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Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry. I got an opportunity to sell my jewelry at a fancy home decor boutique and the first thing I worried about was definitely my display! I had nothing worthy of a place like that, as everything I used was portable, light and made of mostly cloth covering pieces of cardboard.
I’ve always been very crafty, so I took on the challenge, grabbed a pencil, a sheet of paper and began to sketch! First, I thought of what I actually needed, the practical aspect is always my first consideration when building something. Also, the patterned backgrounds in the frames enhance your jewelry nicely without hiding it.

And I love the oval “Plumevine” sign peeking out from the top left corner of your booth photo! Some other stuff which could add to this maybe some ceramic pots with subtle background and some long pieces of necklace just flowing out of them. Oh my goodness, you absolutely have THE most intricately beautiful jewelry I have ever seen!
Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows.
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I love them because not only do they display my necklaces in an entire atmospheric area which transfers the custommer into a different little world, but also because of the height which allows me to place other elements in front, such as the mirror, a tray with cards, a smaller earring, ring and bracelet display, etc.

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