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When my boyfriend and I moved in together all of my jewelry went into hiding in bins and other such jewelry boxes.
Two years went by and I had received a ton of compliments for my tree and kept hearing that there was nothing like it in the market.
We have consistently been growing as a company and evolving our products thanks to the people who purchase them.
We have also evolved in our methods of packaging and shipping, which may not mean much until you receive a crushed tree from USPS 3 shipping days before Christmas (which was replaced at no extra charge).
Our company name is “Heart Not Included” this is because our customers hearts make each tree whole!
This Jewelry Tree Organizer gives you a simple way to store and organize a variety of jewelry pieces such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, and more. I started making a tree here and there for my friends for gifts and then selling them to my friends for their friends.

We now have the Colored trees with different accessories like Butterflies and flowers and have done specially themed trees for a few people.
We take tremendous pride in the work that we do and each tree is created with love so that it maximizes its capabilities for each person receiving the tree. The three bars provide plenty of space to store large or small jewelry items while the base gives you room to store rings and other small items. While at a friends house I saw this silver tree with her rings and earrings and I fell in love with the idea of a real tree to display my jewelry. This jewelry stand is constructed from durable steel and features a powder-coated nickel finish for the bars and the base has a high-gloss white finish.
This idea rolled around in my thoughts for the next 2 years when it suddenly came to me that I could make trees out of Manzanita branches! It took a couple of months for the word to get out about my listings and it a slow build of likes and potential sales, but October 2011 rolled around and we were starting to receive orders!

So keep your jewelry organized, on display, and easily accessible all at the same time with this Jewelry Tree Organizer. I searched high and low for the perfect branch to display my own jewelry and finally came across the red tree that you see in my 30″ Red Tree ad. We sold 50 trees between October and December, with the most (30 trees) sold in December for christmas.
This is my actual tree and 5 years later it still looks just as amazing as it did when I first made it.

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