for the exhibition "Laboratori of manufacture" at the museum Disseny HUB Barcelona. Everyone who has visited any recent 3D Printing and AM event must have noted the presence of all sorts of video game characters in many displays. Do you find Twitter hard to follow?Now there is a cool tool to help you get an overview of your favorite topics. DIN, the German body of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), has submitted a proposal to ISO for a new standard on additive manufacturing - rapid technologies (rapid prototyping). While putting the last bits and pieces together for TCT Live 2010 in Coventry, UK, next week we figured it would be interesting to interview the people behind the show to get some valuable industry comments and what we can expect from the show.
Sheng Qiang Cai, Assistant Professor at the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at the UC San Diego, explains the benefits netfabb provides for their research work around printing structures made of soft and biocompatible materials, like PEDGA hydrogels."We designed and printed several complicated structures which may be useful in bioengineering soft material applications. As a follow up to the blog post "Making Me" a month ago I finally got down to edit the footage and compile a video of the build. Euromold open at 9 am today and we were happy to welcome Terry Wohlers as our first visitor.
BBC News featured Hod Lipson demonstrating a bio-printer at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Washington DC. I had the chance to visit Makerbot at the Botcave on 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn just over a week ago.
Back in the office after attending the EOS International Users Meeting in Bad Wörishofen in Germany last week. Currently on show at the Royal College of Art, you can find the MA Design Products student project Solar Sinter by Markus Kayser. It is always a great pleasure seeing kids get involved in 3D printing and technology and a couple of weeks ago the Laurel Highlands Council Boy Scouts of America organized a High Tech Camp near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States.To get the Scouts interested in Math and Science, several companies donated the use of equipment for the camp. Keynote presentation at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver by Cory Doctorow talking about copyright rules in a digital age.Cory Doctorow is the author of several books including Makers, a freely downloadable novel set in a near-future based on a Maker subculture and 3D Printing . To follow-up their recent purchase of a second EBM machine, Dr Ryan Wicker and Frank Medina from The W.M. Setup completed and we are ready to go at TCT Live at Birmingham NEC September 27-29.This is what the booth looked like during setup today.
My handmade jewellery is unique to Making A Statement Jewellery UK and these unique jewellery designs can only be found here.
These are some unique jewellery designs that I have handmade from black and white semi-precious stones and I think that these pieces would compliment the monocrome fashion designs perfectly. The unique jewellery bracelet has been handmade from polished semi-precious black Onyx and between these black semi-precious stones I have set faceted beads of opal quartz. The long black earrings are a unique jewellery design that are going to go with many fashion designs but will go with the monocrome designs perfectly. This handmade semi-precious jewellery necklace has been handmade from a collection of pearls, semi-precious black cracked agate semi-precious white howlite and bright red coral beads.
These fashion pieces are certainly bold with there bright yellow colours and unique jewellery designs will certainly make a difference to these pieces. These pieces are stunning and bold and each of these fashion designs will take a bold piece of unique jewellery, semi-precious Turquoise looks beautiful against yellow and lemon and this unique semi-precious necklace design with its chunky semi-precious blue turquoise beads and its chunky semi-precious black onyx beads will look amazing against this bold coloured coat. Again with these long drop earrings I have used the semi-precious stone Turquoise to create the unique jewellery design, this time I have added the semi-precious stone Arragonite. Because yellow is such a strong colour not all other colours are going to compliment it and it can be difficult finding semi-precious stones that will sit against the yellow clothes.
The last of the earring designs have again been handmade from the natural lemon coloured semi-precious arragonite and with this unusual jewellery design I have also added deep yellow coloured cracked agate beads. We always think of gingham being a little bit twee, a bit country and western or even childish but these unusual fashion designs show us that this is not so. I not only like to mix the semi-precious stones that I use in my unique jewellery designs but I also like to mix the size and the shape of the beads and stones I use in my handcrafted designs. The second of my unique jewellery designs is a pair of handcrafted earrings and again the cube bead I have used in the handmade jewellery design is a cube of Blue Goldstone. The next piece of unique jewellery is a one of a kind handmade jewellery design and again using the Blue Goldstone cubes in the statement designs. The last of the unique jewellery designs that I have added to this collection of statement jewellery examples is a necklace handcrafted from the semi-precious stone Blue Goldstone and the semi-precious stone Red Aventurine, this semi-precious stone Red Aventurine is called red but it is actually a deep burnt orange in colour and this orange coloured semi-precious stone has been used to space the cubes of deep blue Goldstone. Each of these handcrafted jewellery designs are unique, only one piece has been made of these unusual and unique jewellery designs. While even commercial machines are only suitable for small volumes (if you do not count d-shapes concrete printer), it is easy to use any lasercutter (e.g.
Hype cycles show how and when technologies move beyond the hype, offer practical benefits and become widely accepted.The 2010 Report consists of 75 individual reports, each of which gives a snapshot of a key area of IT or business.
This was for the first time in the history of the show that a special art section was presented. The plot is about a couple of tech wizards, a journalist and a VC that capitalizes on the new "Maker" economy.
From being just a fun showpiece among the "serious" industrial stuff the video game characters now represent real products and real business models that people make money from and devote their life and money into. Prior to this appointment, he was a postdoctoral researcher at Brandeis University's Computer Science Department and a Lecturer at MIT's Mechanical Engineering Department. With the new Makerbot ABS material you can build things that glow in a neon green color when you turn the lights out. The standard would cover the principal considerations that apply to the design, fabrication, and assessment of parts produced by additive fabrication. Thanks to netfabb, slicing, the very first step of 3D printing, has become simpler and more efficient.
Almost 15 minutes of 3D printers and views of the future and even a small part on netfabb Studio for handling of 3D models. The booth was packed from early morning until late, some days evening long after official closing time. It was great to meet Bre Pettis and Adam Mayer and talk about 3D printing, software and netfabb. The EOS Users Meeting featured record attendance and two days packed with interesting presentations running in parallel sessions.
Traditional hand shaping is out, 3D printing is in, who's going to print the first full size board? Released yesterday, this year's 270-page report, considered by many to be the industry's "Bible," marks its 16th consecutive year of publication.According to Wohlers Report 2011, the AM industry recovered strongly from the global economic recession.
Organized by The Society of Manufacturing Engineers, RAPID is always a bustling show with both old and new faces. She was so happy, that she immediately agreed to write a short paragraph about her experiences. Solar Sinter is a project running an environmentally friendly 3D Printer powered by the sun and fed by sand.
It does not contain very much exciting new information for the interested reader of 3D Printing Blogs. Cory Doctorow is also co-editor of the blog Boing-Boing as well as contributor to well known publications such as The Guardian, New York Times and Wired. The material is super-strong and the parts can be used for high-demanding applications like race cars, space ships, aircrafts or human implants.
Among my collection of handmade jewellery you will find unique earrings, unique necklaces and unique bracelets each individually crafted with a statement.
The unique jewellery necklace has a bib design in the centre and this I have handcrafted from graduating bands of semi-precious Mother of Pearl.
This opal quartz is amazing it almost comes alive when it catches the light and this can be sun light or candle light. This unusual jewellery design has been handcrafted from long teardrop shaped semi-precious black onyx beads and I have only handcrafted one piece of this semi-precious jewellery design. This unique jewellery design with its splash of bright red will look stunning against the black and white of these dress designs. The long lemon coloured evening dress is simple and elegant and just stunning and will need a simple handmade jewellery design to compliment it.

With this unusual jewellery design the combination of the two semi-precious stones look beautiful together and I have used chunky beads of Turquoise and black onyx to create this unusual statement jewellery design.
With my unique jewellery I am not afraid of using colour and I think that this necklace handmade from semi-precious Blue Goldstone would go with any of the yellow clothes designs.
I like these earrings with the combination of the two yellow colours and the smooth polished beads of the yellow semi-precious arragonite and the deeper yellow colour of the semi-precious cracked agate stone. I have chosen to show you unique jewellery designs where I have used cube shaped beads in the unusual designs, I think that these semi-precious jewellery designs will compliment these clothes designs perfectly. In the first necklace I have used a combination of the deep sparkly Blue Goldstone and I have used large 12mm cube shaped beads for this handmade jewellery design.
In the centre of this unique handcrafted necklace I have set a single cube of Blue Goldstone and this has been surrounded with semi-precious stones. This unusual jewellery design was handmade in the UK along with my other semi-precious statement jewellery designs.
In the Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle 2010, 3D Printing is positioned as "Early Adopters Investigate" and close to "Mass Media Hype Begins".
3D Printing is a big thing in the novel but telling how the events unfold will certainly spoil the fun for anyone who yet have to read the book. FigurePrints, Karbon Kid, Maget, Offload Studios and are among ventures that focus on this market. A number of additive manufacturing technologies are described in the proposal but it should be noted that some technologies such as for example Electron Beam Melting are not mentioned. He is now Publisher of The TCT Magazine and Managing Director of the Rapid News Events Group which includes TCT Live, MM Live UK and Interplas.This is what he has to say about TCT Live 2010:Why should anyone visit TCT Live2010? Previously, we had tried to slice these models using CAD software, but this has proven to be time-consuming. Interacting with customers and prospects in the casual atmosphere of an Exibition like Euromold is a great way to exchange ideas and brainstorm about the future.The positive response for netfabb Studio Professional continue to prove the need for an affordable solution for advanced mesh handling, file fixing and slicing.
The antenna consists of an ink made of silver nanoparticles, which is applied using a fine nozzle onto an hemisperical glasssubstrate.
They are all great fans of our free netfabb Studio Basic software and we had a good discussions about netfabb software and were the 3D Printing industry is heading.Makerbot is an amazing company.
Technical presentations were mixed with views from the market and information about new development and new products from EOS. Gary was enthusiastic about this year's event and he reported that attendance is up again confirming a three year growth trend. Once being the only exhibition in the USA showcasing additive manufacturing technologies, RAPID is now challenged by many different events competing for the marketing budgets of companies in 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing.I had a lot of interesting discussions and meetings but one that really struck me was a discussion about the maker culture versus professional Additive Manufacturing. Here is what she wrote: "I misuse high-end 3d scanners to achieve the glitchy, fragmented look of my sculptures. But it is astonishing that one of the major print and TV magazines are featuring 3D printing that offensive and in a broad scale - Covering applications of structured implants, cooling channels in tooling - and finally the Makerbot.On several occasions, I have heard people saying, that all the talking about "Additive Manufacturing" is way too technical for the masses. So, it is a perfect example to demonstrate how you can use netfabb Studio Professional to easily overcome recurrent challenges during the preparation of files for 3D printing.First, select the part and start the repair module. MakerBot Industries donated a "Thing-O-Matic" 3D Printer so that the Scouts could "print" 3-D items of their own design at the Camp. The EBM process takes place in vacuum and NASA even look at it as a candidate for manufacturing in space!Check out the video below to peak inside the EBM process when running. Keck Center for 3D Innovation (Keck Center), is a premier biomedical, engineering, and advanced manufacturing facility that relies on the development and creative use of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. Mcor Technologies featured an inspirational flower-power booth advertising free-D printing and they are launching a new business model tomorrow at 11 am.ES Technologies will do the UK Launch of the M-Lab Cusing machine from Concept Laser at TCT Live. This semi-precious stone mother of Pearl bib sits in the centre of an unusual jewellery necklace design handcrafted from round semi-precious Mookaite beads. Because of the long sterling silver earring hooks that I have used with these unusual earrings there will be a lot of movement when they are worn, black and silver is and will always be a classic so I would not count these long black earrings as being a fashion design. With this handcrafted unusual jewellery design the main part of the handmade jewellery design has been made from freshwater pearls and between the pearls I have placed black cracked agate beads and semi-precious white howlite beads, these two semi-precious stones compliment teach other perfectly and these have then been framed with semi-precious red coral beads.
I think that this pieces of handmade unusual jewellery will compliment the long yellow evening dress, the long earrings will look amazing with the long V shaped necklace line of this dress and will be jewellery that makes a statement. This Blue Goldstone necklace has large faceted roundel shaped beads in the centre of the unusual jewellery design, the Blue Goldstone sparkles when it catches the light and these large chunky semi-precious beads have been faceted so they catch the light even more. The agate beads have a different texture to the smooth polished arragonite so they add some extra interest to the unique jewellery design.
I have set these large cube shaped beads in the centre of the necklace and between each of these I have placed 10mm round cracked agate beads in a strong bright pink colour.
I like purple and blue together and again to combine different shapes I have used an irregular shaped nugget of the semi-precious Amethyst and this adds to the originality of this unusual jewellery design. Deep purple coloured semi-precious Amethyst nuggets, lilac coloured amethyst beads and some round lilac coloured agate beads have been added to the unusual jewellery design.
We shot some video footage during the show and I hope the below video is able to transmit the pulse on the show floor from the bustling three days in California. If you are in 3D printing and have not yet read the Makers, put this book on your list of potential reads. World of Warcraft, Spore and Rockband are just a few of the games where players can print a physical object from their Avatars and thus deepening the relation between the player and the game.According to Terry Wohlers on his blog Wohlers Talk the video game sales outnumber 3D CAD by a factor of 3000x in 2009. Still not too late to get in there though, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) invites all interested stakeholders to submit comments on the proposal by November 5, 2010. 3D printing systems can be used for a number of studies and students can easily design things with free programs like Google SketchUp, and manufacture the designs in the class room with the aid of a 3D printer.
The raw scan data was converted to STL, cut to the desired limits and combined with a rectangular base plate using netfabb Studio Professional. The Selective Space Structure tree was in our booth as always, and is certainly one of the largest pieces ever built with Additive Manufacturing. The antenna can be printed on various surfaces in any forms so it is possible to print for example a meander antenna on a sphere or a hollow sphere.Printing with metallic inks is an attractive way manufacture three-dimensional electrically small antennas, explains Project Manager Jennifer A. Plenty of opportunities for networking in the evenings and lunches made this an excellent information-sharing event.
A few times I expressed a comment that somehow SME and the steering committee of RAPID need to better activate the makers community for RAPID. While these scanners are capable of producing very clean results, I am more interested in the look of the raw data.
In addition Next Engine has loaned them a 3-D Scanner, and Delcam provided three licenses of their ArtCam Pro software to use as well.The Advancement Camp was a TREMENDOUS SUCCESS!
The Center's additive manufacturing capabilities have grown from one machine in 2000 to 35 machines today.Discussing Additive Manufacturing during a hike in the nature is actually not a bad idea. Priced at only €150,000 and with dental quality Cobalt-Chromium it looks like a very interesting product. The natural colours of these semi-precious stones compliment the natural colours of the suede that have been used in this statement design and the fringing has been complimented with the long bands of semi-precious Mother of Pearl in the centre of this unique statement jewellery design.
At the base of this handmade jewellery design I have used a diamond shaped turquoise semi-precious bead and this them sits under round semi-precious Arragonite beads and sterling silver hooks have been used with the unique design. I think that this handmade jewellery design is a statement piece that will look well with the yellow coat.
Again my unique statement jewellery does not follow fashion but I do like working with bold coloured semi-precious stones and the arragonite is one of those with its bright yellow colour.
The deep blue of the Blue Goldstone and the bright hot pink certainly make a statement in thus unusual jewellery design and the handcrafted necklace finishes with graduating round semi-precious hot pink beads.
The lilac of the amethyst and agate work beautifully with the Blue Goldstone and then to add an extra design interest to this unique semi-precious jewellery design I have spaced these unusual stones with discs of brigh red semi-precious coral. Gartner ranks 3D printing as a Transformational technology which is the highest level given to any technology and higher than for example e-books, interactive TV, micropayment systems, Internet TV, flat panel TV's, 4G networks and wireless power.
There is also some comments about netfabb from a variety of people within the 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing industry. Maybe as a reflection of the 3D printing industry there is a free version that can be downloaded and read online, as well as a professional version printed and available in bookstores.
The free netfabb Studio Basic software provide the basic editing capabilities needed to modify design files and prepare builds.
Automated mass labeling and enhanced report generation pave the way for transitioning from Prototyping to Manufacturing.Resulting from a close cooperation with netfabb's parent company FIT AG, the Germany-based specialist for Additive Design and Manufacturing (ADM), netfabb developers have an intrinsic knowledge of the daily and special needs of industrial 3D printing processes. Selective Space Structures can radically widen the properties of a basic material, just like in nature. Makerbot have been named as one of the top 20 startups in New York City, and have been featured in numerous international publications including Wired, Make: Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, the Economist and others.
Many netfabb users run EOS machines which made this a very valuable event from a netfabb point of view.

The majority of the visitors are from the USA but there are pre-registered visitors from a total of 28 countries making RAPID an international event.RAPID 2011 begins with workshops on Monday May 23 and the Conference and Exhibition runs Tuesday through Thursday May 24-26. As an example I pointed out that the Maker Fair in San Francisco Bay are attracted some 100,000 visitors while RAPID despite record attendance only reached a few percent of that. Many surfaces are inverted (marked in red).In the Tabsheet (register Status) of the repair, you can see that the part consists of 238 Shells and has 142 holes.
The Scouts really enjoyed using the netfabb software and working with the MakerBot 3D Printer.The scouts and their leaders found that netfabb Studio was indispensable in fixing the STLs that were created by other applications. Following the billions of years with single-cell life on the planet, nature quickly got into layered manufacturing and structures when it decided to become multi-cell. It's rare to be able to get this level of intelligence and access to experts with no fees or charges, but we believe in driving technology adoption and no fee means one less barrier to entry for the engineer or designer.Do you expect a lot of people?Last year we had just over 3500 people through the doors over the two days, we are never happy to stand still and hope to push this on to 4000 for 2010. The software is developed with the purpose of democratizing 3D printing and to make it available to the masses where schools and students is a primary user group.There are a number of articles with success stories of using 3D printing in schools at different levels. Admittedly, the Maker Faire is a different kind of event but the comparison is not totally irrelevant. Many triangles have an invalid orientation.Go to the tabsheet register "Shells", sort the shells by the number of triangles and select all shells which have only one triangle.
The Scout's were fascinated by the ease that they could create using the netfabb Studio primitives.
Trees, plants, bone and sea-shells are all built up in layers and structures and provide amazing inspiration for creation of designs that take full advantage of Additive Manufacturing Technologies. I would say this sounds just about right and I definitely look forward to see this transformation take place.
The creation process is different to 3D CAD but for the user this is definitely some kind of 3D modeling and the end product is something that can be exported to print physical objects. Pre Registration is strong and we look good to deliver on this.Is there anything new compared with last year? Used for example by Shapeways, it automatically analyses and corrects build files uploaded to the website.
Not surprisingly it was concluded that productivity and cost per part are the key factors to focus on in order to reach mainstream manufacturing using additive technologies. EOS arranges their EOS North American Users Day tomorrow on Monday May 23.Do make room in your calendar to visit RAPID 2011 if you have a chance and make netfabb your first stop. On a couple of occasions I was met with the perception that "Makers" are predominately for "Hobbyists" and represent no real business interest for professional Additive Manufacturing. Always ;-) TCT is representative of an evolving sector and as such we must consistently strive to re-invigorate the event every year. For businesses with a large flow of incoming data, the Cloud Solutions can significantly reduce the costs for manual checking and correction.Once again, thank you for visiting our booth and help us make Euromold 2010 a big success!
As part of EOS's objective to become more customer focused the management team launched the brave move to let the audience vote on their opinions about the performance of EOS, its customer handling and the ranking of EOS versus other systems suppliers. Our booth number is 1024 which is near the entrance on the right.RAPID 2011 will be a bustling market place with a lot of news and gossip.
Terry Wohlers expressed great fascination by the makers community and pointed out during his presentation the explosive growth of low-cost 3d printing systems. In addition to using netfabb to unleash the Scout's creative processes, the Scouts also used Google Sketchup and DelCam's ArtCam software.Based on the success of the camp, the Laurel Highlands Council is going to do this again at a council wide camporee in September. The advent of low-cost 3D printers will pave way for a whole range of new consumer products not feasible to manufacture at a reasonable price just a few years ago, while the high-end additive technologies need to find niches where their higher technical performance and quality justify higher product and investment costs.To reach the 20-30 percent level of adoption, 3D printing must also compete with and beat many traditional ways to manufacture and market products. Good results for EOS that truly confirms that they are working in the right direction but nonetheless there are still things to do in some areas.
To stay tuned please follow netfabb on twitter for the latest news directly from the show floor. Andy Jefferey was very straight-forward in a tweet after the show saying "SME's Rapid show is in danger of becoming irrelevant in the wake of the maker revolution". Cost, quality, conformance with standards and environmental concerns all need to meet or beat traditional ways of manufacturing products.
Here all major vendors have been invited to present their latest developments in short sharp presentations, which will give the buyer an instant snapshot of what is hot and imminent from each of them. He was instantly replied that "Makers are for hobbyists, Additive Mfg is for real product dev."So how does the makers community fit into the arena of professional Additive Manufacturing?Let's make a distinction between "makers" as representatives of the makers culture and "manufacturers" as representatives of professional additive manufacturing.
I would argue that makers and manufacturers are both parts of the explosive interest in additive manufacturing and the beginning of a manufacturing revolution. Makers and manufacturers simply represent different ends of a sliding scale with high-end additive manufacturing such as metal additive manufacturing on one end and reprap and makerbot users on the other.At netfabb we offer software tailored for additive manufacturing and 3d printing and we cater to both makers and manufacturers.
Most of the makers and hobbyists we know personally are well-educated creative individuals and many of them have a purchasing power to privately invest thousands of dollars in their passion of making stuff with 3d printing.
Mark Chapman who is the Chief Engineer will Keynote Day Two of the Additive Manufacturing Conference. Their output spans a wide range of applications including art, jewelry, home appliances, robotics, consumer accessories, model aircraft, 3d printers etc. Esteemed US commentator Todd Grimm also makes an appearance as Day One Keynote and is well worth listening to, he inspires people with his vision for 3DP and AM.What do you see as the most significant trends in the 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing industry?
These makers are far from insignificant and once in a while their work turns into real business.Some examples how the makers play an important role in professional manufacturingMany universities invest in both high-end additive manufacturing equipment as well as low-end Reprap 3d printers.
Select them in the shell list and remove them (as above).Now, you have one watertight and valid shell.
There is a long way to go but there are so many individuals in this industry who are committed to the cause that we are seeing some real traction now, the growing amount of mainstream media coverage is a great indicator of this.What do you think about the next 2-3 years? Shapeways combine high-end additive manufacturing for equipment and the makers community as customers. Shapeways cater to consumer, hobbyists and professionals alike, with the common factor of a need for 3D printed stuff.
I think we'll continue to see a proliferation of 3DP, more users and a broader base of people who "get" it. With tens of thousands of uploads per month Shapeways is hardly insignificant and connects people with ideas with professional manufacturing resources in an excellent way.
Many small businesses invest in low-end 3d printing and use Makerbots and RepRap machines to support their daily business. I think we'll see more operations like Shapeways spring up where you can choose to have something printed but don't have to design it yourself which of course is the real barrier to the printer in every home argument.
This is identical to how the large companies 20 years ago dealt with the then fairly basic rapid prototyping machines but the technology is now available also within the constraints of running a small business. On the industrial side the materials and process development will continue to move at pace and we'll see more and more uses in areas previously thought to be beyond AM. Professional Additive Manufacturing has been around for over 20 years but the hype of additive manufacturing and 3d printing in mainstream media happened after the low-end 3d printers and makers community came about. It's exciting times but then I've been in this industry since 1997 and I can't remember a time when it wasn't.
The last month, Brooklyn based start-up Makerbot has been featured in, amongst others, New York Times, Financial Times, CNN and Wired Magazine. Makerbot is shipping hundreds of machines every month thereby contributing significantly to the growth 3d printing.The makers community represents the largest growth in number of users as well as machines that the additive manufacturing industry have ever seen. As for TCT Live in the future, look out for some very exciting news about 2011, we have some major announcements to come over the next few days.As exhibitor I must say that we really appreciate the moderately priced WiFi connections at the show floor, do you expect a lot of real-time social media interaction during the show?
Stratasys was early in identifying the need for low-cost 3d printers with their Dimension machines and their partnership with HP. I was at IMTS recently which is a massive event and social media seemed to be starting to take off. Our products range from free up to tens of thousands of dollars, so we clearly see that a wide range of users can be served - without excluding anybody for any reason.
The marketeers have of course and the media too but it will only really take off when the end users, your clients and our readers and visitors start using these routes to access their information all the time. We are driven by a genuine interest in additive manufacturing and 3d printing combined with a fascination of what can be achieved with this revolutionizing technology in the hands of masses.The makers community will create a huge market in itself but also become a seeding ground for professional additive manufacturing. That said I get the feeling that maybe just round the corner, there has been plenty of chatter in the twittersphe#tctlivere this week about the event and we'll obviously use these routes to report in real time from Coventry. The makers revolution is a crucial element for the rapid growth of the Additive Manufacturing industry as a whole for hardware, content as well as applications.

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