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Jewellery storage boxes, jewelry storage ideas, jewelry cabinets,wooden jewellery closet,jewelry chest (THS55) , Manufacturers from Yiwu Taihe Packing Co., Ltd. Women and jewellery go hand in hand, and most of the time the chains, dangling and other jewels get tangled, which takes time to separate before you can wear them.
This is a very easy and ready to make jewellery storage with a material that is already available in your kitchen.
You must’ve used these kind of hooks usually for hanging your clothes in your closet room or in your laundry room, but did you know that these hooks can be much helpful in keeping your chains beautifully organized without getting tangled or into knots.
Decorative photo frames are used not only to adorn the photos but you can also make use of them to decorate the jewellery storage.

A photo frame with string or wires attached to it in rows will help you hang the hooked earrings. Wine bottles can be reused for various purposes and this one is something different as you can use them to store bangles, bracelets and watches. This blog will give you ideas about how creatively and beautifully you can create your own jewellery storage to neatly organize them for easier access. Make use of a cheese grater to hang the beautiful dangling where they will stay in place and you needn’t spend time in finding it’s pair. It is very simple, as you will just need to hang them into the holes of the laced material.

Tie the twig with a ribbon or string on both ends and hang them on the wall, now you can attach the chains to the twig, not only will they look pretty decorative but very useful and cheap way to store jewellery too.
They will look very colorful and amazingly stunning and this framed earring holder can be placed on a table with a flower vase near it to add more elegance and decor.
This can be place on a table in your living room or anywhere to make it look very beautiful like a jewel fountain.

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